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City-building game(s)

Found 3 results

  1. Version 2.3.0


    Have you wanted an easy way to install Project Orion and all of the mods you need to effectively use it? Have you gotten frustrated trying to make the mods you've wanted since Day 1 work? I know I have! If you answered yes to one of those questions, you might be in for Orion's Belt, the new way to quickly set up your modded SimCity playing experience! Introduction Orion's Belt is an idea I came up with when observing people trying to install the group of mods related to bigger map sizes. for people had trouble with the idea of placing files into a folder. I knew I would get frustrated with trying to get into modded SimCity, so I thought I could do the community a justice and create a simple installer for the newcomers and mod enthusiasts alike. I've recently tried to make the modpack more and more foolproof against novices. Note: Scroll down to see how to install. Mods Included Project Orion by Xoxide, maintained by Yayie This provides the basic functionality of bigger map sizes; however, this mod only changes a handful of variables and it doesn't provide the end-all be-all solution for gameplay. UniDirectional Networks by Xoxide These are one way roads, something the community has been asking for from day one! Highways and one-way streets are included in UDoNs, and you can unleash your mechanical creativity with traffic rules Project Akar by Yayie This is a UI enhancement mod, and it adds some new menus to make space for many of the essential SimCity mods people use. Project Akar's AkarRoadSets by Yayie You can how build in the region with AkarRoadSets, since this mod is the foundation of building in the 4K terrain with flying colors. Project Akar's Project Avalon by Yayie This supplies the menu strucutres for the ploppable buildings which will allow you to develop RCI outside of the 2K city tile. Project Akar's All RCIHC Plop by Yayie, formerly Niclistin This gives the menu items for every building, whether it is a high-density, medium-wealth skyscraper or a low-density, high-wealth mansion in-game in the menus supplied by Avalon. Parklets by Yayie You have the ability to make miniature parks, i.e., parklets which act like normal parks, but fit into small places in your city, and add lots of decor and textures you probably haven't noticed before! Regional Bridges (and some tunnels) by HinataaHyuga With this mod, you can make regional street and avenue bridges outside the 2K city tile, along with extra rail and streetcar bridge and tunnels as well. Regional Street Tunnels by HinataaHyuga These tunnels allow you to build regular streets outside the 2K terrain, and the best part is there are some you can build underwater! Regional UDoN Bridge and Tunnel by HinataaHyuga You now have the ability to tunnel above and below the terrain with UDoNs! Go crazy with underground one-way roads and regional one-way bridges! Regional Coastline Roads by HinataaHyuga These roads are preset at 7 meters above the water and can be used in the ocean to make your cities, or on the coast for nice coastlines to show everyone! Regional UDoN Coastline Roads by HinataaHyuga These do exactly what the regular coastline roads do, except with UDoNs! One-way streets, highways, and ramps are available to use Pedestrian Path Regional Tunnels by HinataaHyuga With this mod, and Xoxide's Pedestrian Path mod, you can build tunnels to burrow beneath the surface with sidewalks! Coastline Pedestrian Paths by HinataaHyuga You can build sidewalks on the coastline to get your sims walking on beaches! Build amusement parks on the beach or ocean! Go wild with your imagination! Coastline and Waterway Tools by Xoxide You now have the ability to define where you can plop ferry terminals and anything that plops on the coast! Redraw the hidden roads ships travel upon and Pedestrian Paths by Xoxide You make make your own Central Park with this mod! Just drag a sidewalk or pedestrian path to make a concrete path sims can walk upon! Plop buildings to make walk-able shopping centers! Regional Bulldozer by Xoxide The Almighty Xoxide gave us a God tool like none other: a way to demolish the pre-made Maxis roads! Be careful with this one, for if you bulldoze hidden sinks which produce the agents on the regional freeway, you will crash the game. How to Use Properly After successfully installing the modpack, you must do four things in order to play. Open a city, save, quit the game, and re-open it. Use regional roads outside the 2K plot Understand that all 2K map resources are stretched out into the 4K map by a 2:1 ratio. Understand that All RCIHC Plop will not function unless if you save, quit, and restart the game. If you remember these things, you can avoid lots of frustration when playing with your massive 4K city tile. Just know that all of the space you can build on is always in the northwest to the original city plot. The new city tile boundary lines are wrong. Trust the camera when building. TL;DR: Follow the list, and know that if the camera can't move past a certain part of the map, you can't build there. How to Install You don't have to read this, but make sure to read the README. Windows users, please use the AUTOMATIC version. Mac users, please use the MANUAL version. Install AUTOMATIC by Launching "Orion's Belt v2.3.0 Installer.exe" Clicking "Next" until there is a place to put your SimCity install directory. Putting "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity" in the box. Clicking "Next" then wait for the files to be installed. Clicking "Next" until you can exit the installer. Install MANUAL by Extracting the .zip folder named, "Orion's Belt Manual Install" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity OR Opening the .zip folder, "Orion's Belt Manual Install" Copying the folders "SimCity" and "SimCityUserData" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity Acknowledgements I dually thank Yayie, Xoxide, HyugaHinataa, and all of the other contributors to SUGC and the mods they have produced. We have fostered in a new era of modding in SimCity, and I am proud to make it just a little bit easier for users to enjoy. I would like to thank Markusloo, known as chappers on Simtropolis, for the photo used on the STEX. That man can sure make a city. I also thank you, the user, for giving purpose to this simple modpack designed to make your life easier.
  2. Version 1.0 Beta


    For Offline use only. How to Install Download files Once download is complete, extract rar files. (right click > extract) Simply copy and paste OFFLINE-ONLY_Project_Orion_3k_Extended_Boundary.package in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData Start SimCity > Play new map > Choose city tile > Save > Quit SimCity (not work if exit to Main Menu) Re-Start SimCity > Resume Game Wonders Must have Mods for Orion Project Akar : UI Enhancements UniDirectional Networks Coastline and Waterways Tools Regional Bridges Regional Tunnels Regional Water Roads Regional Maglevs Regional Bulldoze-able Path CamMod Issues that have been plagued players since the game's release is now answered. Some says it is the holy grail of all mods. Some says this mod + buy game/reinstall. That's right, 3k extended border aka "bigger city". Understanding the mechanics of Orion 3k Extended Boundary. 1. Upon entering 3k extended map. based on (Image #1), The 3k map extended on North and East. Use right click mouse button or middle mouse button to bring up the compass. 2. Regional Roads are needed to draw them outside 2k map. Such as Project Akar : UI Enhancements, that offers almost every roads available to be drawn outside 2k. 3. Regarding Land Value, please refer the image below. There a lot of misunderstanding as well as misconceptions about the land value data, that was viewed in the map data. The Actual Land Value EFFECTS are still intact as they are. It does not resized regardless in or outside 2k. Believe it or not. It still the same. There are claims that users may have experiences getting different wealth RCI in certain unwanted areas. These confusions is only because we can't determine the actual "spot" of land value throughout 3k extended border, and the data from the Land Value map seems false but not entirely false information. It was compressed 4:1This also applied on Pollutions, Ground Pollutions, Futurizations etc.4. Regarding Resources. Unlike Land Value/Pollutions etc That was compressed 4:1. All Resources are stretched 1:4, see Image #3 and #4 to get better understanding on them. This 1:4 stretched map data also effects oil, water, coal and ore. Lag and memory issues Its common knowledge that lags or frame-rate drops are known for almost every game that pushes its limits unless the users has a high-end computers. It covers almost every aspect from 3D rendering, physics (engine), memory calculations that the game generates etc. Orion (3k Extended boundary) does not lag the game itself, only that the additional space it provides for users to built in and as the city developed and getting dense - it'll stress your computer hardware. We cant blame the game for the lags, it just happen that once we push the game to its limit, we might as well be done with better hardware. The Game's Limitations 1. All trees outside the default border cant be remove, because there is no tree, its a facade. Only way to remove them is to edit the region map files. 2. The game already provide its regional transit, from air to land and water. We can't add Maglevs/Subways/EL and Streetcars to work between two different city vice versa. Please "make do" with the given features of each city tiles carefully. 3. There's a limit count of how many roads/buildings that can be drawn/build per city tile Roads : 1024 RCI : 2048 Base Buildings : 4096 (not yet confirmed) Special Thanks to SkyeStormes for a video review For Offline use only.
  3. The Saga of Wax Superior: Part 1, Episode 6

    June, Year 5 "In latest news, the emerging budget crisis in Fort Simian has reached new heights as treasurer Chris Bowandarrow signaled the need to consider unconventional methods for recovering the cost of loans incurred as a result of the giant lizard disaster earlier this year. Shadow treasurer Mike Baseball has continued the opposition attack, claiming that the loans weren't needed in the first place, and furthering opposition calls for a fresh election in the face of polls showing a disastrous collapse in support of the new government. The Fort Simian city hall has been inundated with protesters on a daily basis, in which opposition members have been most vocal in calling for the government to resign. Opposition leader Rick Green claims the lack of resolution on the origins of the giant lizard, and the paucity of information regarding the investigation of Aaron Pyne's alleged murder are signs that the government is incompetent and ineligible to manage Fort Simian any longer, that they have breached the trust of locals. Rick Green also cites the failure to reduce industrial taxation, and the increase in commercial taxation introduced to cope with the loss of revenue associated with the loans to repair the city, policies that Green claims he would reverse immediately if elected." The radio news bulletin continued to spill forth the details of the dreary situation in Fort Simian as the car came to a stop at an intersection under the main overpass at the Simian Hill city entrance. Gillian Maholm sat in the rear, her face showing the disdain evident at being forcibly taken back to her dredge site camp at Wax Ridge under the orders of Clayton Brand. Simian Hill overpass during early morning traffic. Ever since the lizard disaster, Maholm and Gutierrez had been ordered to remain at the Simian Ridge dredge site under watchful eye. Gillian was reluctant to discuss the events in the Trade HQ that led to their faux incarceration, something that Fort Simian reporter Moe Rackswell had been eager to discover ever since learning of their prominence during his ejection from the Trade HQ. Upon learning of Maholm's reappearance in Simian Hill, Rackswell had ventured to the mining area, his interest in the wayward fitter reignited. Waiting at the lights, a stream of traffic began to move across the T-intersection on their way out of the city. As a black limousine turned, he caught a glimpse of Maholm in the rear seat. Without thinking, he accelerated, swiftly U-turning and taking up chase. He maneuvered his way in and out of traffic, trying to get within range of the limousine. As he sought to go around the middle section of the road, Rackswell's car clipped a light pole and started spinning out of control. As he spun through the traffic, he smashed into cars that in turn continued the dangerous dance. Drivers in the cars ahead became preoccupied with the scene unfolding in their rear view mirrors, failing to notice the red light they were approaching at the main highway. As they spilled over into the intersection, they crashed into oncoming traffic, including the limousine carrying Clayton Brand's precious cargo, Gillian Maholm. The limousine was thrown into a light pole. After 10 minutes, the maelstrom cooled down, as steam and smoke arose from the column of wrecked cars. Gillian was cut and bruised, but surprisingly otherwise well. The driver's head was buried in the steering wheel, with a stream of blood pouring down to the floor. Gillian looked outside at the chaotic scene that had, in an instant, transformed into an eerie silence. Suddenly, a car near her caught fire. She made her way out of the car, opening the driver side door. She unstrapped the driver and pulled him out of the car, dragged him clear of the road, and lay him on his side. He had a cut in his forehead and was unconscious, but still breathing. Gillian returned her gaze to the scene, a picture of complete silence and stillness. Suddenly, the sound returned to her ears, as she heard a voice calling out her name. "Gillian Maholm! I need to speak to you!" shouted a man, stumbling from the overpass to the intersection of the highway. She recognised the man: Moe Rackswell. Gillian knew that sirens would be descending on their position soon, given the small size of the mining area. She also knew that this might be her one and only chance to escape from the indentured servitude she faced if the dredging situation in Wax Ridge didn't change. Thoughts raced through her mind. She knew what Moe Rackswell wanted to know, but she had nothing to say. Besides, Gillian didn't really know what was going on herself. Whatever information she could share with Rackswell, it wouldn't be enough. Simian Hill had it's grip on her, and Fort Simian was too weak to intervene. She turned, and disappeared into the bushes, making her way to the port. The Port of Simian Hill: Way out of here. Buyers market Bruce Morrison buzzed the door, "Hey, it's Bruce here. Let me in.". The door buzzed back. Morrison opened the door, and, while leaving it ajar, looked back on the street. The view Morrison was presented with as he entered the apartment complex. Morrison stepped into the lift, and pressed the button for the fourteenth floor. He checked his notebook, ruminating over the tumultuous events that had beset Fort Simian. The lift door opened. He walked out, and knocked on the door of apartment 1323. The door opened. "Hi Mike, thanks for hearing me out today." Mike Baseball smiled. "No need to thank me, friend". The two walked into a lavish living room overseeing the city of Fort Simian. Mike prepared some drinks as Bruce got to business. "The Owner's Group are the last holdouts. It's Tse, he won't let anyone sell. The Old Town is out of bounds for the moment." Mike looked up from the bar benchtop in his outrageously ostentatious apartment. "How is the feeling on the ground?" "People want to sell. Think they are getting a good deal. Tse wasn't willing to sell, but - get this - he's come back to play ball, but he's asking six times our original offer". "Six times? Is he insane?" "That's just the start of it. He's saying that the rest of the Owner's Group are on board with him. The only way we're getting the Old Town is if we pay up - more for Old Town than the rest of the real estate we've bought up so far." "Well, we need to move fast. That Rio takeover is going to happen soon. Rick was saying that Bevan had a very secretive meeting with Villiers Moineau a couple of weeks ago. He thinks they've already signed over the city to Rio Preto for the rights to our coal. Or at least some sort of agreement to do so in the future. You know, once Villiers Moineau is involved, it's big." "So what do we do?" Mike Baseball returned, drinks in hand. "Join me on the lifestyle deck, I'll tell you the plan there." The view from the "Lifestyle deck", at Mike Baseball's apartment. "Wow, quite a view here. What's beyond the horizon?" "Who knows, and who cares" retorted Baseball, as he sipped his whisky sour. "Now, listen Bruce. Bevan is going to have to ratify the sale in the council, and I guarantee you, it will be limited rights and probably some sort of loan or bond arrangement. Which means the Table Mount real estate can still be yours. But there is a catch." "Oh, what's that?" "You'll have to forgo the Owner's Group for now. We can't legislate to 'compel' them to sell until we are in government, which we will be, because the sale to Rio needs to go ahead first." "So you're not opposed to the sale then? What about all that demonisation of Bevan about the thought of sale? To be honest, we were starting to wonder about the Blue party". "We are publicly opposed to the sale, because everyone in the city is opposed to it. But we won't bring the hammer down on the government until the sale is complete. Then, we don't need to mention it again. That Rio money will fill up the public bank, and then the Sizzle Group can have it's Sizzle Casinos build on Table Mount". "Ah, right. I suppose you feel the same about the debt, utilities and so forth?" "That's right. We just want government. We'll worry about the details later. The people of Fort Simian will find Bevan so loathsome by the time we are finished, that they will just be glad she's gone, the witch. Then Fort Simian will be open for business". "So you become treasurer, Green becomes Mayor, we get ownership of the major industrial and commercial centres and exclusive access to new real estate not covered under the Rio agreement, and everyone is happy?" "That's right. Let's drink - " Morrison interrupted Baseball. "-to the downfall of Bevan and her rabble." The rabble Clare Bevan led treasurer Chris Bowandarrow out to the open air balcony of the city hall. She took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh ocean air. "Chris, we should enjoy this time here, because we won't have much more of it". "But I thought you said we could stay in, and win the next election?" "That's our persona to the public. In reality, Green is too negative. People are in fear, and the unresolved lizard disaster is the point around which they rally. We can't solve it, we just can't" Bevan said with an air of melancholy. "Surely we can. I mean, sure, the budget hasn't been especially great since, but what could we do? What could Green have done differently?" "That's not the point. He is exploiting ignorance, he is tunneling everyone's opinion into his narrative. People don't consider how he might have handled it. They just consider that they don't like how we handled it." "Well, what do we do about it?" "We're selling our coal assets to Rio Preto for a million dollar, interest free cash injection into the economy. A gift". "What?!" "We have to. We don't have the finances to keep the city going. Our new coal mine isn't producing enough coal to cover the deficit. If taxes go up 1% more, then it will be open revolt. If services are switched off, there will be rioting in the streets. We've got no choice if we want to keep this city together". "But we said we wouldn't do this! And this is another one of those 'giant lizards' that will -" "I know. But it has to happen. If not now, then the city will be done for." "So, when, when do we legislate for the sale?" "Next week. Keep it quiet, treasury already knows." "You went behind my back to do this?" "Just estimates. The deal is made. We just need to ratify it." "This is outrageous! When were you going to tell me - and what about the party?" Bevan looked out at the city view from the balcony and sighed. City Hall - June, Year 5 Bevan's view from the city hall balcony. "This is it I'm afraid." "So you've given up then?" "No, I'm just disappointed in the path this city has taken. But we will have other opportunities to make this city, and this region, the best place in the Wax Universe". "Oh, and how is that if we're in opposition?" "Because Wax Ridge will change everything". Homecoming Hu Tse parked on the roadside in front of his house, blocked from his driveway by a luxury car. As he walked up to his house, a disconcerting feeling entering his stomach. He opened the door, and seated in his living room were his wife and Bruce Morrison. "What is he doing here?" Tse queried his wife. Morrison looked up and spoke. "You're going to sell at our price, or face the consequences." The Old Town.

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