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  1. SimCity Version Graphics

    I owned and played them all. Probably played SC2000 and SC4 the most. I loved to create cities in SC2000 then port them to SimCopter. Fun times...
  2. Show us your Trams

    I just started using trams and it is crazy busy!
  3. Euro City 9

  4. Euro City 8

  5. The Next Person...

    That would be every weekend! TNP has flames in their Avatar.
  6. The Next Person...

    My Fav roller coaster is Superman at Six Flags. It truly is an addiction. TNP thinks Pluto is a planet.
  7. The Next Person...

    Yes I live in the USA and am a fan of dragons :-) TNP is secretly looking for the one ring.
  8. Funny Screenshots

    As long as I have this water under my ship I can go anywhere!
  9. I really like the neighborhood theme. Buildings from Roman or Spanish architecture would be cool. Then you could make neighborhoods like in the large US cities. Have a China town, Greek section, Irish section, Polish section etc...
  10. Round is the new square... hahahaha
  11. Euro City 7

  12. Euro City 4