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  1. Sorry for making duplicate topic. I've posted a reply on my previous topic but no responds I've get. Hello, In the future, I will probably switch to a new laptop. That's because my current laptop doesn't have enough performance to, for instance complex design works. While my laptop can be upgraded, I'll be using it for a while until I give it to others. This is the moment that's make me confused. After searching second-hand laptops online within $350-$1070 + tax and near with my location on Kaskus FJB (a local listing/classifieds site), I found gaming laptops (from HP ones to Asus ROGs; $500-$900) a touch-equipped HP ENVY Notebook 15 AE126tx ($650) a 2016 XPS 12 ($650) a Lenovo Ideapad 710S an old HP Pavilion an HP ProBook 440 an Acer E15 some ThinkPads ranging from T440ps some Dell Latitudes tons of MacBooks (even dominates the listing pages) other cheap laptops I want a laptop to be powerful for light to medium tasks, mobile (light and long battery live), good keyboard, good trackpad, good amount of IOs, good screen, reliable and durable. I want to mention my need: graphic design and light gaming. Some of laptops that qualify that criteria are old MacBook Pros (2015 and lower) and XPS 13 and 15. But for the latter, I can't find it (for now) on the listing site. So, my choice for now is the MBPs. But, I get some info that MBPs are prone to be broken (check out Louis Rossmann on YouTube), especially the new ones. Is buying MBPs worth it? What are MBPs should I choose? I also heard that the 15-inch 2012 MacBook Pro is the best-for-the-buck MacBook Pro due to its port varieties and comparable performance to the Retina ones. Thanks.
  2. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I would like to reorganize all SimCity 4 exchanges but now, it's not prime time. I need to do something with my laptop, both software and hardware. Also, we don't know what we're focusing on: open source SC4, C:S or refining the SC4 ecosystem. But, I have ideas to the reorganization: Plugins should be easier to install and easy to configure. NAM should be reorganized, reducing size and more simple. Plugins should not clutter the menu. This needs some techniques. Thanks.
  3. Best New and Second-Hand Laptops

    OK, I want a setup that's enough for graphic design, non-triple-A gaming (SC4, C:S, Dota, Rocket League etc) and a room for heavier loads (e.g. 3D rendering, video editing etc). Here's my desktop criteria: Fast for heavy loads Reliable & durable Expandable (compatible with long graphics cards) Compact (mini-ITX sized) if possible Low power (around 100-200W) How about monitors? I will be using some kind of local PC streaming on my laptop. Here's my laptop criteria: Fast enough for light and medium loads Reliable & durable Expandable if possible Not over 15" and color accurate Light and not-too-loud noise (some noise is fine if they can prevent thermal throttling) Fast storage and long battery live So, after some searching on Google. I found tons of mid-2012 MacBook Pro in either 13" or 15". While gaming laptops are great, I need some color accuracy, compactness, long battery live and lightness. What should my PC looks like? Should I move on from my 2nd-gen Core i5, no dedicated GPU and 4 GB of RAM-laptop to better ones? Should I start building using non-powerful builtups? My budget is around Rp10,000,000 or $720. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I will plan to move to a new laptop in the future. For now, I will reinstall my PC. Before I going to the point, I will explain why I do that. In the first time I get the laptop, my laptop has been installed with Windows 7. Then, I installed Linux on it, specifically if I right, Ubuntu 16.04. The system serves very well, I can install some software on it, until it pops up "The system has a problem". Then, I installed Fedora 25 but there are a ton of issues: asking my password to access unmounted drives, my printer's function (Fuji Xerox because my cousin's father have a home document printing business) can't be used properly and flash/thumb drives becoming read-only for some reasons. So, I moved on to Ubuntu MATE. The distro is good as Ubuntu but for some reasons, I went to Manjaro. The distro is well-built but not too polished. Then, I back to Windows 10. Now, the system is runs very well but I need *nix environment and also the free of "spyware"-y thing. The WSL is fine but I want to have integrated one. In the past (before my new laptop), I've tried older version of Ubuntu, Linux Mint and elementary OS. For elementary OS, I think it's just an experimental effort to copy macOS UI. There are tons of broken things on that distro, broken file manager, doesn't have huge library of apps and more. So, I want a reliable, stable and polished OS. What distro/OS should I use? Should I keep with my Windows 10? Thanks. Additional info: should I upgrade to an SSD? I found that the 240 GB of best SSD (Samsung EVO 850) is priced at Rp1.210.000 or about $86 including tax (or around $50 excl tax). But, my drive is rated as the image on the bottom of the post.
  5. Best New and Second-Hand Laptops

    But, I don't like 17" and up, I want 13" or 15" screen. The sweet spot will be 15" because it can host powerful components while can be carried using normal bags. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I want to buy laptops in the future. Why not desktops? That's because large power consumption, not too compact, not portable (I think mobility is a good thing) and the screen still need to purchase (I don't have modern PC parts yet). The maximum budget will be around IDR 20,000,000 or $1,500. What the best new or second-hand laptops in Indonesia with good display, good GPU (dedicated ones are must for video editing and gaming), supports external GPU (have Thunderbolt 2 or 3 ports), light (it can be thick though), not too loud (but not thermal throttling) reliable and durable? Is the 2014 15" MacBook Pro worth it? Or, should I buy the 2016 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Or, should I buy the Asus N56VB? Thanks.
  7. In my knowledge, there are some restrictions related to plugin loading in the Mac version (specifically Asypr-built). For instance, the game loads .so files instead of .dlls and can't load plugin when the folders and files count reaches respective certain numbers (maybe around 10,000 files). The workaround for the loading problem is to Datpack all plugins using JDatPacker. However, it's making updates (especially NAM) difficult to install. So, the method isn't recommended for the Windows version which doesn't have problems with plugin loading. For the loading error in datpacked plugins, I'll leave it to the experts. I hope this can help you. Thanks.
  8. Game Questions

    Cities: Skylines Pros: flexible networking, lots of quality mods, good DLCs Cons: traffic issues (especially if the city is car-based, fortunately, I'll build mass-transit-based cities), high priced, doesn't support Intel HD (though, I can play it on my favorite internet cafe, as long as the offline files can be copied to flash drive). SimCity 4 Pros: reliable when the population is very high, nostalgia, lots of mods, low priced, support Intel HD Cons: hard to install mods (the idea of the future mod distribution is basically dead), few of game-changing mods, no DLCs Because my playing style is based on flexibility and completeness, I will choose C:S instead of SC4. But a problem remains, high priced. I can only buy the Starter Bundle right now, and my money is somewhat less than the bundle (around $18). I'm not talking about gray/black ways to get it. Thanks.
  9. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    This is what I don't like about SimCity 4. It's difficult to install mods, especially those with dozen of dependencies. C:S in other hand uses subscription system to manage plugins. This is the system I like. You can just subscribe to a plugin to install it and the system updates the plugins automatically. The author sends small and frequent updates to the mod. The author also works on one project branch. However, the mod also have "Development" (dev) branch to bring new features and test them to contributors, test bots and testers before releasing them to the "Public" (stable) branch one by one (not collective). We might drop the version number in favor to recently updated date. This results features being delivered quickly to players, while keeping the features stable. Regardless of my approach, we should repack all mods wisely to be easy to install, easy to maintain and reliable from creators and players side. Thanks.
  10. Hello, The 2018 Asian Games is a big sport event. Beside from traditional sports, eSports are available. The games including Arena of Valor, the latest version of PES, League of Legends etc. But, why there's no city sim (C:S and SC4) have been picked on any eSport events? It's cool to compete with other real-life nations, for instance, to create a beautiful yet functional imaginary cities or replicate real-world cities. I know that this question somewhat childish, but I'm still curious answering that. Thanks.
  11. Game Questions

    When there's sale again (ofc on Steam)? Other seasonal sale? Thanks.
  12. Game Questions

    I have not buying Steam games yet. So, advice is helpful. I like c:s because it's flexible, modern, fun and simple. Thanks for info.
  13. Building Menu Expander?

    I have been used the DAMN for a while, it's due to I'm installing the well-built but complex KOSC Superparking sets. The author is offering the DAMN files for them to manage their complex nature. Installing DAMN isn't difficult but the managing it is difficult. You need to download the DAMN and the Manager. After that, make sure your game shortcut's "Start in:" field is filled to your installation directory, default (assuming 64-bit OS) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4. Then, open DAMN Manager then add, modify or remove some directions and respective lots. After that, click on Apply changes (cmiiw) and click Extra>Reindex (cmiiw*). This process is quite complex if I have large amount of plugins. Make sure to organize as soon as possible but not too soon (for instance in the first day of gameplay). Thanks. *Correct me if I wrong.
  14. Game Questions

    Thanks. But for now, I will waiting another masters to give their opinions and solutions.
  15. Game Questions

    OK, let's talk about SC4. Where is the place I can learn to use the NAM, especially with their quirky behavior (IMHO)? Can the NAM match the flexibility of C:S network? Thanks.