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  1. Japanese car replacement mod

    Version 1.0.0


    The long lost Japanese car replacement mod.
  2. Dear Mikeseith,

    I would like to thank you for creating such a great automata car models. The topic that i would like to talk about is about the japanese car replacement mod. Previously, i downloaded the mod on your mike's props website. It was wonderful as I love its unique japanese design, especially the kei car. I love the mod you made (Other than its only available as the replacement mod and not a new instance mod, but that doesn't matter).

    But recently, i had to delete this along all other mod in plugins because i had alot of unnesessary mod in it along the unmanaged mod categories. The problem is that the only website that able to download this mod has been disabled. I also tried to find it on the other website (mainly japanese sc4 website), it only place a link to download it like i said before.

    I would like to know if there's any chances that you will add this mod to simtropolis. Its okay if you don't, but i would like a reply from you. Oh, if there's any addition i would like to make is to make another japanese car mod, but this one is the new instance like your european 1960's cars.

    Another question i would like to make is are you going to make the kia car dealership? I noticed a long time ago in mike's props that this mod is in progress. Is the project cancelled and abandoned, or is it finished? I would also want to know your answer.

    Thank you if you reading this, and hopefully you reply to it. Im sorry if i being rude or have a bad english.


  3. Sturgeon Building

  4. Can anyone tell me what is the problem with my roads?

    Had the same problem too. after reading here I knew what to remove from my plugins. Thank you all
  5. Honda Civic

    You sir are doing a great job.  I love what you have been doing.
  6. BMW 525i

    looks good
  7. When are you going to finish the KIA dealership? :)

    1. mikeseith


      not sure...I've been sidetracked for awhile. still planning on getting them done.

  8. The Power Of Silence: Why The SimCity Story Went Away

    And don't forget this game can't be modded. The main reason SC4 is still popular (probably more popular than it's replacement) is because of the modding community. I'm still happy with my SC4 until a real replacement comes along. Nothing on the horizon yet though.
  9. Industrial Revolution Mod - Base Pack (Maxis Lots)

    Good stuff...Just checked and all the dependancies were in my plug-ins folder already.
  10. The NAM Team Presents... Dragable FAR

    wow. I'm stunned. Who needs a new Sim City when you guys are at work?
  11. Disease Research Center

    Another great BAT that I will have to download. As always, your work is fantastic Mattb325
  12. EA boss proudly refuses to publish single-player games

    Well, I'm glad the community is keeping SC4 fresh with all the new content like RHW. Seems the wait will continue for a good replacement. I was undecided on whether or not to buy the new Sim City until I read this.
  13. Modular 8 level parking garage

    [quote name='DarkSoul' timestamp='1345303856'] does this supercede your previous garages? [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/24568-modular-parking-garages-2-level/"]http://community.sim...arages-2-level/[/url] [/quote] Nope. They can be used together.