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  1. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Hi everyone. It's been a long long time since I was active, I'm sorry, I'm working on my thesis this year, so I have not had the time to reply to new posts, and probably I won't have it in a long time. As you can see, I've already released the trucks and trailers prop pack, you can find it here: Also I'm working on some other things, but as I have little time in this moment of my life and I don't know when I could post here again. Anyhow, thank you for all of your help and patience, I made this prop pack for you, enjoy it.
  2. Trucks & Trailers Prop Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Looks like we've got us a convoy... Hello. This prop pack was made with the purpose to add a wide variety of trucks and trailers to the ones that already exist. In this pack you will find the following trucks and trailers: Kenworth T800, T800 Aerocab, W900 Freightliner FLB 53 ft dryvans 40 ft & 53 ft container chassis Dump trailers Tankers Flatbeds & loads, Lowboys and much more. You can use them in your industrial zones, truck stops, warehouses, etc. You will find 110 diferent models each one HD-rendered at 11.25°, 22.5°, 33.75°, 45° and 90° with their respective left versions. Also I included prop families for the 22.5° 22.5° left, 45° and 90° versions. Installation: Just extract the files contained in this .rar file into your plugins folder. For uninstalling it, just delet them from your plugins folder. Dependencies: None, this is intended to be a depencency. Enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who helped me in its development. And you, for downloading. For more information and/or notify me of an error with this prop pack, please visit this thread or PM at my Simtropolis profile: 10-7 and catch you on the flip-flop.
  3. San Francisco

    If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your head... Nice as always!
  4. Lagos

    It's like if you could hear all the noise, the cars beeping, people talking and making you their best offer, smell the food, the vegetables and the smog from all those yellow cars that make NYC traffic look small. I love this one
  5. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @twalsh102 Thanks! This information is very useful. really aprecciated. I'll get back to work as soon as I reinstall BAT and other tools I need (my computer died, fortunately, I have a backup, but I need to get those programs again).
  6. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @blade2k5 Thanks, this info will be useful in the future when making some road signs. @redfox85 Oh, I think I forgot about them when making the autoracks. It will be a nice addon if I ever update the freight trains prop pack.
  7. Show us your railroads

    The autorack loading facility at the Werkristal Assembly plant
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Simmer2 What a nice cattle rail station, I guess it doesn't smell good on the inside haha.
  9. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @blade2k5 Yes, it's indeed a long boring drive. I've been reading and I found that there are night speed limits and truck speed limits. How common are those speed limits? @redfox85 I'm glad you like them. Here there are the rest of them: They look pretty much the same, but they are different as shown below. Also, I took the freedom to make a couple of autoracks with doors open: I thought they may serve you as well. Also notice that there are ramps for each autorack level, and IMO, they look fabulous when they're merged on a scene like this: I hope you like them!
  10. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @blade2k5 Yes, most of the highways in the US has an average speed of 70-80 mph, I decided to go on 55 mph due to a song ( I Can't drive 55 by Sammy Hagar). Also I agree, if it's working fine, why change it? Talking about other things, I have finished the first auto-ramp that @redfox85 requested: This is the ramp to access to the first level or the autorack floor level. I'll make the rest within the next hour or so. What do you think?
  11. Lagos (Preview)

  12. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Oh, it is in miles per hour, 55 mph are like 89 kmh (That's a little bit slow in my country, but here, speed limits are more like a sugestion than a restriction). For some reason in the US they still use the imperial system, and most of their signage is in imperial units (miles, mph, etc.), specifying only when using metric units, like this one:
  13. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @redfox85 Thanks, comments like yours is what gives me motivation to keep doing these things! Talking about making stuff, these weeks I've been thinking about making some road signs, cause I couldn't find any on the STEX and I think it's something that could be useful (also, it comes as no surprise if I say that I've been inspired by the American Truck Simulator these last months). I started with a simple speed limit sign, as a lot and as a MMP (It was difficult to learn how to make MMPs, I just have to say that Ilives reader is such a powerful and complex tool). and maybe I'll made them all as MMPs, as I like them more than making them as lots). These are the results, above as MMPs and below as a lot: I have some other signs, like ramp speed limits, merge, intersection, and some chevron curve signs, but they still need some development. What do you think?
  14. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    @redfox85 Consider it done. I'm planning to make three height variations, one for the first level, one for a bi-level autorack and one for a tri-level autorack. Also if you need some special configuration for these ramps please let me know. I haven't posted here in a while, but today I have some good news: the trucks & trailers prop pack is progressing. I'm making 11.25°, 22.5,° 33.75°, 45,° 90° versions and their respective left-hand versions. Right now I'm exporting the 45 versions, still left the left hand versions, but it's getting some progress. I hoping to have it finished in the second week of april, but I preffer not to talk about releasing dates, as I never got things on time.
  15. Pacific Islands

    The aerial view of Bora Bora Atoll is AMAZING!!! I stared at it like three minutes just to make sure that it was not a real photograph. Nice work as always!