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  1. BJTBP midtown tower

    Very sufficient!
  2. 2008 McDonalds

    Very nice!
  3. Small High School

  4. Replacement seaport

  5. B62 Remastered - CVS Pharmacy

    Outstanding work as always! Keep it up!
  6. Hyperpack: The Ultimate Dependency Pack!

    It's a lame April Fools joke.  Let this be a lesson to us, folks.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  7. HoC Marriot Resedence Inn

    Four years later and this file is still not corrected.  You give so much joy to the users, only to rip it away once they see a mere 3DS model instead of a SC4 Model.  Please, PLEASE rectify this situation, whether it entails putting more work into this and uploading it as a BAT or deleting it from the STEX altogether.   
  8. Earn to Learn Metro Public Elementary

    Pretty good, but the colors are loud and unrealistic.  I'll give you an 8/10 for the overall work.
  9. Loving City

    Wow.  This is still on here?  
  10. CVS Pharmacy

    Pretty good, but the parking lot is a bit small.  I'll give you a 9/10.  
  11. Comcast Cable Communications Inc

    Looks nice. 8/10
  12. Cruise Ship Terminal

    Once again, you have outdone yourself! 11/10!