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  1. Returning Back to SC4

    Don't forget to check out my guide: Thanks.
  2. Streaming SimCity 4

    I want to stream my SC4* to YouTube but my 1 Mb (megabit) internet doesn't allow it. So, I need to bring my laptop/flash drive (no, not an external SSD) to my friends. Also, my computer (2nd-gen i5 without dedicated GPU) is powerful enough only to edit the first videos. As time goes, my video may going complex so I need a new laptop/desktop. Helps are welcome below. Thanks. *I want stream C:S too. But, with lowest setting, the game may not run flawless. I will need performance mods, which in my knowledge isn't updated to the latest DLC & updates.
  3. Hello, For those who want buy SC4 dirt cheap, fortunately there's a 75% discount for the game on GoG. The promo ends on June 19, 2018 12:59 AM GMT+3. Get the game for $5 at the page on GoG. By clicking the link, we will get some commissions from purchases. This is keeping the community alive. If you've some money left, please donate it to the community. Sorry, the promo is end. Due to some reasons, I can't active on Simtropolis since last week until now. Thanks.
  4. You should definitely check my guide "Modifying your SimCity 4": (Dear staff, you might want to add the Russian translation below) Thanks.
  5. SimCity (2013) is a limited city sim. First, the city size is much smaller than C:S and SC4. Second, the game doesn't give you lots of flexibility (including editing prebuilt highway) unlike SC4 and especially C:S. Third, the community only made few mods available for the game and it's limited by the game limitation (for instance, you can't destroy anything outside the city border without tools). However, SC2013 is lighter than C:S. Still, C:S is worther than this game if you've high-spec'd computer (with dedicated GPU) and SC4 if you can't afford high-spec'd computer. Thanks.
  6. But, I can't still play it because the system requirement is too high (integrated GPU can't play the game). Maybe, you refer in the early era (2015-2016), where C:S has no expansion packs and has some flaws. Sorry if my word wrong. Thanks.
  7. Decentralizing the Community

    But, almost none of them is actively visited by and influencing global users, except for TSC and SFBT (is SFBT and SCPlaza is same?). My country community, SimCity 4 Kaskus only rarely making posts and they're stop producing custom contents anymore but still exist due to hosted in Indonesian largest community center, Kaskus. We are missing the golden age of community decentralization: SC4 Kaskus is active, Japanese sites are active, SimPeg is active, CB is active and SCPolska is active. We hope this only affects CB, SimCityPolska etc and smaller ones is being made, but currently there isn't progress about it, unlike Minecraft community and content creators. Thans.
  8. Hello, I want to ask a wierd but interesting questions: why Cities: Skylines have "Cities: " in the front of the name? In my knowledge, there are games with "Cities" in the front of the name, like Cities XL, Cities XXL and so on but none of them is made by Paradox or Collosal Order. CXXL for instance is made by Monte Cristo, unrelevant with Paradox and CO. Is C:S is a sequel of a game called "Cities"? If yes, I never heard the game before ("Cities", not C:S). If sequel, why do Paradox releases DLC for it instead of resuming the sequel? Thanks.
  9. Hello, The SimCity 4 and 3000 community isn't decentralized anymore. I mean, there are just SC4Devotion and Simtropolis. SimCityPolska is dead. SFBT, well I don't know. City Builders will be ceased to exist in November. SC4ever and SC3000.com isn't active anymore (but still exists). Yes, I don't hate either sites but I'm worrying about unhealthy competition, something common in mono/duopoly. There was a case in 2009, a person called Constantina make trolls the SC4D's wiki.1 The user is banned from SC4D Wiki and Simtropolis. 1, 2 Dirk (I'm not sure the user is really @Dirktator or not) later edited pages about Simtropolis and he's banned from the Wiki.1 I don't know why he is banned and I don't know what happened when he's banned. But, maybe the relation between ST and SC4D in that year isn't quite well. If the community runs into problem, we risk into not exist. So, I came up with community decentralization, meaning we must build other sites to keeping our community exists. The sites should be active, otherwise it's just a formality and zero result given. If you have suggestions, critics or comments, feel free to give them below. 1 http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Special:IPBlockList 2 http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=People_talk:Constantina Thanks.
  10. Lost my SC4 regions and Cities

    Why you don't utilize NAM? NAM only gives about 5-10 minutes to loading time (in my laptop and it didn't compiled) and the advantages outweight the loading time. So, what making the game slow? Unneeded plugins. If you want to rebuild your plugin folder, be sure to check my advice below. Thanks.
  11. Fansite and GDPR

    Hello, On May 25, the EU officially enforced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the GDPR, there are 2 types of entity governed: data processor and data subject. Data processors include public and private organizations from any countries including us (I mean ST, not the US). The GDPR protects personal identified information, including username, real name to even IP addresses. The GDPR allows the data subjects to correct, request copy of online data and remove the account if any. Also, the GDPR requires companies to report data breaches to regulators within72hours. We may also apply some terms of the gdpr and apply it to the rest of the world, but no legal enforcement. Further reading: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/what-gdpr-means-for-facebook-google-the-eu-us-and-you/, https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/26/how-gdpr-is-affecting-the-games-you-love/ and Google "GDPR" Sorry for my bad editing. Sharing this to other community is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. iPad with...?

    Hello, I want to be mobile and efficient yet effective. I was consider Windows hybrids but none of them support my country's cellular connectivity (I want to use the tablet for WhatsApp). Also, I want to do some notetakings. Yes, I could use iPad and PC but for fields like coding, I want to meet with my friends, for instance. It's not funny to bring the PC (especially if not the mini-ITX ones) to other locations. Laptops and iPad combination seems ideal, but laptops can't be upgradable (except for the super expensive ones). What's the best combination for me? Thanks.
  13. SC4 tutorial region map

    Yes, it works for me. I've been using it for a long time, although I don't play SC4 from 2 weeks ago due to my exam.
  14. SimCityPolska shutting down

    You might want to follow the PLEX, although it's shutdown because of accidental error, not unpopularity. PLEX admin decided to transfer all of their files to the STEX. The result, the files are preserved. Your decision to shutdown your community making the SC4 defunct community bigger. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I'm on Manjaro 17.1.10 Xfce with Wine 3.7. I have installed the driver for my HD Graphics 3000. The game runs sluggish, even after I put d3dim700.dll to my Wine system32. I suspected this related to CPU and RAM but after closing Firefox (yes, I run the game with Firefox open), the game again runs sluggish. After I replaced the ordinary Wine 3.7 to Wine 3.7 with Gallium Nine patch, the game runs smooth. Why this could happen? As I know, the ordinary Wine translates DX calls into OpenGL, while the patched one runs DirectX calls directly. Thanks. @rsc204, @Cyclone Boom, @Handyman