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  1. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Trailers by themselves can't (and won't) move. They need trucks to move them from point A to B, and this is why I decided to build a couple of trucks for these trailers. The first one is a Kenworth T800, built a few months ago: And the second one, built through the whole week and finished a couple hours ago, a Freightliner FLB: I'm trying to make them compatible with trailers, being standalone trucks. The only one I've tested in-game is the Kenworth T800, as shown in one of the first pictures I posted here. What do you think?
  2. New York City

    I read your post while listening to Frank Sinatras' New York, New York version. It was such a nice experience! I love how your city is full of those yellow taxi cabs, it adds a nice detail. Nice work!
  3. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    First post of the year! (By the way, happy new year everyone, a little bit late but not too late). @Jasoncw you're right, they are dark enough for making the rust details invisible, I've made the other color versions and details are more visible in brighter tones: They are more visible in the yellow, orange and red chassis than in the blue an black ones. Or it is just my imagination? Also, I've worked on another dryvan, this time a Schneider International 53 ft dryvan: I hope to have a new model in the next days, as dryvans are not too hard or interesting.
  4. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @DavidDHetzel Thanks. Interesting how they move those trailers. Maybe I'll add it on the next update of the freight train prop pack, it would make an interesting load to add.
  5. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    I made an old, weathered version of the 40 ft container chassis, here are the results: I tried to make it look more "rusty", like if it have spent most of its lifetime in a seaport, but some of the details I added (like faded paint, oxide layers, etc.) are nearly impossible to see. Anyway, there are some differences between this two versions, being the most notable the color of the body, the mud flaps and the trailer legs (in most of the, with and old, dusty container chassis in the left and a new one, recently painted in the right. @DavidDHetzel Which trailers? the container chassis? if so, please post your pics if you can, I've never seen one loaded with these and it would be something interesting to replicate.
  6. Historic New York City

    Wooow! really nice! i think it needs more King Kong Just joking, it's awesome!
  7. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Thanks. @T Wrecks I think I'll be adding two colors more (gray and green), and a few more versions (45 ft maybe 48 ft and 20 ft , bi-axle or tri-axle). @matias93 I was thinking that too, add a little bit of dust and oxide, after all, many of them can be found on salty and humid environments, like ports. About that other thing, I would like to see them on road as automatas, if its possible of course. Also, I want to make this stacking configuration: It shouldn't be that hard.
  8. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    I'm gonna start with these few trailers I've been working on. When I was finising the freight train prop pack, I realized that I forgot to build a container chassis for road operations. After some research and a few days working with the BAT, they come up quickly, but I didn't built enough chassis (there were only four by the time), and they didn't make it to be released in that prop pack, abandoning the project for months. These trailers are highly inspired by the Cheetah gooseneck container chassis, being very common on the roads, with a 40 ft version: and a 53 ft version: These container chassis are compatible with most of the containers released in the freight train prop pack, as shown below. I trying to make them standalone, so they can be loaded with any container in that pack, reducing the number of props (as I don't have to make multiple loaded versions) and increasing the number of possibilities. Also, a new skin for the 53 ft dryvan (also found on the so-mentioned pack) was made, this time a Swift transportation trailer: I want to read your opinions.
  9. Hello everyone. Welcome to my BAT orchestra. Please take a seat 'cause this symphony is about to start! In this thread I'll show you some of the other projects I'm working on (besides of my freight train prop pack). I want/need this space because sometimes I'm working on several things at the same time, and I thought it would be more comfortable to have all that in just one place, as many batters do. My finished projects are: Ok, enough introduction for now, let get this symphony begin!
  10. Show us your railroads

    Not even snow can stop these couple of SD40's arriving on time.
  11. Super! Ya me dieron ganas de hacer una ciudad latinoamericana otra vez jaja. Es una buena idea hacer un pack de plazas latinas.
  12. Yo suelo guardarlos en la carpeta de Documentos porque ahí es la ubicación por defecto de los instaladores de algunos plugins ( como los de BSC, giraffe, etc). No sé si esto se modifique al cambiar la dirección de la carpeta. Tampoco sé si se pueda con el PIM-X hacer lots con texturas transparentes, solo sé a la manera "antigua".
  13. Hola. Yo tabién tengo la versión de Steam en Windows 10 y mi carpeta sigue estando por defecto en C://Usuario/Documentos/SimCity4/plugins, y yo no he tenido problemas con el LotEditor, BAT, PluginManager de Maxis y ilives reader y el PIM-X, (no lo he probado a full, pero al menos se ejecuta), aunque el SC4Tool me ha dado problemas, pero ejecutandolo como administrador se puede usar.
  14. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Today I'm going to show you this new model: the classic EMD SD40-2, this time with a TFM scheme (yeah, another old 70's locomotive). This model still need some work, but it's almost done.
  15. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @redfox85 I don't know if all of them are affected by this, I've only tested a very few of them at that zoom level, but, reading what @rsc204 says, I don't know if consider this as a bug or not. I could work on this, but not sure of when. But I will have it on mind for the next update