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  1. Centralia, PA USA (Simple streets and tree only)

    The one commenter below said the mine fire "tore the town to pieces." Not quite true. There was, (and still is to this day, decades later) a large mine fire underground. It could burn for the next several centuries (there's a TON of coal in there). The danger it posed to the town, other than the possibility of pits randomly opening up, are the fumes. The state and federal governments bought up all of the parcels, with the exception of a handful of holdouts, and went through and bulldozed all of the houses and other buildings. The cemetery is still there, of course. The fire itself didn't "tear the town to pieces." The accuracy of this map is very good!
  2. Schulmania

    Probably due to a switch over to a new server or something. Life's been very busy, moved 3 times, and about to move again. I have abandoned, and occasionally pick up reading this CJ now and then over the past few years. Looking up a few posts ago, from 2 years ago, brings a tear to my eyes. Once again, I thank you.
  3. Schulmania

    Awww....all the photos of this are now broken....
  4. Swirl Island

  5. Large City Colledge

  6. DEDWD Repco Store

    Huh. This file has been flagged as a low-rep by Symantec. It's a DWD file, so there should be nothing wrong with it.