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  1. I want some Californian-styled traffic and street lights like this one
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Californian-styled shopping strip
  3. Comeback

    Alright so San Guillermo is back from the dead with this new teaser of a new city What to expect: San Guillermo is a fictional city in Southern California.Mainly based off Los Angeles, this project aims to capture the feel of LA while also adding realism in the process.However, not every little detail of LA will be added so here's the included and cut features of the project. Features Cut Urban sprawl Wide highways Beverly Hills Pier(maybe) Beach and waterfront areas Extreme interchanges Hollywood Movie studios Canals High-end shopping areas Suburban areas Traffic(IDK about that)
  4. And of course someone is offended by something just like every other day. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5110415/Mother-demands-son-s-school-ban-Sleeping-Beauty.html
  5. Everybody has a type of movie they hate a lot so why not tell us in this thread.
  6. Show us your Detail Shots

    La Ferme
  7. Ok so I've taken a few screenshots of an area in my city and It turns out the zoning is still visible in the pictures.Here are a few examples How do I get rid of this?It's ruining the quality of my images.
  8. Mien,France

    Bonjour everyone! Welcome to my first European project ever.Now Mien is a fictional city located somewhere in Western France.It will be a small-medium sized city.It will also contain 3 main highways and a few rural towns.IDK if it would contain a beach or marina but I'm still thinking about it.Anyways let me show you the city and the progress so far.
  9. Progress update

  10. Show us your Detail Shots

    The U lod storage area
  11. Show us your SKYLINE

    An unnamed American city
  12. Show us your Detail Shots

    I swear I tried way too hard on this one.
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    The billboard was part of Conno's billboard pack.
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    So I've started a new city and this is the progress so far
  15. Comeback and Teaser

    Teaser image I know I made people upset and possibly angry with the sudden abandonment of my projects and I am deeply sorry.I know I done this with a couple of other projects but since then I've gotten better equipment for better performance so I am good for now.This is the revival of Arden County after 3 months of absence.I will begin voting polls for certain city stuff and will give the region some personality in the process.
  16. Show us your Detail Shots

    Hawaiian Ghetto area.
  17. So I've see that we all have shopping areas we like to share but wouldn't fit in the right topic so here it is.Now show us your shopping areas!
  18. Show us what you're working on!

    So let me make a statement.I'm gonna take a break from doing C:S for a while because I got overwhelmed by the amount of work and it stresses me out a lot so I need to recharge.These are my last photos for now of a river with a bridge running over it.
  19. Show Us Your... Nature

    I can feel the power of the relight mod.Anyways decided to create an shack house with vegetation all around it
  20. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    Welcome back MandelSoft.It's been a long time.
  21. Update

    As you may know I haven't updated this city journal for a few weeks so I decided to show the progress so far. Yes it's a little disappointing because some areas aren't fully developed but still at least I give you my progress on this Hawaiian island so far.I'm still waiting for some Hawaiian themed houses to developed so I'll wait to develop the housing areas.
  22. Show Us Your... Nature

    Well I focus way too much on realism.What did you expect?
  23. Show Us Your... Nature

    Wait a sec where did you get those houses from in the 4th photo?I need them for my Hawaiian project.