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  1. Guess Who's Next V2

    No. Jmsepe?
    This is a brilliant idea, not to mention a resourceful use of the Maxis content. It's a desirable alternative to needing three or four hospitals per large city tile.
    Very resourceful! Small civic lots such as this one are a good way to sneak a service into a rural area that might not otherwise have it. It beats having to string together a bunch of neighbor deals across multiple city tiles in such an area. Nice work, 11241036!
  2. Tour of Africa: West Africa

    I've got to get another look at this. Stepping back in time... that's exactly it! That's the feeling I was having looking at Timbuktu, and you described it perfectly. The street markets sort of make me imagine something that might have existed in my region a long time ago. There's something that's just so organic and real about the scene. I didn't even realize it at first, but there are even power lines here. Nice added touch! Beautiful work, Korver!
  3. A-Z Cars

    Land Rover Evoque
  4. What comes to your mind when you think about this user

    Smart and willing to teach. Larks.
  5. Guess Who's Next V2

    Sorry. Experiment 626?
  6. Nice work! You're doing a thorough job here. Even the ReddyIce machine and Redbox are there.
  7. Nice job, Ceafus! Dollar General needs a little more representation, since there's plenty in my state, too. It seems like every small town has one, and some even have two. I don't think I've seen this style in SC4 yet, but it does reflect the new style DG has IRL now.
  8. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Maybe so, but I guess every statue could be seen as offensive to at least one person here and there. Probably even the Statue of Liberty is offensive to some non-Americans (though it's actually a French statue). Maybe we should just have no statues at all? I mean, all these art projects really don't improve people's lives or the economy, do they? On the issue of these things being on public land, I guess we sure have a lot of public land, don't we? Hmmm. I'm not knocking National Parks, since we have beautiful ones, but they do cost snake money to visit.
  9. Guess Who's Next V2

    Naw. Still waiting for Prophet, though.
  10. Cymru Centre

    Good work! It has a certain smooth slickness that you don't get with the Maxis models. It makes me want to get my SC3000 CD back out and play that game a little.
  11. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Fair point.
  12. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    He condemned both uhh, many sides though.
  13. While a lot of areas where I see wind turbines (and there are getting to be more all the time!) don't have much in the way of slopes, there are indeed some hilly regions and canyons around here. In any case, wind turbines do get built in hilly regions elsewhere. Anything slope friendly gets my vote, and the removal of the grass is brilliant! Nice job, Leshan!