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  1. Small Cities with skyscrapers

    It's interesting to note that some french cities in the 60's wanted some modernity in their old city centre... I can give the example of Nancy, where I live, which has only 100k citizens and has is own "little manhattan" French scale but the highest tower (on the left side) is around 100m tall.
  2. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Great great great !!
  3. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    Excellent, juste excellent. Can't wait to see the result !
  4. Sciurus' factory

    Hello everybody ! Thank you @T Wrecks for your comment. I take note about the exporting. I made it for the platforms, I exported them 8m off center to make them overhanging. I think that's the right solution isn't it ? I'm happy that this project is interesting ! I made it first for my own but I'll share it of course !! So I continued modeling stations and I began Longwy's station, a bigger BAT to me Meanwhile making TSC's station pack with Krasner, I explore my old folders of BATs and I export and mod the old things I've shown here a long time ago. So here's a pic showing every BATs that will be released soon I hope. I just have to make some lotting on some ones, be patient ! I added a BAT on the project I made yesterday, it's Logé Imprimeur, which will be a manufacture for your european industrial zones. I also show here some BAts I never showed before, like La Poste or Gendarmerie Nationale de Longuyon for example, which are very useful to embellish your cities !
  5. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    Finally, ground floor texturing went pretty easily ! I find this building nice. I'm a user of your BATs in my american themed cities, and I love them.
  6. mipro

    Time goes fast !
  7. Lovely city, lovely ambiance. I like the work you made with details, it gives a thing. Like it very much !!!
  8. Mushy's Random BATs

    Excellent, I think I miss those type of pipes too, so very interesting work, keep it up !
  9. Sciurus' factory

    Hello everybordy ! First, thank you for the likes and thank you @T Wrecks for the little message, it's really motivating to see it !! I kept working on the pack, I made platforms, with 6 different 3 textures and 3 different base pieces. So like it's written on the images, there's and end piece, which can be used in the both sides, a middle piece and a middle piece with a walkway, to go through the ways. These pieces are 32m long, so they will be overhanging, made for those you don't want to lot platforms. I just thought about on thing : if you want to plop props on the overhanging part, I have to uncenter them in Gmax right ? Or I can directly merge them into the model, it could be a solution too… If someone can share me the best solution to him, tell me Now, let's images talk for me ! I hope you still like it ! @+
  10. Sciurus' factory

    Thank you for your the likes ! With other members on SC4Devotion, we had a conversation about the platforms. And I decided to make that : - One that allows you to lot different stations directly in game, with pre-lotted platform of 32m : then you can make them TE and there is no problem, I think ! The minimum is so 96m (3 pieces), which is the tiniest station you can find IRL. - One that allows you to lot these platforms in the LE, and add every props you want. I BATted some one, you find them here just below. @Krasner (another member of TSC Team) is doing other ones, to complete the collection. At the end, we think to publish a French stations prop pack. Then, stations I worked on today and yesterday : I hope you like it !!
  11. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Good BATs, I wait more for the №5, which seems very interesting !
  12. Region of Salem

    Nice update and inspiring city. The only thing I can say is that sometimes, the surroundings seem a bit empty, like on the first pic… but I like the way you make your city, it's nice !! Maybe I'll see some of my BATs into it soon haha !
  13. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    I didn't answer your answer to me last time on the other thread.. my apologizes. I just didn't know what to say But I totally agree with this idea ! I think it can improve my BATting technique and I'm impatient to discover it !
  14. Sciurus' factory

    Thank you both. I agree that texturing will be very long on these 2 BATs… I think I'll remake them under GMAX, it'll be easier to me to texture them. Meanwhile, a french station pack is beginning. It could be part of a special surprise for the end of the year… see if the project will be released ! Otherwise, it'll be updated appart. So here's the thing ! I begin small, it's been a while I didn't make BATs and it took a little time to readapt my mind to GMAX… Some props will comme with, like benches, automatic distributor, etc. Hope you like it for the moment !
  15. The Downtown

    Wonderful update. I really like the colors and the contrats !