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  1. Cortega North Island

  2. Doubt About City Journals

    I thought that there was restrictions because in these days almost everything in Simtropolis is centred in SimCity 4 and, in the future, in SimCity (2013). Soon I'll start to organize a City Journal for SimCity 3000. And maybe I'll upload some of my SC3K BATs...
  3. Doubt About City Journals

    It is possible to make a City Journal of another SimCity game, instead of SimCity 4 or SimCity (2013)? If it is, we got to have a permssion from a moderator or something? Or I can do that without any permission or restriction? I'll be waiting for responses...
  4. SimCity 3000 Revival Proposed

    Good Night. I've been thinking in a plan to make a revival of SimCity 3000. The revival will be composed by cities and buildings made by the members of Simtropolis. The final objective of this revival is make a file with all the buildings and cities from the users, as an anthology of these files. I'll waiting your opinions and ideas.
  5. Download Terraformer or Mapper

    Ok, sow where I can download it without register?
  6. Hello! Me again... I want a link or a website that haves the SC4 Terraformer or SC4 Mapper. Or anyone can tell me where did you downloaded yours? PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!
  7. Help Me

    if the mods come w/an installer it will put them there automatically. to put them in manually, simply extract the files and place them in your documents plugins folder C:\Users\your name\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Thank ya so much!!!
  8. Help Me

    Well, the landmarks that I want to put in my city are the landmarks that are in Simtropolis, as the World Trade Center, One Liberty Plaza, Woolworth Building, etc... How can I put their files in the game, to play with them?
  9. Help Me

    Can anyone help me to add my landmarks to SimCity 4? I'm needing this now!! Ah, and I need a walkthrough to help me in SimCity. Thanks by the attention!
  10. Bonland