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Royston C:S

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About this City Journal

A Cities Skylines built sustainably

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mymyjp - Thanks! I'm getting to the point where I will only make small changes to impact the skyline!

kim sunwoo - Some of the networks I swear could work in a real city. That A-frame bus link especially.


Entry 3 by the Numbers


54,821 (3,000 growth in 1 year)

Industrial Zones

3 and shrinking

Power Sources

4 Oil Power Plants, 12 wind turbines, 1 solar plant, 6 incinerators

# of Cargo Stations

5 (added 2 new after a heard a tip)


train stations / airports / metro stations

So, what's new in Royston?


Educated cims HATE working in low industry. The game is built in a peculiar fashion in that

it pushes you towards an single tier economy of high wealth everything. You have to intentionally pursue

a strategy that goes against natural game mechanics. Here's what I've decided to do.

Only 1 university for the entire city (smaller higher educated population)

Elementary schools in each 'district'/neighborhood

High Schools in only 75% of the neighborhood

This should create a population base that is educated but can still be 'wealthy'

by means of services (police, fire, medical), parks, and connections.


I got a tip that heavy vehicle traffic can be reduced dramatically by creating a two tiered,

cargo export and importing system. Basically, an area where cargo from connections come in sitting

in the same loop as cargo connections going out. The loop keeps truck traffic within the two facilities

while inner city cargo stations are used for sending materials out. Let me tell you, it works REALLY WELL.


The Upper Stations handles all external cargo. The lower handles all the internal cargo.

Trucks are on a constant rotation of picking up and delivering between the two stations.

Most all cargo leaves and enters the city here.

Note: Low traffic

:D and actually boosted my industry by a ton.


​a view towards the sprawl side of town and the newly developed

innovative-tech circle (called theLC or Locotech) where recent graduates are starting their new companies

A small update but a big tour coming next time!

Thanks for reading!



tankmank & mymyjp - very much appreciated

kim sunwoo - i can see what you are saying now that i googled it. perhaps I should grab some inspiration


Entry 2 by the Numbers



Bus Lines

16 servicing 2500+

Power Sources

4 Oil Power Plants

# of Cargo Stations

3 (1 per industrial district)


train stations / airports / metro stations

So, what's new in Royston?

I spent quite a bit of time experimenting with traffic & infrastructure. In the quest for realism,

I came to realize that some creativity had to be put into play in order to make some areas

function like a real city with smooth traffic flow. I introduce:



Fully aware this would nevermake fiscal or structural sense in the real world,

I'm still quite pleased with how it sits and how it functions linking two areas.

Still NO HIGHWAY into the middle of the city!


I also spent time trying to redirect foot traffic at heavy intersections.

In Loop-D, tons of foot traffic was actually causing traffic problems in each direction.

Solution, pedestrian bridges linking bus stops and over busy intersections....but with taste.

Inspiration -> High Line, New York City


from above. the traffic is incredibly smooth now.


while most in the photo are just trying to get a bus, I imagine

I would be one leaning over the railing listening to the sounds of the city.


a view from Bedford Forrest in the hills, slowly turning into a Commercial RIDC

you can see in the distance that the skyline is coming together nicely.

​Also the slow crawl of suburban sprawl (queue Arcade Fire).


Thanks for reading! Until next time Simtropolis.






3.4 million.


10 Buslines (2k ridership)


No stadium or expo center.


Center Grove, Upper Grove, Loop-D, Bedford Forrest, Rivercrossings, Emerald Hill, Emerald Oil Fields, Lower Grove

Rules of engagement:

I try to build the city with the following notions in mind.

Don't fall in love with highways.

Avoid high density for the sake of population. (City center > urban > suburban)

Create a diversified economy.

Create clean sight-lines for the entire city from both above and on the street.

Create a city I would live in.

Balance between straight lines and curved.

Without much ado, Welcome to Royston.


Currently developing to the right, you can vaguely tell the city center in the middle from this angle.

Bottom-right is the new

industrial zone (with business HQs) called Bedford Forrests.


not one highway into to the middle of the city. traffic is fed by large avenues, one way roads and pedestrian bridges between


City Center [Center Grove + Loop-D]

Instead of using round-a-bouts as just traffic managers, I've turned them into high density, policy-friendly areas and bus-line connect areas between different districts. Center Grove came first (first photo), followed by Loop-D.


Center Grove. Tons of buses means tons of foot traffic for the policy-friendly commerce in the outer ring. the inner t (iT) is all HD residential.

Since this is the original portion of the city, some reworking is currently occurring to facilitate more growth and beautification...

such as the university and parks.


Loop-D - Named so because of the interweaving roads. This is particularly my favorite part of the Royston so far as I fill in the gaps

with trees. Reasons?

All major services use this area as base (fire, police, education, hospital).


Bus lines transporting between districts all meet here in the middle right side and

connect with local bus-lines at the A-frame junction with no traffic slow down.

They are linked by a pedestrian bridge that cuts between buildings (look right below the hospital)


The traffic flow is seamless and continues to handle more pressure without changes as the city grows (only 1 light in the entire circle).

Finally, a series of road level (kind of) views.

Grove Boulevard (Upper Grove)


Grove Boulevard looking left toward Rivercrossings


Lower Grove looking towards Loop-D


Lower Grove looking to Center Grove


Finally, one of the rules mentioned above was enjoyment for my own self if I lived in such a city.

The following photo achieved that perfectly.

Every place has those spots where you want to call your own, this pedestrian bridge would be one

of them with a view of the mountains and central skyline as you cross.


Hope you enjoyed.

suggestions and comments welcomed!

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