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  1. Additional Public Transit

    Another good news: I updated One-Way Train Tracks for Cities: Skylines 1.7 Please let me know if any issues remain @andreharv Everything is already in master branch in GitHub But yeah, please contact me before updating
  2. @boformer Thanks for making these! I hope more new modders will come soon
  3. Additional Public Transit

    In @andreharv's absence I uploaded a patch for this mod in my workshop (requires original version): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943702935 Please, read description carefully! Doesn't look like that to me. He has a full time software engineering job AFAIK.
  4. @rovapasi1 Thank Russian pirates: http://uploadfiles.eu/du9rccc54yie/782539245_Dutch_3-track_station.zip.html I just fixed the issue with Advanced Buildings Enabler (and uploaded the update). Before that, I forgot to update the part that saved paths for 1.7 code Because of that all assets that have networks in the, that were saved with this mod enabled after 1.7 was released are impossible to load now The new version of ABE saves assets just fine (UPDATE 4), but only way to fix the assets that were broken by this mod is to load previous versions of them in asset editor (or rebuild from sources) and save them again. I'm really sorry guys
  5. @alborzka Once there was a project of making a core mod for Network Extensions, TM:PE and Traffic++ and it didn't end up well Speaking of AI, yes IPT changes AI too for gathering stats, and it may gather more stats if needed. Then another mod may either gather stats on its own or access IPT via API for compatibilty. That's a solution we used on many of my mods with other modders. And yeah, a list of features is a must have. Since I didn't use TLM much myself, I need that list. And I can provide a list of IPT features after that for comparison.
  6. @Klyte45 I will upload source code of Improved Public Transport 2 But hey guys, why make a second transport mod when you can contribute to IPT. Or at least they should be compatible. IMO it's possible to separate TLM's code into several modules, so that people can use at least some of its features alongside with IPT. If I can make a feature a separate mod, I try to make it a separate mod if it makes sense. This way people won't have to make tough choices of choosing between two good mods. For instance, TBH I like the vanilla design of transport panel and TLM's replacement isn't what I'm interested in. On the other hand, I would enjoy naming and coloring strategies. And that's something that should work alongside with IPT. My point is, that a complete merge is a bad approach, either IPT->TLM or TLM->IPT As you probably remember I made a TLM-EPTUI integrator once to get the best of two worlds I want to see something like this now
  7. @R3V0 I'll fix both Advanced Buildings Editor and More Asset Tags on this weekend probably. Right now I'm more focused on player facing mods. Sorry for inconveniences.
  8. @Klyte45I adopted Improved Public Transport now. Won't you mind if I merge some features from this mod into my updated version of IPT?
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881161181
  10. @Avanya Thank you! I also made a page that will eventually list all custom tags for easy access
  11. Mod is available in Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820157360
  12. Mod is available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=818641631
  13. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    @andreharv What do you think of incorporating @Tim The Terrible's rails into MOM?
  14. @Cool_Z I'm not quite agree with you. Latest ModTools version dumps _a, _c, _i, _n, _s maps using the reverse algorithm of how they were imported in the first place. But for some reason dumping _i map leads to different intensities of grey, compared to what they are supposed to be for vanilla assets. At least I only noticed that for vanilla assets. My current guess is that maybe vanilla assets use different texture format compared to custom ones. I'll look more closely into that later.
  15. Do you get that issue for any asset you dump? Or only for vanilla ones? I have a suspicion, that textures are compressed in a different way for vanilla assets. Because when I dumped vanilla traffic lights, I got wrong illumination values but when I dumped my traffic lights from American Traffic Lights I got correct values.
  16. Additional Public Transit

    @andreharv I would call this beta 99% of planned features are there. Most of work is now dedicated to the steel style but concrete style is almost as it will be in release version. Have a good time and have a safe flight!
  17. Additional Public Transit

    AleX_BY already made 81-717/714 in both Moscow and Kyiv Metro liveries He'll publish them after MOM is published.
  18. Additional Public Transit

    Vehicle makers, is anyone interested in making Siemens Inspiro MOM exclusive train? maybe you, @bsquiklehausen?
  19. Additional Public Transit

    @j4lambert For rendered underground track - no, because its length may vary and those doors may stretch unrealistically. For elevated and ground station - it's up to asset makers to make such doors parts of their asset.
  20. Hi! You mentioned moving spawn points in asset editor. That's what my Advanced Building Editor already allows. No extra work is needed. But if you want to add a feature or two to that mod, you're welcome to join its development!
  21. Additional Public Transit

    @Igorp133 Of course, that track will be included in the release @j4lambert It's just a custom train by @bsquiklehausen, one among many others
  22. Additional Public Transit

    @wasmic As far as I remember, sunken tracks were missing as of the alpha version (I'm looking at you, @andreharv ). But current development version features them and they work with @boformer 's station seamlessly :
  23. Unfortunately I didn't though I unearthed them from the deeps of After Dark
  24. Mod is available here: Steam link