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  1. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Very realistic. I almost feel as if I've stepped back in time.
  2. Show us your - Region

    Very nice
  3. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Nice! I love to franchise a "SimTasty's BBQ" downtown near one of the public parking lot! "Our Secret's In The Sauce!"
  4. Show us your - Region

    Looking forward to seeing the full growth! Isnt it something how SC preserves in time from the last time the region was loaded? Whats your current population? Remember that Interstate project a group of us were passing through regions? that was "CoolwiththeCool!"
  5. Show us your - Region

    Hey there @Coolio! my friend its been years! I remember Kellan! Glad to see it still growing! I need to get back into Peyton Place some day. Cant wait to see your CJ update!
  6. Lagos

  7. Show us your - Region

    Really nice!
  8. Show us your - Region

    I love your planning strategy and innerregional-grid namjng structure! i will use this method for my next project. ive developed Stepford Region since SC3 days of 2006 then carried over in 2008 when i finally updated to SC4. Now my region is practically filled from single tile to single tile in 2018. i like your city names.
  9. Show us your - Region

    It really nice! What's some of your cities names?
  10. plana camporum montem Aetnam Map (4 sizes)

    Wow I cant wait to log on from the computer and download this region. The land mass ,terrain, rivers and bodies of water layout are all perfect.
  11. Show us your - Region

    Corillion is very beautiful and lots of expansion instore! How much is 5 acres of farmland going for these days. i am interested.
  12. I think I will have some Calamari and a redwine please?
  13. Show Us Your Small Towns

    very realistic 👌