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  1. Cool more cars for the sims
  2. Wagner Hotel

    Looks to be a pretty good file
  3. TANK 5000

    Well done. This will help in my city heaps
  4. PEG Attitude Park v205

    Finally someone with a attitude. I love definite must for my city
  5. Taxi Stand New Transportation

    Great idea
  6. RoadTop Pass Railway Station

    This looks like fun
  7. max power

    I like the idea. A renewable resource that doesnt use fossil fuels. Well done.
  8. Hole Digging Lots

    Now this is a good idea. I am hopless at terraforming
  9. Additional Driveable Vehicles

    Now this will be fun to drive on the roads
  10. Helpful Simolean Tree

    I will probably use this when I have 20k plus population.
  11. Volunteer Fire Department

    this will be interesting
  12. Electronic Toll Booth

    This is just too good to be true :))
  13. Pedestrian Bridge Pack

    Very interesting. I need something like that in my city