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Two Year Review & Entry no.40 - The Apotex Refinery pt.2

It's quite the exciting time on simtropolis these days is it? The trixies are finally upon us, meanwhile there's plenty of new and exciting developments in the pipeline, as can be see in the show us thread(s). It's fairly common around this time of the year for some of the more regular CJ creators to put out a yearly review of their work from the previous year(s). I was hoping to do the same however at the moment I don't have the time to make a entire new entry. Instead I'm 'piggy backing' a brief review into this entry, which in any case features what I think was probably my best work. 

In the past two years I've published 49 entries(29 in 2015 and 20 in 2016) with well over a thousand images in total. That's a lot to go through *:yes: 
So I've made a brief list entries which I think stand out the most in those two years. I'd very much appreciate it if you could kindly take a look through these.
It's going to be hard but I think it's important to try to differentiate what content was produced in what year so with an eye towards that I've separated the lists into two for each year.

The year I stated this CJ. As such my work back then wasn't as refined in comparison to recent work and it was not definitely not on par with the front runners for best CJ of the year 2015, which imo would be Kim Sunwoo's "Leningrad," Tonraq's "Okaiken", Mymyjp's "New Manshin" & Ln X's "My SC4 Scrapbook". But there are some things that I think this journal would still be notable for in that year, specifically in regards to; roadgeek & railway work, overall transportation planning, industry, attention to detail, being informative, city and regional functionality, and showing large mosaics. All of which was probably best seen in the following two entries.

Not quite as intimidating as the 5 points but still quite massive in it's own right, the first appearance of;

And the megaplant, which a bit of a historical perspective to boot;

And another important road/rail entry was this one;

For a little total Overkill on the info/details/presentation there's these three entries :D 

Those would be the best 6 out of 29 entries in 2015.
I wasn't quite there yet with mmp's & CBD's (hey it rhymes!) and I'd think you'd probably agree. If you want to see for yourself, the best examples are; mmp - Gravenhust CBDCisco BayDresden


In brief, this was a good year for the CJ :) Of course it was also a very good year for a few others as well such as Kover's "True Earth" & Ln X's "My SC4 CJ Scrapbook". 
Once again the journal was heavy on transportation, industry, details and functionality with a new added focus on suburban & landscaped environments. 

Best of Industry(this entry) and;

Best of Transportation;

Railways, Mosaics and a the Road map;

Best of Suburbs;

Including this entry that highlights 8 of the 20 entries of the year, so I'll stop right here. I also showed you guys some detailed mmp work in entires 41 & 42 but there's others who showcased way more of that genre than I did, quality and quantity count.

Lastly there is an ongoing large scale project that I've been working on for the last couple of years which I first introduced here;

A BIG thanks again to all of you for stopping by and supporting the journal over the last two years. Let's have great trixie season!:thumb:
That concludes my brief 2-year review. Please check out the entry below if you haven't yet already.
Now if you'll excuse me for a bit, it's going to takemeawhile to put in all these trixie nominations :D 



This is the last update featuring the Apotex Refinery and the industrial area of Baycole. Parts of the refinery, specifically the hydro corridor, tank farm(s) & associated piping, power plant & incinerator were already seen in entry 38 & 39. This time I'll be showing the central areas of the refinery and mosaics of the whole complex both day and night. This will be the last industrial update for a few. Entry's on landscaping and a major highway interchange are next on the agenda.

Central Unit Closeups
The physical connection between the two sections can be seen below. Also the facility is partially automated which is why you see robots running around all over the place *:D
Secondary Unit

In the mood for some very colorful night shots? *:)

And here come the mosaics. First the the Central Section(the Primary Production Unit)
The Secondary Unit across the road and the rail fueling depot
both looking West
looking East

Some wide angle pano action
Final shot(s) of the entire facility.


seen in another light



Recommended Comments

This is spectacular!  These facilities look almost like cities in their own right, especially when they are lit up at night.  I like that barge being loaded in pic #26 a lot.

Of course, the power lines continue to impress.  There are even s-curves. :thumb:  Good work!

I stand reminded by pic #20 that my Aggies have something to prepare for here in a few weeks...

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Holy smoke(stacks)! Now THIS is by far the most spectacular industrial complex I've ever seen so far in-game. I'm impressed with how you took the Maxis I-D lots and integrated them here. The detailing is phenomenal... a beautiful mess of pipes, smokestacks and tanks that all come together.


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Great industrial complex ! Oil lots´, props; special RNP and Chapotex used to the max. LNG maybe bit close, where the fire station; company got own squad ? Depicting such a  complex proces can only achiefed by studying on the subjuct , very well done !

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@Akallan Thank you so much! I'm very flattered to hear my work described in such a way. :blush:

@heartless Appreciate the kind words :)
Those catwalks are part of a very large lot. I found the specific file in my plugins but I haven't been able to find a download link for it yet. The building name is simply LNG_docks which unfortunately isn't much to go on but with a little time I'm fairly certain I can track it down for ya. 

@metarvo Thanks for the compliments! That's an good point, they do look like small cities don't they? They're certainly big enough to be! Looking forward to seeing what your working on there.

@feyss Appreciate the regards. :D

@_Michael Thanks mate! Massive industrial facilities and refineries even larger than mine have been shown before on CJ's but I think by incorporating all those little details in a cohesive way enabled me to create a fresh take on the genre.

@TekindusT It's awesome to hear that, makes me feel like I've accomplished one my goals, to make people feel that even places like this have a certain beauty to them. 

@RandyE Wow pretty cool you feel that way, thanks!

@kingofsimcity Thanks man, that's very high praise indeed. "a beautiful mess of pipes, smokestacks and tanks that all come together" - I couldn't have put it better myself, that's exactly the way I would describe it too.

@Qorten Appreciate the compliments! So true, took me a long time to get to the point of being able to create such a place. I've been accumulating these great industrial files in plugins folder for about decade just waiting for the day when I could finally put them to good use. I built an earlier version of the plant a couple years back which wasn't half bad but it was lacking in all those extra little details that I'm only now able to envision and creatively place into a scene.

@kschmidt Thanks for the regards. I actually did have a small fire hall squeezed between the rail line and road by the incinerator but I thought it looked a little out of place and it didn't ever cover the entire refinery with fire coverage. I replaced it with a flare stack more fitting with the scene and built a larger station a little bit father away from the plant in the city. But there are automated fire suppression systems built into modern refineries like these to fight fires especially around the tank farms which would otherwise be very dangerous to fight in person.

@tariely lol who doesn't love the smell of naphtha in the morning :P not the same thing but close enough. The night lights were actually an uncoordinated surprise, I didn't realize some of those Bat's were so colorful or which one's even lit up for that matter, it was just something I check out after I had finished building the entire plant during the day(mode).

@BugeyedDragon Glad you like it! :D 

@sonofsim Thanks!

@raynev1 Mission accomplished then. :thumb:

@Odainsaker :lol:  I'm sure it won't be long before he makes a visit, places where huge explosions can happen are magnet for him.

@sunda Muito obrigado sempre bom ver você parar por.

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Wow my eyeballs started to hurt trying to focus on so many different details. I really like the colors in the night shots. Wall-eeeeee

almost forgot what's with the building with the big umbilical cord sticking out the top, kinda looks like a carbon shielding on it

  Edited by philforhockey51  

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