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  1. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Today I'm going to show you this new model: the classic EMD SD40-2, this time with a TFM scheme (yeah, another old 70's locomotive). This model still need some work, but it's almost done.
  2. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @redfox85 I don't know if all of them are affected by this, I've only tested a very few of them at that zoom level, but, reading what @rsc204 says, I don't know if consider this as a bug or not. I could work on this, but not sure of when. But I will have it on mind for the next update
  3. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    @Simmer2 Thank you, this wouldn't be possible without you
  4. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @redfox85 Haha, don't worry about your memory, these are not relased yet, and I'm still debating if I should release them as part of this pack, or in another pack with more trailers. @Edvarz I haven't thought about it, as far as I know, they are more complex than a prop as they're rendered in the game as a 3D model instead of the 2D rendering of a prop/building, but, anyway, It would be nice to see some mexican rolling stock, in fact, I was planning to model some old FNM's passenger cars props along with my hometown railway station, but haven't worked on it yet. It will be interesting to see them as automatas though.
  5. Modern Freight Cars Props

    You mean something like this? I've worked on four trailers, based on a Cheetha gooseneck container chassis for 40 ft and 53 ft containers, but I decided to not put them in the pack, because I'm still working on them. By now I just have a black generic chassis for 40' containers and three chassis (BNSF, Pacer StackTrain, and generic black) for 53' containers.
  6. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Also, thanks everybody for your nice comments, I will try to keep you updated with new locomotives and freight cars, I want to see if it's possible to make articulated cars, as they are more common in these days.
  7. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Hello, I don't speak portuguese, but as a romance language speaker (spanish), I could understand what you're trying to say. As @Edvarz says (thank you), you're not doing anything wrong, these are just a dependency package, so this means that you'll need to put them in a lot in order to see them. To this date, there are no lots that uses this prop pack, but you can do it with Maxis' Lot Editor, I hope this tutorial helps If you don't speak english at all, the best I could do is to write some help in spanish.
  8. London - Landmarks

    OMG that last picture!!! it' like you can feel London itself, the Big Ben, the London Bridge, Westminster, Abbey Road, fish & chips, those famous red buses and the rainy days. From this moment, when someone ask me why do I still play this "old" game ( it is old, but not for me), I'm going to show them one of your pictures, and say "I want to build something as good as this" Nice work as always.
  9. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    @Silur @Jack_wilds Thank you for your comments!!! @Krasner @matias93 Yes, that one, I just modified the textures of that lot https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27762-wmp-ethanol-plant-a/
  10. Es bueno saber que alguien se ha dado a la tarea de traer a México y latinoámerica a SimCity 4. Estaré atento a nuevas actualizaciones
  11. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Maybe I just exagerated with this one, but, in fact, I stopped caring about it at some point. I thought I'll never finish it But now, after one year and almost four months of hard working, I can see it finally released. You can find it now on the STEX. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed in its develpoment. I'm planning to update it in the near future, and will post here some new things, but, for now, I will focus on some other projects I'm working on. Again, a BIG thank you to everyone who helped me in it's development. Thanks for making it possible.
  12. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Give realism to your railroad tracks, yards, sidings, spurs and industrial zones with these freight cars and locomotives dating from the 1980's to our modern days. This prop pack includes newer rolling stock pieces, some of them never seen before in SimCity 4, like: Autoracks Coil Cars Gondolas Boxcars Hoppers Tank Cars And so on. In this prop pack you will find around 300 different freight cars and other objects like containers, trailers etc, all of them rendered in HD and in 20 different versions (ortho, diagonal, curve fitting and FAR versions). Installation: Just extract the files contained in this .rar file into your plugins folder. For uninstalling it, just delet them from your plugins folder. Dependencies: None, this is intended to be a depencency. Enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who helped me in its development, without you, this would have been such a mess. And you, for downloading. For more information and/or notify me of an error with this, please visit this thread: Or PM at my Simtropolis profile.
  13. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Hello, It's been a long time, and I'm sorry that all of you had to wait all this time, we have found a lot of errors while testing and had to fix them. I think this pack is ready, if anyone still cares about it. It's has been widely tested and while testing we have found a lot of errors (there were around 6,000 props, that's why it took so long) and I had to fix them. Also, I forgot about the left handed versions, (yes, I'm a fool) and I had to export all of them. These last months I've been working like crazy to finish it, but I think it's ready. It just need one last test and if anyone wants to volunteer to do this job (don't worry about the numbers, I just want to make sure that the rar file works, the readme and the manual are easy to read, find grammar errors, etc.), you can send me a message and I'll send you the test file. Anyway, the release date is set to October 15 and this time, I promise it. A really BIG thank you to the ones who helped me in the testings, thank you for doing this huge task, without you, this would have been such a mess.
  14. London - Canary Wharf

    So much detailed, the reflexions, the water, those parks, the rain... I wonder how long does it take you to make a single journal. Nice work!!
  15. Paris (Pt. 3/3)

    It's almost like visiting Paris! If only in SC4 we could be able to see the underground world that this wonderful city hides... Nice work!!! EDIT: I love your gifs.