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King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 2 1.00

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KOSC presents: King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Volume 2


King's Community & Regional Park Pack continues with volume 2 of 2 and much like the first set, covers a myriad of park types. Volume 2 has a heavier focus towards sports courts and complexes and as such, you'll see plenty of new (and renewed) tennis courts, baseball, softball and soccer/football fields for your Sims.

Package Overview

Included in the following package is a set of custom textures and 36 park lots. Additionally there are a set of dugouts by @Glenni and a grouping of parked cars by @MushyMushy, both of whom were kind enough to provide these props for the set.

The parks in this set are broken down into the following categories.

Community Parks - 5 lots: These are the standard community parks similar to the ones in the previous volume.
Royal Trails - 6 lots: This is a set of semi-modular aimed at filling the in-between areas of your wealthier neighborhoods.
Tennis Parks - 4 lots: Tennis-centric lots ranging from small community courts to a large center. Contains a redux (will not override) of the original Green Green Tennis Greens.
Sports Fields - 16 lots: Contains different rotations of soccer fields as well as multi-wealth variants of diagonal and orthogonal softball fields.
Abandoned Parks - 2 lots: These parks are already partially reclaimed by nature and would look great in a post-apocalyptic setting.
Sports Complexes - 3 lots: Large-scale multi-field complexes. Very powerful parks that can massively stimulate city growth. 

General Stats

Park stats are generally designed around their respective wealth. In general:

  • Low Wealth: No R§§§ relief, 50% R§§ relief, full R§ relief. Massively reduced landmark effect (value), park effect (value and radius) and monthly costs.
  • Medium Wealth: 50% R§§§ relief, full R§ and R§§ relief. Moderately reduced park effect (value)
  • High Wealth: Full residential cap relief. Full landmark effect, park effect with increased water consumption and monthly costs.

In addition, all parks share the following property:

  • Air pollution reduction, light water pollution (both grow with respect to park size)

Tennis Parks follow a different formula (inverted values, with full R§§§ relief and weaker relief for R§§ and R§). 
Sports Fields have generally fixed cap and park values determined only by wealth and type (softball/baseball/soccer). These fields do not provide a landmark effect. In particular, lower wealth baseball and softball fields will generate minor amounts of garbage as well.
Abandoned Parks are extremely weak as parks, providing little to no park effect and cap relief and even generating a bit of garbage! They're offset by being especially cheap to plop and free of maintenance costs.
Sports Complexes boast massive amounts of cap relief (progressively weaker by higher wealth) and a massive park effect radius but a much weaker effect value. They are also expensive to plop and have relatively high maintenance costs. 

The Royal Trails set of parks appear near the top of the parks menu while the rest should slot in-between and after the Maxis parks.

Detailed stats and information can be found in the enclosed README.

Install Instructions

Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. If you want to use DAMN (optional), seen the additional instructions below.

DAMN Users Only

There is a second zip file included that contains DAMN menus for these parks.

You will need DAMN for these menus to show up/work.

Merge the DAMN folder in the zip with the one inside the SimCity 4 install directory Plugins folder (not documents).

For CD/DVD users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins/DAMN/
For Steam users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)
/Steam/SteamApps/common/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Plugins/DAMN/

Drop the zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden folder into your standard My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder if you want to hide the lots from the normal menus in-game. If you still want access to the original menu icons, feel free to delete this folder entirely.

Texture Replacement

This pack uses another set of textures not included as part of any of my previous dependency packs. Those looking to generate a custom set can find the repository for it here.


Due to the sheer size of this set relative to the first and the need for more variety, the dependency list grows just a bit. These are limited to some more of girafe's HD flora and the Light Replacement Mod. As before, If you've downloaded any of my previous works then you should have a good majority of the required dependencies already.




Thank you to all the content creators behind the props/textures packs that made this set possible!
Huge thanks to MushyMushy for providing the custom vehicle props for the tennis parks and Glenni for providing the baseball/softball dugout models!
Additional thanks goes out to rivit for his Bender tool and rsc204 & rivit for their work GoFSH work that made my texture creation a rather painless process.


What's New 1.00


screenshot fix

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Amazing and beautiful, very realistic, useful. Amazing value for a single download. Small minor are the many dependencies.

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I have been waiting for these heh thank you for the hard work they look great.

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All your stuff makes me want to start an American CJ :thumb:

Maybe one day...

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Good stuff! Variety is amazing.

Glad something I made could be used on such fine lots haha.

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