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  1. 2021 Update

    Well for football you need a power symbol, but according to US ideals calling the team something like 'Washington Senators' wouldn't be appropriate, and calling the team the 'Washington People" doesn't work either, names like 'Eagles, 'Patriots' were already taken, so how about 'Washington Rebels'? The revolution must go on!
  2. Tariel-EBLT Fountain Circle Plaza 4x4

    Good plaza I'll use for open area high wealth commercial. The lighting is especially spectacular. Thanks.
  3. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    Quite a complex structure to model, adds a bit more colors and angles to choose from. Thanks.
  4. Torre Colpatria

    Nice concrete construction, excellent reflective and lighting surfaces, good to have another diagonal building. Thanks.
  5. Topological Construction

    From the album Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor

    Instead of exploring space, we'll just build on top of it.
  6. Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor

    This album I intend to be the only album I will make and use for all purpose, adding new single pictures that I think are particularly interesting and worthy of sharing, or otherwise contribute to the city-builder experience/knowledge base. I intend to eventually add pictures from all the SC versions and possibly C:S as well. I call it the 'cutting room floor' because many of the pictures may come from my City Journal presentations in which many more pictures are taken than are included in an entry.
  7. Site Header Redesign

    I'm understanding now what the Chief means. He means the vertical size of the logo from the top of the screen to the white area where the menu begins has been extended. This I noticed in other headers like on my profile page. The header used to be a bit thinner. This means that the first screen-full of webpage that you see is now more logo than content. I have a large enough physical screen that I can set the vertical depth to 1080, but on a smaller physical screen like a laptop the limit may well be 768. We used to design webpages for different screen resolutions and re-direct according to detected screen size, but today that isn't done as much, there's usually a built-in mode for handheld devices as specialized in HTML 5, but laptops and desktops are more or less considered the same. The only thing someone can do, if they have really good eyesight and can see smaller print OK is increase the size of the page area by using the zoom level, so decreasing the zoom to about 80% should compensate for the increased logo size. To me the logo seems the same, but I changed my resolution to 1920x1080 at about the same time the website was updated.
  8. Interesting Science Stuff Thread

    Of a magnitude of light, of pure life, no fantasy, philosophy or psychosis can define, the creator of unconditional, perfect and eternal love, a God so great neither man, machine nor animal can defy or deny. As for the microbes and plants, and the parasites and carnivorous insects, and pathogenic DNA, Eat nitrogen and die! Back to the physics lab, you guys better have done good, or I'm gonna have to start defining the structure of matter with very lucid terms, and the 75 million year old dinosaur brain may need medication on that level of power. https://www.sciencealert.com/massive-gravitational-wave-announcement-supernova-neutron-space-news-october-2017 EDIT: Post G-Wave Event Horizon: There's Gold in them thar stars! I was hoping for some evidence of topological space and the sighting of the surface of the universe, but this will do I suppose for now, good enough. So now we need to get some geometry, velocity and energy of the waveforms and how the gravitational and electromagnetic fields interact.
  9. @Silur I just had a look at your submissions to the SC4 gallery. I had previously viewed and liked all your pictures Excellent artwork my colleague. If we consider a wider definition of artwork, then I would say that a person who spends a lot of time working with props to design a lot is equally contributing to the community in a positive way and expressing an artistic point of view that is shared with others in equal respect. Even people who rsc204 refers to who may be looking for attention and affection are as equally sincere as rsc204 once noted as vital to the community. We seem to receive well any person who enjoys producing artwork, whether it is highly skilled 3D modelling or highly artistic design and arrangement of models and props or maps. I just wanted to re-assure you that Simtropolis is here to stay for the long term, it is a community of people from all over the world who come and can find some colleagues and some artwork and exploration and discussion of technical skill in computer graphics and gaming, and if nothing else at least some humanity.
  10. I suppose I'll do the honors... The Boss: Pink Cadillac
  11. Tariel-D66 Serenity Garden

    This one beautiful in the game and does give a sense of enclosed serenity. Thanks.
  12. TL-ADC Bingham Plaza 6x6

    Blends nicely with the game colors both day and night (lighted), good plaza.
  13. STEX CDs and Donations

    I made a donation through Paypal. I wasn't sure if I would be charged an exchange rate from CA funds to US funds given that the site is apparently owned in CA and I'm in CA, so I added a bit to make up for any exchange that might be added. Paypal did also add the exchange, so that's okay, but I was wondering if there is a way to make a donation in CA funds without being charged the exchange? I'll have to re-send my reply to the email sent from ST to make sure I specified digital download clearly. Good to see that ST is now using the HTTPS protocol. I suppose the security encryption also includes any uploaded or downloaded files as well as web pages and text messages?
  14. I'll never embed another Stones video again
  15. 2 years in a row Antarctic Polynya expanding, Earth biosphere critical.       

    1. RandyE


      Here's an idea for another power plant lot that represents a real practical application.  So instead of a sci-fi description, an actual engineering description.