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Mistral Isle

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Entry 4: Welcome to Birdwater Point


@_MichaelThanks! I'm always trying to improve my highway work through learning what others have done. I strive to implement interesting details in every aspect of my work.

@kschmidt: I appreciate your thoughts on my work! I highly encourage you and all other people to comment what you liked or not, and what ways you can suggest some ideas. 

@korver: MMP is a taxing but worthwhile addition to my work. Sorry about not being able to get myself up after a nasty burnout of ideas and inspiration!

@BLANKBLANK: Thanks! I will think about getting this featured if I can.

@raynev1: I am honored that my last entry was considered to be the top ten in Simcitizen's Destinations! Hopefully this one will be interesting to see. 

@Takingyouthere: Yea, I now fully understand the aftereffects of a burnout when I try to play a little too much of SC4. Game has a way to revert yout work back by hours on end. *:)

@juliok92012: Thanks! I mostly implement MMP in my screenshots but a bit of the Tree Controller is used as well. I try not to get too crazy with my details!

@kingofsimcity: Thank you! I am pretty happy with my flora collection as I am aiming for more of a Mediterranean climate brush.



First and foremost, I am terribly sorry about my half-year absence in Simtropolis. College was a pain to work through while I was running low on ideas to work on a large city tile that was to be the site of this entry. In fact, many areas had to be overhauled to meet my standards. However, my desire for creating has returned and with a half of year to rejuvenate, finishing the city tile became a breeze once I took a good look on what needed to be done. The city has evolved constantly in some areas, up until it met the quality work I was looking for. I hope that my hard work and revision was worth the wait for those who are following my CJ.

With tender love,



The First of Many Stops: Birdwater Point

Greetings fellow travelers! As we approach the city of Birdwater Point, we take the main exit to the downtown area on the right. We take a view of the bustling mini-metropolis in action.



The foremost tallest tower is on the right is universally called "The Celestial Tower" as many residents often see the skyscraper reach into the heavens above. 


In this picture, you can clearly see the city hall and park along with Grant Hill that houses a auxiliary radio tower. 


As we pass through downtown, we are now heading to the waterfront property of the city. Here we can find some premium offices, sea-side stores selling exotic goods of the sea, a marina, and of course some more beach going goodness!



Anyone thinking of an overnight stay?



As with any sea-oriented city, there is always a seaport for industrial goods and materials to be imported and exported to other neighboring countries. From electronics to machinery to spare components to raw materials, this port has sizable economic impact on the city itself and surrounding regions.



Container Ports are often an approximate measure of economic activity. 



A part of the port dedicated to raw material handling.



An overview of the port: 


Well, here are some shots that show off some nice details and landmarks that are present in the city. Note that they are not listed in order. Please, take the time to look and feast on the details I put in each image! Consider it a banquet of my latest effort!

Coast Guard Base.


Industrial Offices and Parks.


Some more beaches.



The Celestial Tower at night. 



Edmonton Park.



Hampshire Park.


Grant Hill.






Some more notes:

Working on this entry took me over four hours of compiling and developing. But still, I am in no rush to finish an entry when I feel that it lacks substantial quality to warrant its release. Sadly, I do not have a "direct" teaser for my next entry, but perhaps this next image will lead us to it! (I might mean it literally and/or metaphorically). Additionally, I encourage you to leave your comments and suggestions as they provide a source of valuable info on improvements and inspiration for future use. No comment goes unread by me!


Where could that route lead us to next? 


That will be all for now folks!

- Artimus


Recommended Comments

This is a beautiful City!!  Great job.  Roads/Highways are driver friendly, and the beaches, well they are definitely my favorite!!!

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Great MMP´use in the nature park and beach scenes ! Harbour NWM 3lane nice detail; old part warehouses fine container only need space for the container crane docks no warehouses needed. Commercial and factory may have some duplications but setting up a varied growable bat´s isn´t that easy, well done !

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I'm a sucker for green places and beaches, so that's the pictures I loved the best. Aaah, that long beach and woods... But the port is not bad either !!! Impressive. There might be a tad too many vanilla buildings for res and com for me, though. Still,  I like what you've done with the place !:-).(and BTW, what is that beach texture, pebbly as well as sandy ? I love it.)

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Welcome back! Breaks can do wonders for creativity in SC4. I really love your MMP work by the TV tower and the beach. Hampshire Park is interesting too; those apartments lined up looks as if they were a single building!

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thank you  excellent use of MMPs showing off some very nice props  also I think you did some relotting of Maxis buildings that gives me some ideas for my own

cities   really love the choice of water and sand mods

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