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  1. Natural Disasters in North America 2017

    The effectiveness of evacuation routes and the spread of fires are both factors of land use, and thus planning, zoning, and infrastructure. This proves that the suburbs were designed poorly and absolutely should never be rebuilt the same way. Unfortunately, according to American culture and economics these problems will NOT be resolved. Greedy developers and aesthetic suburban planners love senseless suburban sprawl. I wish that these tragedies will wake people up to try to correct the problems caused by them but I have far more evidence to the contrary than to any meaningful changes for the better. Many people lost their homes, some lost everything, even their lives! However, it's up to politicians and businesses to decide whether to rebuild and how. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41627751 BBC reported that homeowners often didn't follow regulations for firebreaks, multiple news sources have reported hesitation/procrastination causing people to miss the opportunity to evacuate (thus perishing). This is a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented, or at least mitigated by proper land use regulation and enforcement.
  2. Natural Disasters in North America 2017

    The wildfires provide an opportunity to redevelop Northern California suburbs to be more sustainable. It will also allow Napa Valley to grow new varieties or use better root stocks, and possibly even increase overall production by expanding operations to what used to be housing. More likely, everything will be back to the status quo before long.
  3. They look like almost like an ornamental almond blossom or cherry blossom tree. They look real but not like almond trees. Perhaps Japanese plum/apricot (they come in that color)? Almond blossom Blossoming ume (Japanese plum) BTW, do you accept any donations? What about gifts? Could I interest you in Sparkling Truffula Juice or a Truffula Scarf (knock-off Thneed)? EDIT: Of course Truffula Trees are extinct in the wild so Sparkling Truffula Juice can merely be approximated with various fruit juices (purple grape, mangosteen, passionfruit, banana, lychee and pitaya/dragonfruit) or artificially-flavored soda-pop. The making of a Thneed is a trade secret so the closest I could get would be a stretchy microfiber tube scarf, which can function as loose leggings, a towel, a hat, or a stretch-to-fit (up to size 3) sleeveless dress.
  4. Us Americans find Kale to be all the rage. Cabbage is boring. We do use Iceberg lettuce on our junk food salads, burgers, and sandwiches.
  5. World Affairs

    I'm not so sure. I had multiple predictions for each candidate and all new information/developments supports the civil war scenario and only some of it supports the peaceful decline scenario. Nothing supports making America great again though I predicted Bernie to be likeliest candidate to bring us to 1950s prosperity & happiness and pre-crack northern/union states racial equality (yes, the northern states have become worse since Nixon (though the Southern states are worse) and I believe refer madness and the crack-cocaine epidemic to have been started by Republicans). I believe a civil war is imminent because I believe succession attempts will be met with force.
  6. Impressive! You always do such a great job!
  7. World Affairs

    He lost the popular vote (46.1% of votes vs 48.2% for Hilary) and there was moderate by US standards (low by democratic standards) voter turnout (Sabretooth says 55.5%). The majority of electoral points went to The D'ump even though only about 25.6% of American voters voted for him. Think about that. It only takes 1/4 of eligible voters to win. If more progressive voters in swing states voted, Hilary would have won a narrow electoral margin and a decent popular margin. This was the 3rd time in history this happened (previous was when George Bush Jr won). I'm sure a civil war is brewing. One that will only be prevented by Democrats taking over by the traditional, democratic means. However, there is a time limit. If Republicans have the majority in either house of Congress after the midterm elections and The D'ump starts a war with any kind of draft (including backdoor, which GWB used), it will be too late to peacefully turn our once great nation around. Iran and North Korea are probable wars. I used to vote for whomever I thought was most qualified, but with most blue state Republicans siding with The D'ump, I cannot take chances: I will vote exclusively for Democrats for all partisan positions until The D'ump is no longer president. I pray he will get impeached because that means the American Taxpayers won't have to waste money on him anymore (secret service is expensive).
  8. World Affairs

    North Korea claims The D'ump's tweets amounted to a declaration of war but have yet to commit any new actions that would be considered breaking the armistice. Sure, this was all started by missile tests but there seems to be a certain level of calm reached.
  9. I want it! I just hope that commercial and industrial specializations get some love. By that I mean I hope that commercial specializations follow zoning density and that both commercial and industrial specializations get levels.
  10. Is SimCity dead?

    SimCity (2013) is no longer supported by EA, and AFAIK is no longer modded by the community. SimCity 4, which is significantly older, is (perhaps) surprisingly much more popular today than the reboot of SimCity.
  11. Running some quick searches through the code turned up many, many results in regards to education and quite a few in regards to wealth. That was as far as I could go (seeing how many files needed to be updated). However, I honestly don't know what to do now. What should I write to change the code? This is more difficult than the (albiet useful for beginning) tutorials made by @boformer. It doesn't help that I only know web languages (XML, HTML, CSS, ECMAScript) and C.
  12. Your work on CAM farming is impressive! I can't wait for the day I have free time, after SimCity 4 goes on sale on GOG, after CAM 2.1.1 has been released (which is likely after you release your pack).
  13. Gentle swear words don't have limits in use in PG-13 movies and occassional use for emphasis is not considered excessive, as the rules are written. Sorry for the off-topic post.
  14. Natural Disasters in North America 2017

    The family of my deceased abuela lives in Mexico DF and I have penpals in Florida. I feel as if I jynxed them by complaining about my situation. I pray the casualities will be minimal.
  15. CAM comes to Simtropolis

    What happened to @InvisiChem? It has been over a year since his last post and he implied that 2.1.1 will be out soon?