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  1. SCAG Dependency 2

  2. SCAG Mega Dependency #1

  3. The Al-Jeykh Port

    @1000000000000: I was suspicious because I lotted and released ones that looked similar . Those ones you did look very good, better than how I lotted mine. Of course, I hadn't planned on releasing them (hence the massive dependency list), but yours turned out epic. 5/5 on the update my friend. Happy SC4 playing.
  4. The Al-Jeykh Port

    Those warehouses in the top left of the second pic, where did you get those?
  5. HD Render Files

    Yeah, thats just what I needed. Thanks!
  6. HD Render Files

    Hey guys, if anyone out there renders files in Hi-Def please tell me where to get those files so I can as well. I had it before but lost the files due to some BAT issues (had to re-install). So, yeah please give me a link to those files. Thanks a bunch. Alex
  7. Hey Tarkus, the ELRHW4 inside exit ramp is (in my game at least) no longer there from the last version. Will you guys consider putting it back in? My compact interchnges loved it. Thanks, Alex
  8. MF - Veneza

    Ah, Venezia. I long to play Assasin's Creed on this map again... Truly one of the greatest cities of the world. 10/10. Alex
  9. Alexander Building V2

    Much better. ;) 5/5
  10. Median for AVE-2

    Awesome! 5/5
  11. RHW-4 Compact Suspension Bridge

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/5
  12. Alamo With Tourist

    I agree with Josh. There isnt really any noticeable change. is the windmill part of the lot?
  13. TKY - South Shinjuku Elevated Plaza

    Looks great. I'll give it a shot. ;) 5/5