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  1. Eureka Tower

  2. Sure! I'm going to play sc5 and dump out the 7 KB of plugins i have invested time into.
  3. Jet Fighter MMPs

    Dude, great job! This is exactly what i need for my air-force bases. Now i can spice them up thanks to you. Toodules 5/5
  4. Paeng's RTFM Repository

    very nicely redone! You gave it a little Umph....
  5. Suburban South Point

    Argh... dammit, now my keyboard is all sticky because of all that drooling....
  6. A Mountain City

    So this is what you have been busy with for such a long time... P.S Did you get my msg?
  7. #3 - Med Inspirations - Farming 2

    I would say something, but i dont have anything to say! 10000000000000/5
  8. Royal Farms

    Oh and i forgot. Here is a link to better car props!
  9. Royal Farms

    This look really nice! Although it looks like a gas station, its flows quit nicely! And one more, the car props are a little outdated... But other then that this lot looks great! 5/5
  10. Driftwood

    This would be perfect for a logging scene!!! Thank you so much! 5/5