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Middle and Far East Styles of building are used on a vast desert to create a tropical paradise.

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@Forthwall: Oh yeah, getting that LA traffic just right would require me to overclock the hell out of this computer haha :P. Always good to hear from you Shub!

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Quick Note:

Ahh man, things have been absolutely crazy! Where do I begin? So I'm taking AP Chemistry, AP History, AP French, Algebra II Honors, Introduction to Biblical Ethics, World Literature Honors, Pep Band, Photography, Crew, Model United Nations, Debate, Community Service, and overall my schedule has been FILLED. BUT, it's thanksgiving break, and since it's time to give thanks, I have a lot of thanks to give. Thanks to the Simcity 4 community for playing such a huge part in my life. I'm still trying to be an active part of it, but I think I'm slowly falling away. For all you who comment, lurk, trash talk, appreciate, +1, support, and rate this CJ though, this one is for you ;)

So I don't have a formal update for you today, but some pictures have been sitting on my computer for a really long time. Thought I might as well post them. There was supposed to be a storyline, but I've been so swamped in everything, I think I'll just let you imagine it :[








And that's it sadly. It would take a long time to write out the full storyline, and someday I may, but for now, I hope that is enough to say that I am still glad this CJ made it so far in this community, and I really appreciate everything. Thanks y'all. Happy Thanksgiving.

See you guys later. :)




@agunter999: Thank you very much Alex! I saw your application over at USNW (congrats on getting in!). You've improved immensely. Hope you are keeping well.

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Quick Note:

Hi everyone! So while I am preparing my next Atlantsia-Based update, here is a little something I made along the way. I hope you enjoy :)


Click on Images for Full Resolution





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@IL.:Thanks! Haha, this actually is about a tower, but not the WTC. It's actually based on the previous entries about the Rodina Tower in Hiigara.

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Khalil woke up Haresh, who had drifted off to sleep. Haresh squinted as the plane’s cabin lights came on. The other passengers quickly rose up from their seats in a rush to get out of the crowded plane. Haresh pulled out a Boston Red Sox cap from his carry on laptop bag and pulled it down over his head. “Baseball fan?” Khalil asked amused. Haresh laughed. “I could never get into cricket.” They walked down a stairway into a bus, which drove them from the ramp to the main terminal. The terminal was rather empty at this time, and they quickly picked up their bags at the baggage claim and headed outside. On the other side of the arrival area, a tall man in a black suit, probably in his early thirties, held up a sign which read their names. They walked towards him. He introduced himself as Amir, and showed them their way to a white jeep.


The jeep had no air conditioning, so Amir rolled down the windows for Khalil and Haresh. A hideous stench rolled into the jeep, causing the two to gag. Amir laughed. “You’ll get used it.”, he said with a smile. He turned the radio on. Khalil recognized the song immediately. “The red cars are quite red I realize…” he hummed. Amir glanced at him.

“Oh, so you recognize it?”, he asked.

“Yeah, it’s the Kingston and Boyce song that won AINVision, some band called BOY right?”

“Yup, that’s the one. I think the lyrics are kind of stupid. ‘Seven little numbers’, like what the hell bro, but it’s so damn catchy. That’s the only reason it’s on my iPod.”

“Agreed” Khalil said. He was beginning to like Amir. “You new here?” he asked. He hadn’t seen Amir before during his previous rotations at the embassy.

“Yup, just landed the job. My wife and I moved in recently from Masel.”

“Oh, so you’re from Atlantsia too? Why the hell did you come to Afghanistan?”

“Same reason you did probably. A well-paying job that others are too scared to take up.”


A large orange building gated in by a tall security fence came into view. A maroon and gold flag with the Atlantsian coat of arms waved softly in the wind. The moonlight cast an eerie glow on the Atlantsian Embassy. Amir parked the jeep outside and carried their bags towards the residential quarters. Khalil and Haresh followed. They met Amir on the staircase just outside of their rooms. “We’ll be visiting the compound tomorrow as well as some other parts of Kabul so you two can familiarize yourselves with the location.” Amir noted to them. “We’ll brief you tomorrow at about one o’clock in the dining room. Get some rest until then.”



The streaks of sunlight shone through the window of Khalil’s small bedroom when he woke up. It wasn’t the sun though that woke him up, but instead a loud afternoon prayer being amplified by large speakers from the nearby mosque’s minaret. Khalil was still a bit drowsy, but he decided since he was already awake he may as well prepare to head to the compound. He took a quick shower, changed into a comfortable button down shirt and khakis, and headed towards the dining room. Haresh was already there, happily eating some traditional Afghanistan cuisine and talking with Amir at the dining table. The room was large enough to easily accommodate a large rectangular wooden dining table with about twelve chairs seated around it, two on each end, but compact enough to where it only allowed guests enough room to be seated. A wall facing the south was made completely of glass, and through it one could see the slums of Kabul being enveloped by the towering Hindu Kush Mountains. The other three walls were not lavishly decorated, but instead provided space for large bulletin boards filled with information relevant to anything of importance in the area. A small, but not ornate, chandelier hung barely over the table, which today was filled with all types of food. Khalil took a seat next to Haresh. An older man with graying hair and a soft smile, dressed in a desert camouflage uniform made his way into the room. Khalil instantly recognized General Faruq, who he had become close friends with while working at the embassy. “Ahh! If it isn’t our little golden boy himself!” the General remarked when he saw Khalil. “It’s twelve o’clock! Did the goddam prayer wake you up?”

Khalil nodded with a smile. “It’s great to see you Faruq!” he said.

“You too Ambassador Khalil. How are you?”

“Well, I’m in Afghanistan again…”

“Yeah, we’re not that good at giving vacations are we?” the General laughed. He nodded towards the food sitting on the table. “Help yourself. We hired a new chef, and she’s marvelous. Try the tandoori and naan. They’re quite spicy, but I head spicy food raises your metabolism, so we’re all good.” Khalil laughed and took hearty servings of everything. He agreed with the General. The food was amazing. Haresh nudged him. “We’re going soon. Amir went to start the jeep.” he said. Faruq sighed. “Well, I thought there might not be enough time. I’ll just tag along and brief you on the way.”

As they headed outside towards Amir’s jeep, another man greeted them just outside the dining room. He was dressed up in desert camouflage as well, similar to General Faruq, but that was about the only similarity. He was much taller than the rest of them, probably about 6’3”, and he had an American Flag stitched to the side of the uniform’s sleeve. His wavy brown hair was swept to the side, and he had on a pair of aviator glasses that made him look like Christian Bale playing Bruce Wayne. General Faruq seemed discomforted by the man’s appearance. “Men, this is Sargent Richard Kayne from the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. He will be accompanying us as we head towards the compound. The Emirate of Atlantsia has agreed to coordinate the attack strike with the United States, hence his presence.” Sargent Kayne nodded and smiled. Khalil was shocked. If anything were to go wrong with the mission, Atlantsia would be charged for all faults at the mercy of the U.S.



The jeep’s lack of air conditioning made it a burning inferno during the daytime. Amir once again rolled down the windows, but the 5-seater was completely filled, and the body warmth of the others countered the cooling of the dry desert wind as they sped down the A76 highway towards the compound. Haresh sat beside Amir up front. The two seemed to be getting along well. Sadly that left Kayne in the back, and his massive muscular figure was squishing Khalil, who was seated between him and Faruq. Faruq relayed the briefing in extreme detail. “This is the Shash Darak district, which is relatively close to the embassy of Saudi Arabia and the ISAF HQ. We have strong evidence to support that the insurgency group operates many of their inter-city sales of opium around this area, primarily towards the south side, where the slums are located.” He pointed towards a busy interstate on their left. “That’s the A01 highway you see, which can fast-track anything towards the Kabul’s International Airport, or directly out of Kabul and into the Hindu Kush. It leads directly to Peshawar, Pakistan. It also makes the Shash Darak area a prime location for the sales. We have more reason to believe that the insurgency group is indirectly-rooted with al-Qaeda, hence the American involvement in our operations.”




They reached the Ansari District about forty minutes later. The slow moving traffic of Kabul’s inner-city streets had heavily delayed them. Faruq directed Amir towards the compound. They finally arrived at the location a few minutes later.



It was nighttime before they decided to leave. Kayne had suggested since the attack on the compound would be at night, they should familiarize themselves with the location during the dark. The advice was helpful. They were able to pinpoint two nighttime guards on the roof adjacent to the compound. The “compound” was actually a large abandoned warehouse with a faded bluish-gray coloring. It had been fenced off by a small parking lot, allowing it only to be accessible by going through two nearby buildings. Khalil had recorded on his notepad the large commercial office with a Pepsi-Cola advert on its side. The rooftop of this building would provide the perfect cover for reconnaissance soldiers since a bright billboard blocked the view of the roof from the balcony that the guards were on. Khalil couldn't help but smile. When the attack team arrived, they would be ready…


For all legal purposes, The Emirate of Atlantsia is a SC4 City Journal, and is not affiliated with any real life companies or organizations. All characters depicted are purely fictional, although all areas listed exist in real life.




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@ggamgus: Thanks for the tips Emir! If you think it looks like the Greater L.A though, I've achieved what I was going for. I wanted to give it kind of a financial-commercial center look. You'll see plenty of mosques in the rural regions though (I'll make sure to include one somewhere in Kabul lol).

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks man!

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Quick Note:

Hello everyone! I see it has been almost two months since my last update (which was on AFD). I seem to sadly be closing this CJ :] , but I hope you've enjoyed Atlantsia as much as I have. It has been full of twists and turns, and I don't think I could have ever imagined it becoming the CJ it is today without the support of the viewers. So thank you once again. Of course, the closing of one book is the opening of another. I hope you'll join me again this summer as I attempt to recreate the great Hellenic Republic (Greece). For now though, enjoy the last set of Atlantsia updates. You may remember the Unsung War series that was going on earlier. Here is the closing!



Sector 5 of the Atlantsian Military Intelligence (AMI) handles all reconnaissance operations for the Atlantsia. The airbase that serves as AMIS5’s HQ is hidden deep within the Atlantsian desert, and is protected by several levels of security fencing. Of course, the fencing is just for formality. If one wanted to traverse within a 5-mile radius of the facility, one must go undetected by radar, thermal scanners, infrared night vision equipped drones, and of course security guards. Only top-level military personnel are granted access into the base. It made America’s Area 51 look like a public park.

It is here that the Atlantsian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Khalil Shinwari, found himself seated in a Black Cadillac Escalade waiting access through the AMIS5 HQ gate. Apparently there was some sort of breakthrough with the Rodina Terrorist Attack Case, and it involved him. The SUV was cleared through security. It had been a four hour drive through the heart of the Atlantsian desert to get here, and Khalil was worn out. He sort of stumbled out of the passenger seat onto the hot pavement of the airbase. A young man, probably still in his teens, dressed in a black suit wearing aviator glasses came to greet him. “Welcome to the hell on Earth Mr. Shinwari! I am Haresh. Follow me; I’ll introduce you to Satan himself…” Khalil squinted as the sun came out from behind the clouds. “Where do they get these people?” he wondered.

He followed Haresh through the lobby and then into the elevator. Haresh swiped his card through a small slot on the side of the elevator. There were no buttons or dials. Clearly they didn’t want you to know what floor you were going to. Khalil judged however by the twenty seconds he spent in the elevator before the doors opened, accompanied by the lack of windows on the floor they arrived at, that the elevator had in fact taken them deep underground. Haresh read the expression on his face. “The building is just for looks. You surely wouldn’t think we’d store our data in such a vulnerable location?” Khalil simply smiled. That’s what the Emir had told him to do during their earlier discussion. “Vulnerable location my ass.”, he mumbled under his breath.

This time a larger man, perhaps in his thirties, came and introduced himself to Khalil. Khalil judged by the desert camouflage uniform, along with the numerous medals and patches that were on it, that the man was probably a very high ranking officer. “Pleasure to meet you Ambassador. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m General Ramid. I will get to the point quickly as your flight leaves at eleven.” Khalil looked at him in confusion. Ramid lauged, “Surely you knew they were sending you back to Afghanistan.” This shocked Khalil. He had only arrived in Atlantsia a few days ago after receiving a telegram from the Emir. He guided Haresh and Khalil over to a small room that looked like a control center. A large screen at the center displayed projected images. There were about forty small desks lined up in rows facing the screen, all filled with military officials. Khalil assumed he wasn’t the only one being briefed. Ramid waved his hands, and the lights dimmed. An image displayed on the screen.


“As you know the Rodina Tower was attacked last November.” Ramid said. “Atlantsia was framed and originally suspected of the attack by Hiigara, but as you all know, we were able to trace the culprits to Afghanistan. We believe they are currently funding themselves through illegal opium trading. Here we have images captured by recon aircraft in the Afghanistan desert. We believe that the two men in the pink keffiyehs are the leaders of the groups, but we are unconcerned with the camel-riders. The men near the automobiles are who we believe were responsible.”


The next photo was clearer. Ramid continued with the briefing, stating how they were able to track down the men through Kabul to a compound located about thirty miles from the Atlantsian-Afghanistan embassy.


Khalil realized this would be an ideal location for the attackers since it would allow the group to intercept Atlantsian military messages. Ramid glanced at Khalil midway through the presentation. “This is where you come in Ambassador Shinwari. You’ll be sent to the Kabul embassy an undesignated amount of time prior to the planned seizure. Familiarize yourself with the location near the compound. You’ll be expected to guide the team to the compound when we order you to. The embassy will have further instructions. You’ll be departing shortly from Badi al Zaman International to Kabul. Haresh will take care of you from here.”



Haresh, the kind gentlemen that he was, carried the duffel bags filled with belongings that Khalil had quickly packed through Badi al Zaman’s airport terminal. This would perhaps be the last time he would be on familiar soil for another month, which is how long he estimated the operation to be. He had only recently returned from the embassy, and he wasn’t quite ready to go back yet. Haresh seemed to understand his concern. He smiled at Khalil and asked if he had a family. Khalil told him he did, and that they were back in Masel. He noted that Haresh looked almost like a teenager without the aviator glasses he was wearing earlier. He felt sorry for the young man.



The plane was delayed almost an hour at the gate. Flights to Afghanistan often were due to the security threat. The plane was heavily filled with passengers, but luckily Haresh and Khalil were booked business class seats. The flight was hazy for Khalil. Previously, when he had been stationed at the embassy, he spent most of his time in the security of the Atlantsian embassy, running messages and forms to the US embassy. Now he would have to venture out into the heart of Kabul to familiarize himself with the city before the attack team arrived. It had all been rushed, and he hadn’t had much time to think about what was actually happening. The plane landed in Kabul an hour or so after midnight. “Welcome to Kabul International Airport.”, said a stewardess over the intercom, “The time is 1:32 AM, and the weather is partly cloudy. We hope you enjoyed the flight, and will be flying with us at Emirates again soon.” Khalil glanced out the window. In the distance he could make out the silhouette of the towering Hindu Kush mountains. The city seemed to be tucked away from the rest of the world, void of all that was familiar.


That's all for now folks. I'll see you again soon! (Definitely not in two months this time, it's summer!) :ducky:




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I hope I didn't miss anyone >.< . Commendations to you all :party: .

Quick Note:

Badi al Zaman is Atlantsia's 3rd largest city (of it's 3 major cities), and accounts for about 30% of its population with a population of 1,210,948 according to the 2010 Census. I am still writing the history for the city, so I can't really say much more than that sadly.

The city lies on the The Ghanim Peninsula, with a marina separating it into a "North Side" and a "South Side" which is connected by the Sedaira Bridge. Here we see the city's central business district at day.


And at Night:


The Sedaira bridge illuminates an aqua tint as night falls.


But underneath the illustrious skyline is high-rolling crime, bribery, and wealth. We call it corporate dealings. 8)


Problem Will? :rofl: Happy April Fools everyone!


Badi al Zaman International



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Let me offer my rebuttal:

1.) Cause it's a Simcity Trademark symbol that I love, and am NOT taking off. It reminds us that this is a game, and this is what can be done with a game.

2.)Good, let it ruin the picture, I like it!

3.)What about the parking space? There's underground parking you know? Oh right, the entrance is blocked by the building (actually I'm not kidding bro).


5.)No, there's not. Go right from your car into the grass. How wonderful?

6.)Look both ways, cross the street.

7.)Aww, does poor little Carl have to walk 10 yards?

8.)That roundabout is sexy.

9.)I haven't landscaped much? Just trees lol (:


Don't be serious with this rebuttal! :l

@Jesus Christ: JESUS, dude, cmon. It's inspired by dubai, duh. Yes, it's only one building. Revelation? Yup, we mostly see only one BAT, wonderful! I personally love this BAT. Tests became updates when I made them updates in the last update. It is a test. Test success btw, I got good feedback in that no one dissed the sidewalk or lighting mods! WHAAT :P I'll send Uncle Kevin after you bro.

@Hellken: Nah, I decided against it. As I mentioned to Carl above lol.

@Forthwall: That's nice to know Shub.

@ThomasSimpson: THANK YOU! It's great to have someone not disappointed that this wasn't a 100 picture update or something!

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@Fox: You didn't need to remove your comment but it's fine. Anyways, sorry you didn't like it.

Quick Note:

Ok, ok. I guess I'll just move on from the last update. This is Badi al Zaman International. Badi al Zaman is the third largest city and only other major city in Atlantsia, after Masel and Trauadina. It had a population of 1,210,948 as of 2010, and is Atlantsia's most toured city. I have a tradition of starting off cities by their airports, so here we go:






And some other never before (at least on Simtropolis) seen shots:






That's all folks ;)




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@dre el heffe hendrix:Your question has been answered in the comments section from the last update. Thank you for commenting (:

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Quick Note:

Your old uncle Foxy requested a hotel in Atlantsia. I think I may have overdid it a bit :P The main goal was actually to trial run some stuff though. I wanted to test out some streetside lots with my new sidewalk mod, and I also wanted to test out the Uniform Street Lighting Mod in an urban area. I had never used the Poseidon Tower either, so this was a good way to incorporate one of the most beautiful (somewhat Arabian-Themed) BATs on the STEX into Atlantsia. It was also great to take a break off of large spacious city projects and just focus on a small area of space.


Ah well ;)





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Well, now that Atlantsia has been around for over a year, I felt it would be cool to see where I've been. So I looked back at some past updates, and I am actually quite astonished at how far this CJ has come, the friendly fanbase it has acquired, and the great friends that I've made along the way. So here's to Atlantsia! -Clinks Glass-

Augusta International:


Trauadina-Arabian Nights



Trauadina North Side-Laying on the Dunes








Lotting the Mirage


Trauadina-East Point


An In-Depth Look at Atlantsia


Port Mandalay


When the Desert Cries:


Terrain Mod Testing:


Trauadina, Final Visit:



Masel-The City of Immortality | Preview:


Masel International Airport:



Goodnight Beautiful:





The Al-Jeykh Port:



Bandar Desert Terrain Mod:




The Marina at Masel:


Honey I Forgot:


The Unsung War:


The Unsung War Pt.2-How Could They?



Back to December:


Holiday Greetings from Atlantsia:


Can We Pretend That Airplanes In The Night Sky Are Like Shooting Stars?



Since it's inception, Atlantsia has recieved the 2012 Trixie Award for "Best Custom Content in a CJ", has joined the Alliance of Independent Nations, and is the Top Rated CJ in the New CJ section.

Many more days to come :blush:




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So wait, what?

Well, yeah, I forgot to make a new year's update with fireworks and jazz. I was in Washington D.C for New Year's Eve, watching fireworks over the Potomac River lol. The hotel didn't have free wi-fi ($10 per night :O), so I didn't make any New Year's pictures...

But here's a little something coming soon to Atlantsia...For those of you that have been paying ridiculously close attention, you may note that the one city of Atlantsia I haven't covered is Badi al Zaman, which is about to come up.

I want to make some special thanks before I show the teaser:

First I would like to thank Fox for constantly reminding me about the Badi al Zaman project, and for even scheduling flights to the airport before I had started working on it. Thanks my motivational friend!

Second I would like to thank Ernst (Peter007), for helping me last summer working my way through BAT. I would have quit BAT long ago without his assistance on Skype.

Finally, I want to thank all the great guys at AIN, USNW, CINL, and Simtropolis. Whether it's commenting, Skyping, or Private Messaging, many of you have helped, inspired, motivated, criticized, and encouraged me. This CJ would have ended after the first update had you not.

And without further ado, here is Badi al Zaman (BAZ) International Airport: (Note: This is only a Teaser, full update next time)



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Back to December


I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on this City Journal. Thank you all, you've each motivated, encouraged, entertained, annoyed, and helped me in different ways :P . Thank you :) . This update is actually nothing but never before seen pictures. Pictures I posted on other SC4 sites, but not on Simtropolis. Eitherway, my computer failed a few days ago, and now I'm struggling to repair it. It's rather tough with that, exam review, Christmas time and all. Freetime = Zip. I thought I might as well post this before the Hiatus begins. Enjoy! These pictures are of a side project by the way.











Entire update from my iPad (amazing right?)

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Quick Note:

Yup, it's story time!

This may be a difficult read formatting-wise as I had some formatting errors transferring the storyline from notepad to here. Bear with me please. As for roleplay (@AINmembersonly), you may only roleplay based off of the text in Blue. These are public/international announcements or things that the general media has reported. The rest is behind the scenes or irrelevant due to roleplay. It's recommended by me personally to read the entire story to get a real feel for what's going on. Without fully reading, you may not understand what the roleplay text is either, although I have tried hard to keep the roleplay text independently understandable. Either way, enjoy! I also realize this is a bit late, since it is now November 24, 2012, we'll assume Atlantsia hasn't uncovered any significant evidence on the pilots yet. Also, make sure to look at the TIME ZONES as these are important. The timezone of the CNN report of the Attack is GMT+3, not GMT+4, :lost: , but just keep in mind that this update is all that happened, AFTER the attack. Yes I know there's no palm trees in Ukraine. I screwed up the first picture rather badly as it was originally supposed to be Jordan, but I realized that didn't make sense.




"78, 79, 80!" Dariya said with joy as she finished beating the eggs. Her

husband, Andriy, would be home tonight, for the first time after his last 7

months of active military duty. His flight from Jordan was supposed to have

arrived 30 minutes ago, so she assumed he was well on his way to the house.

She had prepared a special dinner for this occasion, rice, various curries,

and an array of different spices were strewn across the dining table. She

poured the beaten eggs into the frying pan to make the omelet, the final part

of the dinner. Then, all she had to do was wait, and then embrace. He would be

here any minute.

Dariya decided to turn on the television while she cooked the omelet.A movie

came up, and she hummed a song which had been stuck in her head all day as she

poured the fried meal into a plate. Suddenly the movie abruptly stopped, and

the screen went momentarily black. At the sudden halt of the audio, she

glanced up at the screen. When the channel came back, there was a video of a

building engulfed in smoke. "Oh my God." she gasped. She watched the

television in absolute disbelief while the plate with the omelets shattered on

the floor.


"Alright, tell me everything you saw, nothing left out, and the whole truth to

the fullest of your extent right now!" commanded First Lieutenant Sergey

Zavrazhnov. A young well groomed man in his mid-thirties sat across from

Sergey in the interrogation chamber of the Nogovicka Police Department's

headquarters. The man had long brown hair and a sharp face, which would make

him otherwise seem completely confident if he were in the general public. Here

however, he couldn't have looked more terrified.

"I saw..a..plane hit the Rodina Tower." he croaked. Sergey glared at the man.

He decided it was best to be patient with this civilian, who had

probably just witnessed more than his evening stroll could tolerate.

"Where are my manners, I'm sorry, what's your name son?" he asked.

"Ivan" the man replied.

"Alright Ivan, now, you tell me what happened to the best you can. Here, I'll

start us off. What were the colors of the plane?"

"I...I...I think it was...white...yeah white with some green."

"That narrows it down to about 50 airliners. Can't you be more specific?"

"I'm not very knowledgeable of planes sir. It was moving fast too...I don't


"We asked for all eyewitnesses to come up, but you can't even tell me what the

******* plane looked like?!" Sergey cried in frustration. His attempt at

patience had diminished rather quickly.

There was a knock at the room door. Sergey opened it. A middle aged

man stepped through. This man's hair was clearly graying, yet he seemed

nonetheless energetic. "What is it now Alexei?"Sergey demanded.

"You may want to see this sir." Alexei stated, and he motioned for the

Lieutenant to follow. Once they got to the parking garage, Alexei opened the

door of the SUV for Sergey, and told him to get in. He then drove the

Lieutenant to Rodina Tower, well, at least what remained.


The building had collapsed only half an hour ago, and firecrews were still

frantically attempting to put out the flames. Smoke consumed the tower from all

directions. Alexei parked the SUV near what was once the West entrance to the tower.

Sergey followed Alexei as he walked through the debris towards the collapsed building.

About ten meters from the

base of the building, Alexei knelt down and pointed. Sergey moved over for a

closer look. What lay before him was a broken piece of metal, seemingly once a

light green, yet now lay torn and burnt badly to a dark emerald color. This

was none other than the winglet of a Boeing 737-800W. The words on the side of

the piece were still legible.


"Those *******!" Sergey yelled.


Atlantsian Emir Durjah's suburban beachside villa was quite the spot to spend

a relaxing late night at. The bright city lights of Masel did not reach this

getaway, and so the stars shone brightly in the sky. Yet it wasn't long before

Alai sensed something wrong. He had gone about twenty minutes without spotting

one airliner pass by above him in the night sky. Why weren't there any planes

in the sky tonight? He was sure that the air traffic from Masel International

would at least give way to at least a few jet streams high above him. Ever

since he could remember, jet streams often obstructed a full view of the stars

in the night sky whenever he was out like this. The runway often used for

departing aircraft from Masel International was pointed in this direction. In

the distance, he heard sirens wail softly. The sound grew gradually louder.

"****, they're heading towards me. One day of vacation, and this is what I

get." he thought. As he had predicted, the sirens gave way to a limo escort

and two police cars, which parked in his front yard. A tall man in a black suit sprinted towards him.

"Raj! How are you?" Alai said once the man had

reached him. "I'm fine Emir Durjah, but I need you to come with me right now.

It's urgent." Raj panted.

Alai looked curiously at the official he had

appointed to attend to his matters while he was away. The man's hair was

unkempt, and his clothes weren't uniformly put on, as if he had been in a

severe rush to get here.

"What happened?"he questioned.

"I'll explain on the way, we have your clothes in the back seat, please come

now." Raj replied.

Alai reluctantly hopped in the limo and changed. Once he was done, he said it

was alright for Raj to come in, and they left.

"Alright so where are we going and what happened?"

"Ministry of Defense and Homeland Security HQ. The Hiigaran Confederacy has

accused us of a terror attack. Earlier this morning, a plane crashed into the

Rodina Tower, seemingly deliberately. Further investigations revealed

supporting evidence that it was an AtlantAir."

The Emir looked stunned. This was a lot for a man to take in during a ten

second time frame. He assumed that this was the reason there were no

planes in the sky. They had been grounded.

"If it were an act of terror, wouldn't a civilian have notified us that the

plane had been hijacked while it was flying low-altitude before the crash?"

"That's the thing! During all the flights of 9/11, four out of four planes had

passengers who called the ground to notify them that something was wrong.

Flight 93 even went down in Pennsylvania before it reached its destination

because the passengers attacked the terrorists. We contacted the IADA a few

minutes ago. They said-"

"IADA?" the Emir asked puzzled. He had never had to deal with this acronym before.

"International Air Defense Administration, it's an airforce team specializing in aircraft tracking during a time when a minor or major mishap occurs during a flight. They said that there were only six AtlantAir flights in the area during the time period of the attack, and pointed out one, Flight 184, a commercial flight which had stopped over in Amman, Jordan to pick up Hiigaran veterans and transport them to Ukraine, experienced a radio communication problem at cruising altitude. They then stated that it had been cleared for a Visual Flight Rule landing in Kiev, Ukraine. The tower at Boryspil Airport in Kiev confirmed it had landed when they saw an airliner's lights on the runway, but that's the problem. The tower had mistook another flight for AtlantAir 184. Aer Lingus Flight 728 to be precise, which can be understood because both airlines have a similiar paint schem and it was a foggy night in Kiev. AtlantAir 184 was still somewhere in the air. 12 minutes later, a plane crashed into the Rodina Tower. AtlantAir 184 was not confirmed to have landed anywhere else. Moreover, an AtlantAir winglet was found in the debris of the

collapsed structure. Since no calls were traced from the flight stating

something was wrong, it can be correctly assumed that the pilots of the plane

were the terrorists. Therein lies your security problem."


Emir Durjah took a deep breath. His mind had been forced to comprehend more in

the 10 minute car ride than in all of the 16 hours he had spent at the villa

earlier that day. He had stayed up late hoping to make the day of break seem

longer before he went to sleep, and then had to attend to his duties as Emir

only a few hours later. And yet here he was, sleepy and unrested, being told

that two AtlantAir pilots had just crashed a plane full of Hiigaran veterans

into a Hiigaran tower. He walked up the steps into the ministry with Raj at

his side.

"This looks horrible. Hiigara is a rival in the oil industry, but we are

neutral with them politically. They'll think we did this because of oil!" Alai

exclaimed in frustration.

"Are you suggesting we lead this attack?" Raj asked quietly in shock. The Emir

had just said "we did this" himself.

"No, no we didn't do this. I don't know who did. It's as if we're being

framed. Wait, did any of the private sectors order this?"

"We have no idea who the pilots were sir, nor their motives or assets. Here's

another interesting piece of information I just recieved on my phone. Several

Hiigaran eyewitnesses claimed to have seen an AtlantAir flying low altitude

before the crash, the farthest report being about 150 miles from the tower.

It's as if the terrorist masterminds behind this wanted to frame us because

this would indicate that the pilots were the terrorists, since no calls were

made stating any reports of hijacking."

The two marched down the halls of the headquarters. Media was not allowed to

enter, and at this time, there weren't any reporters anyway.

"What are we here for?" Alai asked.

"You're issuing orders, and responding to the accusation."

"You sure you have the right information? This is only 52 minutes after the

attack. Atlantsia was accused 29 minutes ago, and we took ten minutes to get

here. You did all that investigating in 19 minutes?"

"That's what you pay us for sir."

Alai held the door for Raj as they entered the empty auditorium. A small

camera crew were waiting at the base of the stage to take a recording of his

speech. Alai straightened his tie and walked up to the podium. Raj took a seat

next to the camera crew.

"Citizens of Atlantsia, I address you in a time of great confusion. There is

strong evidence supporting the accusation by the Hiigaran Confederacy that an

AtlantAir flight deliberately crashed into the Rodina Tower. We are aware that

the flight was filled with Hiigaran soldiers on a transport route to Ukraine.

We were the best commercial airline option for the shipment, and therefore

AtlantAir flight 184 continued from Amman, Jordan, where the Hiigaran Military

trained desert infantry forces, to Kiev, Ukraine. The flight experienced radio

mishaps at cruising altitude, and was assumed to attempt a VFR approach into

Kiev. Boryspil International confirmed the flight had landed, but they had

mistaken another airline for the flight. We can assume that the radio was

turned off by the terrorists before the plane descended into Nogovicka and

crashed. We are issuing investigations to uncover who the pilots were, and who

the culprit of this horrid incident is. The plane could not have been hijacked

by passengers, as no calls of something amiss were recieved by operators on

the ground although the plane was reported by eyewitnesses to have flown at

low altitude for 150 miles before the crash occured. Technology to deter

cellphone calls from inside an airplane at low altitude has not been invented

yet. This would lead us to believe the pilots of the plane were the terrorists

themselves. We will assume no side on this matter until investigations reveal

who those pilots were."


I don't do a lot of stories as I usually suck at writing, but this is for AIN, so I thought what the heck, why not put it on Simtropolis as well. More to come soon :)


The Unsung War



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Honey I Forgot



@reich3rd: First, let me tell you how ecstatic I am to know that you decided to make your first post here. I feel honored! As for the marina, well, it's taken me about 3 years to compile all the BATs, Mods, and everything you see there, so I really can't tell you that because it would take hours if not days. I'm so sorry. I can tell you however that the main buildings are HK skyscrapers, the medium rises are random medium-sized office towers I've found in various prop packs, and the low-rises are from Frogface. There's actually some Maxis content towards the right. The marinas themselves are from Pegasus, the Seawalls are from JRJ, and the palms are from Nealos101, all on the LEX (@SC4D). The last building is "Brickell on the River" or something similiar to that title. Search "Miami" or "Brickell" on the STEX, and it should come up.

@ggamgus: Tis' a possibility I shall consider ;]

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@nedal2001: Thank you very much! Yes, I try to take as much inspiration from real life locations as possible!

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What do you mean you forgot?

I'm sorry!!! I didn't know that Atlantsia's 1 year anniversary was October 7! Nooooooooooo!



So umm, maybe we'll just head downunder....literally...

Queensland-Brisbane International Airport


Queensland-Brisbane CBD



Queensland-Whitehaven Beach


Yeah I know its not the usual update. I ventured away to Queensland for a while thanks to ggamgus himself. You go Emir ma boy! :P


The Marina at Masel



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Quick Note:

So were you expecting Antarctica? Lol, NOT TODAY BOYZ. Actually I'm still working on it, but first update should be out soon. Anyways, today we have Masel, Atlantsia. The marina of it that is. Embassies Part 1+Around the CBD will be coming soon, so stay on the lookout for that :]. BTW, for some reason my automata is messed up at further zooms, not sure why. There are still some cars visible from these zooms, but much less than when I zoom in. Without further ado, here is the update:

The Marina at Masel, formally known as the Masel Bay Marina, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city for avid boaters. The Marina is lined by large condomoniums and hotels. Rental centers for yacht and speedboat rentals are open 12 hours a day starting at 7:00 A.M.



Along with the many residential estates, a large variety of restaurants, diners, clubs, theatres, and other attractions bring the marina to life at night.



The Sierra Complex is a cruise ship port, located half a mile from the marina.


The Antebairah Hotel located Jebel Barudekh Ave. is the most popular hotel in the marina district.




That's all for today! Ciao guys . Comments and ratings are always appreciated :ducky:

Psst, Fox. Foxy, that grey building next to the triangular blue building in the marina pictures is your embassy. Just lettin' y'know! ;)




I finished doing the replies, and then ST crashed ._.

But I redid them D:

Replies 1&2:

@ggamgus: Thanks Emir!

@Mastof: Lol, ok then Shubby!

@NMUSpidey: I didn't make up the statistics lol. I researched them for my AIN wiki page, and they are based on a combination of Singapore's Port and the UAE's Jebel Ali Port. Thank you though!

@Blakeway: Juls, see that oil refinery? That's a Saremian Weed processing factory in disguise D:

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

@elavery: Lol, thanks Eugene!

@dubaidude303: Thank you!

@Hellken: I didn't retexture them, but instead made some lots I found transit enabled, link below ;)

@976: I think those are here: , I transit enabled them though :]

@OD Hennessey: LOL, I didn't realize you were the one who uploaded that pack! FAIL :P . Thank you very much though! I appreciate your commitment to the community!

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@TekindusT: Yeah, once you start the Middle Eastern style, you realize it's not near as simple as it once seemed lol. I think though that if you stick with it, you'll slowly find yourself addicted to it, like me lol. Thank you very much! I'll keep stalking your CJ! Contact me if you need help lotting, etc. ;)

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Quick Note:

So I was going to provide a lengthy introduction to the new Antarctican Side Project, and how creativity was more important than realism sometimes, and how Antarctica is the perfect place for an ultra-modernized and futuristic utopian civilization, but instead I'll just cut to the chase. Antarctica is my new side project, and it is basically a utopian paradise in the middle of a frozen hell. Like SIMPLUTO instead of SIMMARS lol. Coolio?

Me: Greg, I totally SCREWED up your Doha, Qatar map with my Antarctican Terrain Mod bro!

Towerdude: Whatevs man.



CLICK for full size :)

More to come, so stay tuned! :ducky:


Bandar Desert Terrain Mod

Informal Update Time :P

So I was playing BF3, and I saw that the new armored kill package was out.

And I was like "Isn't that the one with the biggest map in the history of Battlefield?"

And so I looked online.


But I didn't really care.

Because when I saw the picture of the desert terrain.

My jaw dropped.


And I was like, WHOA, Dat Sand D:

So then I tried to recreate that in SC4, this is the WIP terrain mod without any photoediting whatsoever.


And then I messed with it in PS :P, for the early dawn effect.


I'm looking to release it soon. What do you think? ^_^

Replies in the next update by the way!


The Al-Jeykh Port



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Quick Note:

Well, updates may not come out near as often nowadays, as I'm back in school :\, but I'll keep up the best I can. In this update, we'll cover the Al-Jeykh Port Complex in Masel, Atlantsia. I used some new Photoshopping techniques, and I think this seaport came out very well. Update begins....Now D:

Welcome to the Al-Jeykh Port Complex in Masel, Atlantsia. The port is the largest industrial complex in Masel, and the second biggest industrial centre in Atlantsia. Boasting a 691,200 m2 container terminal, an oil refinery, 13 large warehouses, 26 oil tanks, and a bulk and cargo center, the port imports and exports on average 1.09 billion gross tons annually.



One of the most amazing features of the seaport is the enormous container terminal, which was constructed on an artificial peninsula costing over $5.6 billion. The majority of the container terminal is free trade zone.




Containers are unloaded from the ships via cranes.


And then placed in storage before further shipping.


Most are shipped into Atlantsia by truck.


Freight trains are also used.


Room is provided for trucks to spend the night in the Cargo Depot.




With such a large number of ships entering and departing daily, the Al-Jeykh Port is constantly busy.




Another astonishing segment of the port is the large oil refinery. On average, 52,000 barrels of oil are handled daily.




The Oil Refinery's lights come on as night falls.


The container terminal is busy during the night as well, and the lack of visibility can make container handling much trickier. 78% of the port's accidents have occured during the night.


Bulk is also loaded and unloaded as the night continues.


An overview of the Al-Jeykh Port Complex at night:



End of update. Thanks for viewing! As always, feel free to comment and rate, it's always appreciated


If you want to find out more about Atlantsia, feel free to visit the wiki,


Have a great day/night






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As you can see, just a little ;).

Quick Note:

Erm, the update begins...now :read:



Emir Durjah sprung awake from his sleep horrified at the nightmare. Being a ruler of a nation has its toll on you...

So that's actually it :|. Next update we'll take a look at Masel's Seaport so stay tuned ^_^

Comment and Rate as you wish :ducky: . If you can name where the poem came from you get a cookie!! :D NO CHEATING :P

Edit: Oh by the way, here's some side project and never before seen pictures (on Simtropolis)





Goodnight Beautiful



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@Fox: Thank you Fox!! :blush:

@MilitantRadical: The terminals are custom-made ones I made in BAT. The warehouses are in this set: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1884. Thanks!

@Evillions: lol, Thanks :)

@TekindusT: I'll see if I can finalize it and upload it :thumb:, thank yoU!

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@Josh6: Coming from "the airport master", it means alot :), thank you very much!

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@escilnavia: Thank! I try to make it closely represent what I see in real life :), there are times though where I just toss things together "creatively" until I like it lol.

@Simul8ter8: DAT COMMENT D:, thanks :P

Quick Note:

Two updates in a week D: ! That's a new record!!! :P. So I did some experimenting in Photoshop, and while I was darkening one of my other pictures, I realized I could use a similiar effect to turn day pictures into night pictures. I've also noticed (I think we've all done this actually) that if you save a city during the night and exit to the region view, the nightlights remain on. So I combined the two techniques. Here's the result! It's Trauadina, Atlantsia at night from a regional standpoint!


Comments welcome :ducky:




@LastTrueChamp: Thanks! I like colorful lighting :)

@shanemelbourne: Thank you!

@Evillions: No no no, this is just 15% of the ENTIRE city lol. That would be crazy :P, but Thank you!

@MilitantRadical: Thanks!

@Mastof: Yup, they gonna blind you Shub D:

@gman28: Thank you very much. I appreciate that :)

@TekindusT: Hehe, we figure Earth Day matters more this way :P, Thanks!

@Simul8ter8: Thank You Prince William ;)!

@MamaLuigi945: 70% plopped, 30% grown :blush: , I don't like growing my CBDs, it doesn't allow for the precision I want. Plus, it takes forevverrr. :P

@Fox:Thanks alot bud!

Quick Note:

I haven't update in over a month! Dang. Well, I had a good vacation in Florida during the summer, so that took about 2 weeks along with a 2 week camp. Excuse me :P . Anyways, today I have something I've been working on for awhile. It's the capital city's airport!

Without further ado, here is the update:


Did I mention it's monsoon season in Atlantsia?














So, tell me how you liked it ;)




@mystic_destiny: Thank you so much! ^^

@NMUSpidey:Thank you! Sorry about the rural areas though, won't be any of that in this update! I think I can try to fit them during the fall though :).

@Evillions:Lol, Thanks!! I am glad to hear that :yes:

@escilnavia: Thank you :D

@MamaLuigi945: I am very happy to hear that Charles! Thank you my friend :)

@packersfan: Lol, yes this is Mackay, but it is from Team Downunder, so its a bit bigger. Its actually the map Adrian (Adroman) was using before he died

:(. I've posted region views before, but it may have been a bit harder to tell the geography. Thanks! I love the your CJ by the way, especially the traffic maps and the bird's eyeview regional shot.

Author's Note:

I know I promised you a rural update, however, I thought perhaps it would be more important to make a capital city for roleplaying in AIN. I'm working out embassies for other AIN nations and all that jazz, so trust me, it will be amazing!The picture below is the CBD of the capital, but only about 15% of the final product! I am still working out the seaports and airports. Anyways, after about two weeks in a hell of CTD, lag, and lack of Arabian-themed custom content, I present to you, Masel (mah-zel).



More to come over the summer (next two months), so stay tune. And please comment and rate if you liked :ducky: :ducky:

Thank you and have a great day/night :)


Trauadina, Final Visit



@ee99: Thanks Ed! I'll stick with it for now :)

@escilnavia: I'll consider it. But first I should make the textures STEX worthy :P

@Fox: Thank you very much for the kind comment :)

@MamaLuigi945: Thanks so much Charles! I'll try my best :D

@NMUSpidey: Haha, Thanks my friend! :yes:

@sucram17: I agree, the one I textured needs some more work ;)

@Evillions: I understand, thanks for the comment! I'm still a bit of a loser at textures :lol:

Quick Note:

Sorry if it seemed this CJ went dead, but it hasn't. I've not given up on simcity, but I readjusted my priorities a bit to make sure that I remain a commited AIN member. That being said, if you would like to know what I've been up to as far as AIN goes, you can find all that (believe me, its worth taking a look at) over here:


That being said, I've created a small update as a goodbye to the big city before we head into Atlantsia's rural areas. Enjoy!

























And with that, we say goodbye to Trauadina. ATM I am working on treeing certain sections of the region. In the next update, I hope to display some smaller farms and rural villages. Until then, I'll leave you with this final shot of Trauadina, although please note I am still working on the highways, flora, and roads.


Please comment and rate if you liked, disliked, or wanted to point something out that I could improve on. Thanks, and farewell until the next Atlantsia update :ducky:.


Terrain Mod Testing


@Schulmanator: Thanks :)

@escilnavia: skyscraper, one of my favorite custom content creators, has made some outstanding ones here on ST. They can be found here: skyscraper's content The others are just random ones I have picked up here and there, and a few are even Maxis. Just have fun with as much custom content as you can. SC4D has amazing custom content as well which cannot be found anywhere else. ;)

@MamaLuigi945: Thank you. It's nice to hear such a kind comment :)

@Efkin: Thanks! Glad to hear that! :yes:

@NMUSpidey:Thank you very much my evil friend :P trixie joke, hehehe

@Fox:Thank you! As for the barrels, that's only for the smaller rural villages ;) , I'll see if we can get a tour arranged!

@kakado_to_save: The next update will do the trick :D

@Evillions: Thanks! :yes:

@TekindusT: Glad to hear from you! Thanks! :)

@spursrule14: Yay, I'm on B.o.t.B, Thanks bud :) Grats on the trixie!

Not exactly a full update (the next one will be). I was getting a little tired of the terrain mod

I was using. It's a modified version of the Chihuahuan Terrain Mod by Heblem, but it doesn't

represent the Arabian Desert very well. So I thought, what the heck, why not make my own? I used

Lowkee's very helpful tutorials on SC4D, and I went from this:


To This:


No Photoediting of Course :), the textures look a bit plain from a distance :(


And the regional view: A bit of the next update is revealed here...I'm still working on the highways of course.


Whatdya think? :P

Thanks for nominating this CJ under several categories. I am ecstatic to have won my first trixie :D


When the Desert Cries



@MamaLuigi945: Thank you my friend :)

@TekindusT: Lol, don't worry, we're just getting started... ;)

@NMUSpidey: Thanks, so far, it is working out great! :yes:

@Fox: Thank you Fox, you are very kind :)

@Evillions: Thanks for commenting! As for the tanks, if you look closely you can see

the grey base texture, it blends in rather well with the shadow (giving the transparent

feel). Sorry for tricking you :(

@escilnavia: Lol! I hope we can remain good friends though ;)

@elavery: Thank you, it means alot to hear that from a great guy like yourself :D

@Zirbs: They are found here : Somy's Port Set (2nd Download)

Quick Note:

Atlantsia wouldn't be habitable if it wasn't for the few days of rain each year. The rainy

season is usually during June and July here, however it also rains a bit in the other months

as well. The rain is a very special occasion, many fishers head out to the Arabian Sea, hoping that the raising sea levels will inscrease the chance of a large catch. In rural villages, the water is collected in a barrel, which is then stored underground in small damp rooms to prevent

evaporation as much as possible. In the cities, the rain has little effect on day to day procedures, but heavy rain often causes car crashes and limited visability. At the airport, there are always several delayed and canceled flights.

As a CJer:

I don't want to seem like a complete fool, but the past week has been very busy for me. I have also spent much of my freetime experimenting with the ilive reader, one of my new favorite SC4 related tools, almost ahead of the L.E. This means that I spent less time working on the next city tile (which is coming along fine, but isn't complete),and more time experimenting with desert terrain mods (I created my own using some of Marsh's textures, but I am not using it because it still looks a bit like a grid from the region view and I don't want to re-render all the city tiles over again. Anyways, with that said, this entry is sort of a review of the past updates, no description really, just pics, I hope you enjoy!














Thank you very much for viewing. Comments and ratings are well appreciated. Thanks! :ducky:


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