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  1. NHP Zaraki

    wow, this is like, perfect 10/10
  2. NDEX ITS 110 Cannon Street

    excellent, i'm always looking for nice midrises like this
  3. TG AMP Building

    that's one nice looking building 10/10
  4. LBT Hospitals Pack Version Gold

    the original pack was great, but this is even better!
  5. Polish Flats

    very nice work!
  6. Gasol Corporation Desalination Plant

    excellent! reminds me of the desalinization plant in simcity 3000 10/10
  7. Steam Columns

    haha just like nyc! 8/10 nice job
  8. Steam Columns

    haha just like nyc! 8/10 nice job
  9. Slavin monument

    this would look perfect in my totalitarian-style cities, excellent job
  10. REPower modern wind turbines

    great work, i would love to see them animated
  11. CZ5 Launcher

    i've been waiting for something like this, very nice job
  12. Austin Financial Tower V2

    excellent, excellent work! both the building and lot are perfect
  13. Swimming Pool

    not bad 8/10
  14. An old house

    nice work!
  15. PEG CDK3 SP Container Seaport

    i have been waiting for something like this forever! excellent work