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  1. Reminds me of the Equitable Building in Lower Manhattan! Amazing!
  2. One World Trade Center

    Amazing! It's so shiny and glassy I love it! Keep up with the New York Building please!
  3. Willis Tower

    Awesome! Please make 40 Wall Street! Pleaaaassseeee lmao
  4. Nelson Tower (450 Fashion Ave.)

    Beautiful! Please do more New York City buildings.
  5. NYBT Hotel Pennsylvania

    Finally an old New York building! Can't wait for other art deco period styled buildings!
  6. Seraf's Atelier

    So excited!! I think you batting the New York Life Building would be so perfect. The golden roof would look so awesome!
  7. Darknono35's NYBT projects

    Darknono...seriously...come back. release 40 wall street and trump. It's a crime not to
  8. Darknono35's NYBT projects

    or 40 wall street? It looked finished to me. Waiting so long T.T
  9. Seraf's Atelier

    If the Munipical Building is completed... If only darknono would finish the new improved version of 40 wall street and woolworth building...all my favorite buildings would be available!
  10. TRP: Flags of the World - Oceania

    Omg I so needed this! Amazing high quality flags! Can't wait for European flags! I have one question; are you planning on making historical flags as well? Like USSR and Nazi Germany flag?  :)
  11. Darknono35's NYBT projects

    amazing work! very detailed! but darknono are you still gonna finish 40 wall street and woolworth in the future?
  12. Hope the beautiful Erasmus Bridge from Rotterdam will be in here! They also call it 'The Swan' cause it has the shape of a swan.
  13. Chicago BAT Project

    what... when i saw the detail..i've been on simtropolis for many years now and this is the first time...i swear, my mouth just dropped on the floor. Never seen anything like this! My compliments!!! Amazing. To me, this is art. Hope you'll do some Manhattan buildings in the future as well!
  14. Darknono35's NYBT projects

    Hey Darknono! How R u doin? Wheres the 40 Wall Street?! I was so excited for my favorite building to be batted by you!