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(SC4) Incompetentia

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About this City Journal

A blundering non-visual type tries to get SC4 to look good

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After spending about three hours trying to match city tile borders building some mountains, I gave up and selected a map I like:

-- based on Redding, CA. I have fond memories of this city not only because their local philharmonic has provided me with the occasional cello gig, but also because an hour to the northeast is one of my favorite places in the world, MacArthur-Burney Falls State Park. Sadly, that isn't on this map. But the large expanse of flat land should make it fairly easy to develop, and if I run out of ideas I can always refer to reality.


I quickly ran out of original ideas and so I turned to Google Maps to help me lay things out. I decided to start with the major intersection near the old downtown, I-5 and the local 44 which, on the other side of the river, ends and becomes a one-way road system.




It only took me three complete bulldozed attempts and about seven cumulative hours of tinkering. (Well, what would you do if you were proctoring a four-hour practice college entrance exam?)


I'm pretty proud of it. I know that my Hilltop Ave (road on the far right) is too far from the freeway, and that my curves are square rather than, well, curvy, but it's a pretty good imitation. And it works. Sims use it! So, all-in-all, huzzah. Time for a beer.


Incompetentia will not be a story-based CJ, nor a particularly good one. On the advice of my therapist (sort of), I'm learning not to throw away things that I think aren't good enough. This journal will probably be full of mediocre images, nothing special, with maybe the occasional spark of decent design and semi-realism.

Here's the plan I started with. The red is major highways (still deciding MHW or RHW) and the green is avenues or other roads. The blue, obviously, are going to be mountains.


My goal with this region is function, then beauty. I have grand plans for big highway interchanges, single-track rail, functional canals in my inner cities, and a variety of Regional Parks with hiking trails and camping. In the lower right you'll see a square for my CBD. For now, I think I'll focus on not deleting my hard work.

I present Small Town 6's city center. Let's start at the best place: in the middle. Some farms to one side, cookie-cutter suburbs, a bit of pond work (need to add the canal, SimGoober's, I think I'll use), and some more MMP for it to look as high-quality as everyone else's here. Meh, I probably won't bother with the flora until I figure them out.


Comments, suggestions, and town name ideas are more than welcome!

Advice on how best to place MMP flora are most welcome.

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