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  1. HK Kowloon Terrace

    this is just unbelievably good, perfect in every way
  2. Updated Trailer Park V2

    why is this so low rated? it's nice and simple, just because it's not a glass and steel skyscraper it shouldn't be rated lowly, only complaint is that monthly cost is a bit high
  3. Little Italian Church

    this is brilliant, very nice and very authentic! 5/5
  4. Industrial Lot Project - ID Pack 2

    again another superb release! 5/5 very nice
  5. very nice, lovely eye candy. 5/5
  6. Civil Defence Tracking Station

    awesome, 5/5. can you release the mast as a stand alone lot?
  7. Industrial Lot Project - ID Pack 1

    5/5 love the gasometer, i've been looking for one like that for ages, can you release them as plopables aswell?
  8. Castle Reach Tower

    brilliant! and happy birthday 5/5
  9. Elevated Rail Bridge Pack

    superb! 5/5 is it possible to make a road version of these bridges cheers!
  10. BSP Detroit Elevator Company

    spectacular BAT! Brilliant night lighting 5/5
  11. Gasometers?

    A gasometer is a gas storage tower commonly found in many British towns and cities en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gasometer, i've always thought they look beautiful, industrial heritage and all that, and was looking for some to put in the suburban/ quasi industrial parts of a large city, are there any other than this one, www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm (NDEX ITS Spent Gasometer)? i've had a good look but to no avail, thanks
  12. Economic Disasters

    once a large city has developed (>150,000) naturally i found that every five years commercial demand would crash, whole swathes of the city would abandon. but i had a large surplus beforehand so cut taxes to spur demand and waited for the recovery
  13. is it possible have a mod/lot that increase commercial/residential demand, there are ones for industry so there is a precedent thanks
  14. NAM

    thanks it seems to be working well now
  15. NAM

    i love the idea of NAM and badly need it to solve over crowded railway lines, but whenever i install it it totally ruins my game, sims lose the ability move by any means other than walking and every zoned area displays the no car zot, help! thanks