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  1. wallacet's WIP's

    Sorry about the delay on this guys....between working and buying a house, I have no time. How would you suggest making the driveway extend to the sidewalk? The driveway is modeled in, just a regular plane object, so I'm assuming there's another way. Any suggestions?
  2. Either that, or something in the code that makes it impossible to have sharp angles. My guess is in an effort to have the quays flow over the landscape like they do, they coded it in to radius all turns. It's cheating, but you can use the no pillars mod overlap function to create right angles....start the quay and run in one direction, then start the other side and run to where your first one began with the overlap function activated.
  3. OR we get larger growable zones now, giving us more time to make buildings to fill them up
  4. Big Modder Meetup?

    Hey Greenland would be fun! Nothing like pitching a tent and drinking a cold one in the middle of nowhere
  5. Big Modder Meetup?

    There are better places than Monells. You've gotta come get some Nashville Hot Chicken!
  6. wallacet's WIP's

    The largereason LOD poly count is a byproduct of exporting from work to home modeling...most of those tris are in the roof. I can delete the faces and remodel as planes of course, that will just take a little extra time.
  7. Big Modder Meetup?

    Nashville, Tennessee here! Yall can come down to the South...we'll treat you right!
  8. wallacet's WIP's

    Guys I've got a surprise for you! It's 99% finished (finally). Some stats... ~2,700 tris with an LOD of 420 tris. 3.3MB file size, 512x1024 texture. 2 houses down, like 20 more to go. Some of the colors need adjusting, but otherwise I'm happy with it. Here's a curious question for you modders out there. Look at the second picture...see how there's that gap there between the roof and the gutter? That gutter is an editable mesh object formed from a box...it seems that some of the polys are acting like planes or are acting like there's an alpha map assigned (theres not). The whole gutter shows up in 3ds Max, but the sides of the gutter disappear in the game. Any idea what could be causing this? I can delete the gutter and redo (not a problem) but I'd like to know if anyone knows why the polys would be going invisible like that?
  9. What are you NOT working on a fix for?
  10. The game is in a good place, that's for sure. I think that CO's willingness to take our suggestions and incorporate some of them into the game will take ithe far, and some of the amazing mods that are already out there will take it even farther. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to the game than I do now!
  11. Those rocks...I see them everywhere. Where did they come from?
  12. wallacet's WIP's

    I was planning on capping the roofs and corners of the house...technically I'm at 2,350 polystyrene so I've got a little room to add some stuff. I want to add gutters on the front of the house as well.
  13. wallacet's WIP's

    Update time! Obviously, texturing is not done. If anyone would like to recommend a good site for wooden windows and doors, I'll take all suggestions...Google images is lacking in good images. And does anyone feel like guessing how many poly's this bad boy is at so far??? 2300....is this too much?? I can easily get the LOD below 500, probably closer to 300 because there are a lot of little details that I can eliminate. Anyways....suggestions??? What do you like? What do you not like?
  14. Oh roof junk, my old friend....how I've missed you
  15. Looks like family bonds can't stop progress!