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  1. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Very majestic and impressive downtown districts indeed. One day the humble town of Peyton Place shall morph into a sprawling skyscrape cityline. Hopefully a block or two will be preserved to show its future generations their past. This is an old photo of downtown Peyton Place in front of the old city hall during an unforgettable civil event .
  2. Awe. Stumbled across this Canadian Day event sponsored by The Moose Factory years back. Mr Moose was tickled and enjoyed the advertisement
  3. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Peyton Place Time Capsule. The small town's newest high school opened its doors to 500 local students and 1300 total students bussed from nearby New Troy. Stepford Island and Jericho The campus is abandoned today after doors closed for the last time June 3 1983
  4. Can I get an appetizer calamari plattervand beer?
  5. Ahhhh yes you're talking my language ! We have "Mama Peyton's Greasy Spoon" Cafe in my hometown of Peyton Place. But its not a close match compared to a classic burger/fries & Shake at The Moose Factory
  6. I agree. Lots of perfect history held hostage to those "upgraded" pay-to-release servers. CJ colleagues who have gone to rest. We may never get to see even their early work in reminiscent.
  7. I am looking forward to getting back into my CJs. The photo editing tool I have been using is Xara and an offbrand of PhotoShop
  8. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Another old pic I found in this dusty old trunk in the attic. It must have been what Peyton Place looked like back in its early days when it was mostly farmland
  9. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Lol. I do the exact same thing for connecting to neighboring cities when a small area is inbetween much larger cities. Cool how you utilized that tiny connector 😃
  10. Show Us Your Small Towns

    I love the tiny town and the humble population of 12. Looking forward to watching the growth.
  11. Historic New York City

    WOW! Really nice replica. Very realistic. I like the snow-effects. Hard to pick a favorite scene, they all are good pics!
  12. I know, right? I cant wait to sink into one of these. I need someone to split a burger. I can never eat even a half 😄😄😁
  13. Show us your - Ghettos

    Lots of old pics are missing due to old storage sites folding under or once-free sites charging to regain access to original files. Here's a blast from the past of a long lost video footage . aerial view of the Pork-n-Beans Housing Community (constructed 1951. Torn down 1997)
  14. Wow. That really is a small world! How cool is that? I cant remember how long ive found the ic online and will see if I can find it again to see if it has any caption. Glad to have brought a smile. Mr. Moose loved it . It "put into a picture" a burger day when he "handed me a menu" to place an order one bittersweet day… .