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  1. Schulmania

    Probably due to a switch over to a new server or something. Life's been very busy, moved 3 times, and about to move again. I have abandoned, and occasionally pick up reading this CJ now and then over the past few years. Looking up a few posts ago, from 2 years ago, brings a tear to my eyes. Once again, I thank you.
  2. Schulmania

    Awww....all the photos of this are now broken....
  3. Swirl Island

  4. Large City Colledge

  5. DEDWD Repco Store

    Huh. This file has been flagged as a low-rep by Symantec. It's a DWD file, so there should be nothing wrong with it.
  6. PARIS Place de la Madeleine

    It is rare that I comment on things, as I go through some old BATs to find some hidden gems. Talk about a diamond in the rough! This is an absolutely GORGEOUS rendering.