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  1. SimCity 4 turns 15!

    I've been playing since the spring of 2003. Prior to starting here at Simtrop, I stumbled around the EA site, figuring out how to use the content available there. The games I continue to play to this day are mostly from that era: Rome Total War, Railroad Tycoon 3, Tropico, and Company of Heroes. I feel like this was an era of gaming that just 'got it right', so to speak. At least in my opinion. The community here at Simtrop is largely responsible for keeping the game current. Thanks to all those that have come and gone along the way that made this website, this game, and this community so enjoyable.
  2. Historic New York City

    Can you go in to more detail as to how you tweaked the game to get the automa to show up as those historic cars? Im trying to get time specific cars and trucks and this is the most authentic recreation that is true to a time period that I have ever seen. Any information on how to make this possible would be appreciated. You did an absolutely amazing job with this city. Thanks for providing it for all of our enjoyment!
  3. mipro

    So much good wrapped into one BAT. Can't wait for this to be ready! Probably going to start a whole new city just for this building.
  4. mipro

    Looking great!
  5. mipro

    With your eye for detail, I'd be interested to see how your Christmas tree decorating skills line up with your batting skills. I too, share a December birthday. I usually did pretty well with presents from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Good stuff. The building looks absolutely fantastic, btw.
  6. Plaza Hotel New York

    Truly, one of the grandest hotels available on all the STEX. Magnificent work, sir!
  7. mipro

    Looking good as always. This would make for a great Christmas present!
  8. Congratulations to everyone on their Trixie nominations and awards! Thanks to all the people that put the awards program together! It is so great to see people active on the community after all these years. The updates are a welcome sight. I saw several inactive alumni that had checked back in over the last few days, that was cool to see. Hopefully they come up with some new content. I opened a new city a few weeks ago, but RL happens... Congrats again everyone!
  9. mipro

    Looking great!
  10. One World Trade Center

    Absolutely incredible work. You've got amazing design talent.
  11. mipro

    I attended a game at The Joe for the first time last month. As a life long Michigan resident, it felt like a pilgrimage. I really liked the arena and I'm disappointed that I hadn't attended more games there. It was interesting to see the gloves Louis wore when he defeated Schmeling. Just hanging out on display in the lobby of Cobo. I thought they'd be in a museum somewhere.
  12. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    WOW!! This is so great!!!
  13. I'll be at a conference all next week. I plan to use some of the down time to browse the previous content and nominate.
  14. Great interviews so far. I've already started checking in to some of these CJ's. I like what I see.