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  1. Hi! I love your Regional Airport and have used it in the past. Recently re-installed SC4 and downloaded it + all the dependencies but i'm running into a small problem.

    The roads that connect to the parking garage are invisible, as are the roads behind the bus lot leading into the airport from the cargo side.

    Help appreciated. 

  2. Hello: I am impressed with your Regional Airport, but a bit lacking in imagination. 

    I am attaching three screenshots for my questions.

    South Fulton-01: This is complete according to the .jpg in the download and I do seem to have the room for a second runway. What would I use to do that?

    South Fulton-02: Are the areas circled supposed to be as shown? I certainly thought I had gotten all of the dependencies.

    South Fulton-03: What could I put in the large, empty area? Do you have any other .jpgs laying around?

    Thank you for your consideration and thank you for the obviously large amount of time you spent putting the Regional Airport together, WaldoButters.



    South Fulton-03.jpg

    South Fulton-02.jpg

    South Fulton-01.jpg

  3. Hi SimcityFuturist

    I have downloaded your Regional Airport and all the dependencies but still the terminals does not show. Can you advise if I am missing a dependency.


  4. Vernon

    Love it! so much detail in your pictures and they also look so realistic! :D
  5. Dude, Where's My Cat?

    Nice! I like the paper with the lost cat description it was funny, very creative by the way :). Also I like how you put your pictures along with the story line. keep it up!
  6. Show us your - Region

    Well Me too I like this topic and I'm going to contribute to show us your region with an update of my region and also thanks dogma555 for recognizing my picture . Also I like how everyone is doing with their regions, in which everything time I come here I see more and more realistic regions!, keep it up everyone! An Update of Carson-Oceanside Metro Area Currently... the far west in development. And also lets see if you can find the two main highways routes in the picture (the hard part is going to be in the mountains).
  7. Triton

    Love the amount of detail! 
  8. Region view

    nice looking city! 
  9. Show us your - Region

    TayMay27 yea is the same region and thanks! Morlow thanks!
  10. Show us your - Region

    Well here I am again with a new region view of my region, currently I am developing the suburbs area in the far places of the region, like always I like to develop from outside to inside. By the way I like your regions everyone! I learn a little every time I come here to see new regions. Great Work everyone! :bunny:
  11. Chapter 1: Ancestral Home of the Tandini

    Wow! nice! love this entry so many detail in the pictures! Great work!
  12. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Hey, SCFuturist, did you make those re-lots of kevdan's restaurants or did you download them? They look pretty nifty, I would like those. Yea those are re-lots of kevdan's restaurants but when i downloaded them, they were only growable and i wanted to plop them therefore I re-lot them with a more realistic look like the parking lots. And... Sylvio Jorge I like your suburbs! so colorful and detailed!
  13. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Well this is my suburb area near some stores and I like the amount of detail in your picture Liszak, also everyone have some great pictures!
  14. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    Love your airports guys! :bunny: I was testing this small airport that is already made in my city. In which looks nice near the farms and rural areas.