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  1. I've released stand-alone vanilla runway and taxiway networks that you can use as templates for creating larger/smaller/otherwise custom stuff: These require "More Network Stuff" (NOT Airport Roads) to place in-game (as will your resulting assets) but they should be a workable foundation for whatever you want to build.
  2. The taxiway has been updated to match the Runway. Both are available here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1389215459 I started working on this because I wanted taxiways without lighting that I could mix/match with existing networks. Also, I just wanted to see how convoluted it would be to make stand-alone (using that term somewhat loosely here) airport networks. This is an area that has been (and still is) lacking as far as workshop assets go, largely (I believe) due to the narrow scope of the Airport Roads mod and perhaps some hesitation on behalf of the modding community to release networks with mod dependencies in the post-Road-Editor world. I would argue that while that hesitation is entirely reasonable, it may be a bit too conservative. Airport networks are inherently "power user" items and mod dependency is an entirely reasonable hoop through which to expect subscribers to jump. It also opens up asset creators to the potential of creating much larger runway assets that are fully functional and plug-and-play within the existing airport network framework. Anyway, feel free to use these as templates for anything you like. The only work here that is my own was the time spent learning how to make this work. All of the functionality implementation was made possible by existing mods and I give full credit to those who put the time and effort into doing the real work that makes this sort of stuff possible. Cheers.
  3. Asset AI Changer did the trick. Thank you, @Ronyx69, for pushing me to look for what was right in front of my face. My new issue is that the custom runway and custom taxiway don't get along, but I believe that can be easily rectified by updating my custom taxiway's AI to match the runway's.
  4. The stock Runway/Taxiway seem to use the same RunwayAI by default. This doesn't seem to preclude airplanes from taxiing on a road asset that is not flagged with that AI type (that seems to only require the item class so that you can connect it to a runway) and I suspect it is also why people have seen planes land on taxiways in custom airport builds. The same doesn't seem to hold true for Runways, though. How does one manipulate a network with AI Changer? It's a breeze with buildings, etc., but I'm lost on how to make that work since it doesn't load into the Road Editor GUI. Edit: Nevermind. Found the property toggle mod. Taking a stab at this.
  5. So, here's where I'm hung up with the custom runway. It seems to be functionally fine, but I'm having issues getting junctions to behave. The nodes (and segments, for that matter) are set up the same way as the default runway (also pictured), but I can't seem to get this clipping issue resolved, and the only thing still unique to the vanilla runway is the AI (vanilla: RunwayAI; custom: RoadAI, due to the template used). You can also see that the nodes in the stock Runway asset appear more robust (for lack of a better term). My gut tells me these things are related. This is not an issue with my custom taxiway asset, which also uses RoadAI, for whatever that's worth (the screenshot here was mocked up with the vanilla taxiway; they behave the same way in these junctions).
  6. Perfect walkthrough, @Badi_Dea. Upgraded my custom airfield in another save with these suckers and it functions perfectly:
  7. Excellent, thank you. I'll give it a whirl. If all goes to plan and I end up with something clean and serviceable, I'll share it.
  8. Edit: Both are done: The taxiway needs some polishing, but I'm up against a hard stop with the runway currently. I have a functional asset, but it looks like garbage and I suspect it's because of the RoadAI that came over from my template. Can changing network prefab AIs only be done with scripts/the existing workshop mod? I've gone pretty deep into the Scene Explorer in ModTools trying to find a way to overwrite the existing AI, but it all seems to loop back on itself in a giant circle, and the Asset AI Changer mod predates the Road Editor by quite a bit. I've hit the limit of my current knowledge/experience. ----- Anyway, the taxiway (which will get an update once I sort this AI issue out, hopefully) is live. Feel free to mess around with this to your heart's content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1389032956 This is my first "real" mod. It's probably not as clean as it should be, but I'm hoping it'll be a template for future content. Thanks to @Badi_Dea for the ModTools tutoring.
  9. Getting the runways and taxiways into the road editor is not that difficult and manipulating them is straightforward, but the assets created this way don't work. @Bad Peanut said at one point that he'd made some headway but he had to use modtools in conjunction with the built-in road editor in order to make changes stick. I don't think anybody else has gotten any farther (or if they have, they haven't been inclined to release their work).
  10. Another hand-raiser for the brick re-skin here. I was playing around with the regular one tonight in a new build and was struggling to make it transition nicely onto brick roads (or roads with brick sidewalks) and that would be the perfect solution.
  11. Also, are you using loading screen mod? You could enable your roads one-by-one and see how much they're contributing to your overall memory usage.
  12. If it's just a prop in the asset rather than part of the network component, it won't help, no.
  13. @Nicolas, you could probably resolve the catenary issue with Touch This! but that can also break train stations in unfun ways, in my experience.
  14. Thank you for the clarification. That's really good info.