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  1. Depending on the audience you want to reach, I'd think using vanilla props/trees would actually be the best way forward: plenty of players don't/can't use Workshop at all or only in very limited numbers, and that group would be left out in the cold with barren assets if you'd use Workshop material (remember that these players would most likely not use Prop Anarchy and other beautification-related mods either). But that's just my personal opinion about it: obviously every asset creator is free to decide for him/herself.
  2. Sorry, got nothing to contribute other than "Wow, that looks fantastic!" Is it going to remain sand-colored?
  3. Sounds like what you'll need is a bit like a combination of American Roadsigns and Prop it Up. If catenaries are the same as road network/lane props, and if rail segments each have a unique identifier (InstanceID?), then (as far as I know) that's all you need: use a network segment selection tool, open a UI window after selecting a segment containing a drop-down/combo box/whatever that lists all available catenaries, and after clicking the Apply button save it as a replacement in the config file (segment id, original prop name/id, replacement prop name/id), and then run the method that replaces the present prop with the selected replacement one in real time (can be the same method that handles the replacements OnLevelLoad).
  4. Woohoo, one of my all-time favorites getting a little make-over!!! \o/
  5. Citizen modding?

    Well, all it has to do it walk around town, leaving behind him a wake of doom and destruction (it's exactly what those nagging Cims of mine deserve, ungrateful bastards! ) The main thing that should work are the legs, so it moves around quasi-realistically: a T-Rex's arms were pretty much useless, flappy stubs anyway. Or.... and bear with me... we put one on a skateboard
  6. Awesome initiative! I don't care much for tutorial video's, but that's just me, and in any case any additional bit of info regarding modding is more than welcome (it often feels like stabbing in the dark to me). One thing I'd like to learn a bit more about is detouring: I'm familiar with the basic concepts and methods, but even after studying lots of code snippets I'm still have problems working out what bits to detour and how to implement them (my personal White Whale is finding out if in any way it is possible to access props/trees/assets on instance level, so individual items can be customized without the changes applying to every instance [think road sign props, for example], and if so, how to trace the relevant bits of code that need to be detoured). Other things would be debugging methods (I usually just output stuff to the output log to check things - tedious doesn't even begin to describe it), and whether there are tips and tricks to fix issues that I can't reproduce locally.
  7. Citizen modding?

    Dude, "Custom animals are still in experimental phase, but can be used via scripting."!!! Now who's willing to create a giant animated T-Rex to stomp around on our cities. Actually, could such a custom critter be combined with the disaster (tornado) damage logic, so it destroys everything in its path?
  8. I haven't had time to take a proper look at the new stuff in the code, but a run-once script that resets all street names by looping through them when the map loads sounds feasible. I suspect one could even add a customizable white-list (like a .txt file) with street names that should not be replaced when looping through all the street names.
  9. Love the new apartments! You're right the semi-transparent balconies aren't all that visible from a larger distance, but when zoomed in they look incredible!
  10. That's what I do for dead-end roads lined with parking lots in front of/behind - for example - big box stores: I just give these bits of road the name of the store they 'serve'. What I would like to know is whether road names are programmatically accessible through road segments/nodes: that could perhaps open new possibilities for customized exit/highway number signs (for example by reading a highway ramp node's road name - say I-70 - and outputting/overlaying that name on the highway route sign).
  11. Silly question perhaps (I must be overlooking something), but how do I get to see the new traffic light/stop sign icons on the roads with the new built-in traffic tools? On Youtube video's I saw them show up as soon as you select a road (either through the new Traffic Routes tool, or by clicking on the Adjust Road button of a road info panel), but when I do that I don't see any icons. I however did manage to toggle traffic lights by randomly clicking on an intersection until I - apparently - managed to hit the invisible traffic light icon... Is there a setting I need to enable, or is this new functionality clashing with a mod? And while we're at asking dumb questions, is there any way to toggle road names (I still see them when in cinematic view), direction arrows, which road tools (guides, nodes), etc?
  12. Show us your Detail Shots

    Hard Rock Cafe:
  13. Man, that hotel looks outrageous, a genuine master piece!