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  1. AK Habour 1.zip

  2. Cloverra

  3. 3D Camera Mod for SimCity 4

    "Taking a pic of the monitor with your iPhone/camera crashes the camera and game."   LOL
  4. Thanks, that's what I needed to know! I got spoiled in SC4 with interchanges that you can plop on existing highway...
  5. Welcome to Royston [C:S]

  6. It's just spring, and already my neighbors have their air conditioners on. Ugh! New York, I wouldn't mind just a smidge of your weather.

  7. Yeah you want one with a mouse-wheel-button, or it defeats much of the usefullness of the mouse. You'll like the ease with which you can zoom in and out and rotate the camera. And the secret is to get a book and put it on the chair's arm rest, and put the mouse on that. Cat-and-mouse? Actually, the real problem is the cat chewing on the cords. Apparently "very few" cats are ever electrocuted that way, but I do worry. Thanks!
  8. Okay, so I'm spreading my city out, buying the adjacent tiles, making it all work with the awkward controls of my MacBook Air's trackpad, and I realize I want to add a highway offramp... Uh... what? So, yeah: how on earth do I make an offramp? Am I missing something obvious? Do the offramp pieces overlay existing highway, or do I need to rebuild the highway around a plopped offramp?? Answers or links to a tutorial somewhere would be most welcome.
  9. 素敵です!よくできました。公園とかは特にリアルな感じです!
  10. What I've read is that the game doesn't work on the MBP. It has to do with the graphics cards. I read somewhere I can't find now about forcing the game to use not the graphics card but the CPU (or vice versa?) to fix the issue.
  11. Sigh. I'd hoped to find a solution here. I like to curl up in my reading chair with the laptop on one knee and a cat on the other, so I'm not sure where I'd fit a mouse, but I'll probably go that route. Does it have to be a three-button mouse?
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Looking for hydroelectric power plants. I'm trying to recreate this location: The section on the right is a dead ringer for Peg's small hydro dam, but I haven't a clue as to what could work on the left -- or the sluice (?) in the middle. Thanks! The Boats (not the green one) are probably part of NBVC's collection, as for the water mod i can't think of others but the I don't think the water mod is the Brigantine. Is it possibly one of dogfight's mods? There are three packs available at SC4D. (The website is acting up, otherwise I'd link.)
  13. Kitty’s Tale

    AMAZING. I love the sims and the detail.
  14. Very sad. Shouldn't it be 風が吹いている?