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True Earth

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Today, we're taking a trip to Lagos, Nigeria - home to some 21 million people, it's not just Africa's largest city but also one of the largest cities in the world. As you'll see in the pictures below - the streets here can get unbelievably crowded, and played a part in the country moving its capital to the more centrally located (and more spacious) city of Abuja in 1991. The city has continued to grow since then however - and has further developed into a financial center for all of Africa.

While today, Lagos is a city known for its sprawling markets, crowded housing districts and busy streets - there was a time when the city was a little less chaotic. Here in 1910, the city was just beginning to grow - with the first steam tramways crossing the streets.


By the 1960s and 1970s, the city was growing rapidly and quickly became known for its intensely crowded streets - and Nnamdi Azikiwe street in the heart of the city is one the city's busiest. Markets like Idumota Market spill out onto the streets and can make traveling anywhere quite difficult.


Another view of Nnamdi Azikiwe and Idumota Market in the 1980s. While the streets are usually crowded at all times of the day - it gets especially bad during rush hour, and you could be stuck in a traffic jam for hours behind an endless stream of yellow Danfos buses. There's a reason why they call them "go-slows".



We move forward to current times to take a look at one of the city's most iconic landmarks - the Lagos Central Mosque. Opened for worship in 1988, its distinctive Ottoman style minarets can be seen from nearly everywhere in the heart of the city. Close by is another one of the city's most important markets - the sprawling Balogun Market, widely recognized as one of the best places to buy fabrics in the city.



For our next sight, we're making a brief stop on the mainland - where it's a common sight to see wood merchants and sawmills dotting the shorelines. There's a number of bridges crossing the lagoon to get here - with the most stunning being the Third Mainland Bridge, which wraps around the perimeter of the shoreline for nearly 40,000 feet, and is usually filled with the city's iconic buses.


We head back South across Lagos Island to take a look at the city's Central Business District. Many of the country's most important corporations, financial institutions, and major commercial banks are headquartered here, and it serves as a financial center for all of West Africa.


For our last scene, we're taking a glimpse into the future to visit the city's Eko Atlantic development, being built on the city's reclaimed Atlantic shoreline on Victoria Island. This new development will house some 250,000 residents and include a variety of commercial and financial developments as well, leading some to call it a modern African Wall Street. While the development won't be completed for years to come - it still gives hope that it will transform the city into an even larger financial hub.



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Special thanks to @Maloskero for rendering some of his beautiful buildings in HD for this update! Much appreciated *:)


- - -


Thanks to @scotttbarry, @_Michael, @AsimPika3172, @Handyman, @Krasner, @CorinaMarie, @jakis, @mike_oxlong, @Manuel-ito, @redfox85, @raynev1, @Toby Ferrian, @Angry Mozart, @tariely@Silur, @pcwhiz24, @bobolee, @matias93, @Odainsaker, @9gruntsand1hammer, @Huggy-Bear, @Androgeos, @Elenphor, @kschmidt, @SC4L0ver, & @RobertLM78 for all the likes on the preview!



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OH. EM. GEE. My eyes can barely process or make sense if this, it’s that amazing. I’m especially loving the highway picture and the circular (!) harbor. Outstanding work as usual. :bunny:

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oooh & aaaah of course *:ohyes:. And esp. the last nite picture ! I would have loved to see the day version, to better see how that circle was done..

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Incredible work!  (as if we should expect anything less *:) )

And yeah, the circular harbour is amazing...... has me wanting to find out more about Lagos.... *:D

Thanks for sharing buddy!  *:8)


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wow wow WOOOOW again... You keep leaving us speechless. I cant even start comprehend how you are creating these... This is really art. It's amazing, so realistic, but also so well planned out compositions. You are a artist using SC4 to create art. Amazing

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I haven't commented on your MD for a while - but for that particular entry, I must say that you're still getting better and you still surprises me ^^ Many images here have a particular shine, I always spot new details and I'll certainly come back to this more than once - as well as Lagos has been for years one of the few cities I'd like to go to one day. I especially like how you managed to somehow, extract a damn realistic "sparkle" from these Maloskero buildings. Thanks !

(Also, for anyone who may want some accurate soundtrack for this, why not some from this famous Lagos musician Fela Kuti ?...)


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(...Or maybe this one that just sounds like it could last forever and still hold your mind the same. Pretty good soundtrack to depict  such a huge city I guess ? :))


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This has become one of my favourite updates so far. :thumb: As I said regarding last update's preview, the sensation of frenziness is impressive, as well as how you recreated the city throughout the years. Congratulations!! :)


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It's like if you could hear all the noise, the cars beeping, people talking and making you their best offer, smell the food, the vegetables and  the smog from all those yellow cars that make NYC traffic look small. I love this one

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This really captures Lagos, I have been there twice so know the city somewhat. How did you create the circular harbour? Is that mosque your own creation?

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oh boy, outstanding, man if you woudl release so0me of the assets that you've made for these series it would be amazing, i would build you a statue

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