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  1. Palo Alto: An Introduction

    Hey all! Long time lurker here, with my first city journal. My city is based heavily on the cities I grew up in, Palo Alto and San Francisco (as well as Northern California in general), and inspired by the geography of Hong Kong, as well as the density of New York City. It is named Palo Alto (not to be confused with the actual Palo Alto!) and is envisioned as being north of San Francisco, yet still maintaining SF's Mediterranean climate and geography. Street names and some history have been borrowed heavily from Palo Alto, as well as local cities Atherton and Menlo Park, as an homage to the area I grew up in. In this alternate reality, the gold rush heavily affected the Palo Alto Bay region, catapulting Palo Alto into the world’s economy as a heavy financial and tech sector, leaving San Francisco as a regional economy with strong tourism (think Austin, New Orleans, San Diego, etc). I’ve envisioned most of the institutions that define the San Francisco Bay Area (both current and those that have relocated) as originating in Palo Alto instead, as well as some notable companies from the Pacific Northwest. The Palo Alto economy is defined by many financial, tech, and Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Google, Chevron, Gap, Apple, Facebook, McKesson, Hewlett Packard, Safeway, Visa, Oracle, Salesforce, Clorox, Charles Schwab, Starbucks, Nike, Nordstrom, Levi’s, Union Bank, Electronic Arts (!), Intel, Adobe, the Hearst Corporation, and PG&E, as well as being the national hub of venture capital, and hosting the (still intact in this world) Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, in addition to the Federal Reserve Bank for District 12. This diversity and strength of industry has allowed Palo Alto to become a Global Alpha city, and a major population and commercial hub of the United States of America. I’m still learning to play the game, so this is just as much about my experiments with creating a city as it is with perfectly polished regions. My focus is going to be on neighborhoods, developing infill over time, and transportation routes (particularly subways and buses). My goal is to create a city (primarily wall-to-wall) that feels like it grew naturally rather than disjointed, and each post will feature a different area, project, or transportation system. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!
  2. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    He's back!!! The undisputed king of BATs as far as I'm concerned. I literally fell in love with Melbourne's architecture because of your work. What's next? Federation Square? Docklands condos? Crown casino?
  3. Beverly Apartments

    Really great! You do such a good job of filling in the middle sized residential and commercial buildings so sorely missing from the game.
  4. And, We're Walking...

    where did you get the townhouses 4th from bottom, and the corner building with the cupola on the 6th photo from the bottom? Amazing work.
  5. 277 275 Water Street

    OH MY GOD. A hundred more like this please. The game needs way more variety in apartments!
  6. SC4 Mapper MAC

    Hey all, this is so frustrating. So I have a copy of SC4 Mapper in Wine. However, I cannot get the region to show up in my game. There is an error every time I try to do so. Error while saving region - "A problem has occurred while saving the cities files. Some or all of the cities might not have been saved correctly". And then nothing in game. I am using the aspyr app. How do I link SC4 Mapper to the app so this works? This has been a giant headache but hopefully you all know how to do so.
  7. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    OK, I hate to be such a pain, but will Federation Square ever make the list of active projects? I have a beautiful empty space waiting for that BAT!! It is such a rarity in the game, because (to my knowledge) we do not have a single high-quality BAT for a city center with bars/entertainment/iconic status like an LA Live, Union Square, etc that are so common in big cities. Thanks for your continually amazing creations. You truly are the best of the best!
  8. Mega capacity school

    I would LOVE to download a realistic capacity version of this.  It's beautiful.  I like realistic buildings, though.
  9. Patin Printing

    Beautiful as always.  Love the types of buildings you choose to BAT!
  10. mipro

    In my opinion, we can NEVER have too many smaller W2Ws to create varied streetscapes...real cities may have a couple dozen skyscrapers, but hundreds of smaller W2W buildings. And yours are consistently some of the best...the Anchor Bar looks fantastic! More of that size are always appreciated, but I have no doubt whatever mipro creates will be fantastic.
  11. mipro

    YES! The BSP releases are some of my absolute favorite BATs to include in my city. Love it all, from the big to the small!
  12. Vlasky's Hell's Kitchen

    Love it! I love how you often work on 20-30 buildings, which are so essential to the game but tend to get lost inbetween smaller buildings and massive skyscrapers. Looking forward to dropping this in my city!
  13. Parisian Factory for NYBT

    Unbelievable. That is gorgeous.
  14. Aaron Graham's BATs

  15. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    Oh my gosh how do you keep churning these out!! I wasn't expecting Freshwater Place nearly as quick as you did! Just as a Q, the tower on the other side of Freshwater Place, are you planning on BATing it and if so, what will the dimensions be? Just trying to make sure I zone/grid accordingly for the future when I grow Freshwater. Continue to be obsessed with your work.