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  1. Suburban Development

    Nice work! That looks so homey. I like it! Keep on going and good luck with the design ideas!
  2. City Pictures

    WOW O_O I'm speechless. That is an amazing city, omg!!!!! What a view!!!!! Great work! A masterpeace! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. Neighborhood: Old Jamestown

    I like the view of Old Jamestown! It is lovely! Great work with the placement of streets and buildings! I love the shapes and views they make!
  4. Project Shinjidai - XoXiDe

    First: he mode is amazing, thank you for uploading! That is what I've needed for my current project. Second: I have discovered a strange problem the first time I've installed it. The RCI in the Custom content appears normaly and also gets plopp points, but I can't plopp the buildings. I've tried this on differend type of roads, but it won't work. The funny thing is - the japaneese landmarks don't have this problem. They get plopp points and they are ploppable and removable. Any suggestions why this problem occurs? And yes, I have Akar installed and all other things seem to work fine. I will test, if the problem lies in the Roads with no traffic lights mode or Oppies europack mode, but I don't think, that the problem lies in there, because than the landmarks will not work, and they work fine. I'm still puzzled... Forget about what I've said. The problem has fixed itself right away. I forgot to reload the city, after I saved it.... Geez... I normaly do this, but somehow I was too excited by the mod and forgot about this. I'm sorry...
  5. Sim City 5 won't run

    Hi, there! That is a odd problem. Have you tried to uninstall the game, restart your PC and than download it again? Do you have the problem with other games or only with Sim City? Your video card works with Direct X 12API, which should be a further version of Direct X 11, made for Windows 10. It should work with the game, but it does not need to be so. I don't think, that your problem lies in the graphic card. It could be the game itself. In the basic system requirements of the game says it works with Direct X 9
  6. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I'm always impressed by anyone who takes English as a second language and does so well with it, We have so many words that mean the same thing I can only imagine the difficulty associated with learning later in life. Oh, thank you. Now you make me blush, that's not good But yeah, I know, what you mean. I feel the same, when I meet someone, who has learned my language and is speaking with me in bulgarian, althrough he or she knows, that I can speak English or German (a language he or she know better). It is impressive, because Bulgarian and all slavic languages are now so easy to learn (espacially pronunciation). That makes me (and many bulgarians too) somehow excited. And again, I talk too much Sorry for that. Next time, I'll send a personal message and not spam around
  7. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Thanks for the welcome~ Yeah, thanks, I'm trying my best. Sure. I haven't heard that they bite I'm testing some mods right now, I hope than I can continiue working on them and show you guys, what I've planned. Now, I will go and test Akar with some other mods. See ya!
  8. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello everyone, I'm Lubomira aka Nepatan (Nepa) and I come from Bulgaria. I discovered Simtropolis while searching for interesting stuff and guides about Sim City 2013. I am new to city building games, but I think I learn quickly. I like strategy games and I wanted to try some city building games. So far I have Cities Skylines and Sim City 4 beside Sim City 2013. Now I am working on 2 Sim City 2013 projects and that's why I have no time for the other games yet. But it will come. My occupation is office manager in the little family buisiness of my father. I play games for fun and relaxing. I hope my english is understandable. I read in english, have my diveces with an english Operation System and with english language options and watch TV-Series and films in english, but it is a while that I wrote in english. And... I talk too much, so I leave it here
  9. The gorgeousness of SimCity

    OH. MY. GOD! This city is gorgeous!!!! I love it and seriosly? I want to live in there! The layout of the roads is terrific! I guess that was a lot of work and it looks so perfect on the terrain, as if it was made for it! Great! And the video was inspiring, thank you for uploading!
  10. When you have this porblem in Single Player Mode: See at first if on the entering city screen, is displayed the city name. If not, quit the game and start it again. (notice that the Resume game button will be empty). Load the region and go into the city, on that you have last played. Wait until it loads, than go to the region and claim a new city. It should now work. I've had the same problem loading in Single Player Mode and I am not really sure, that it comes from any of my installed modes. It is hard to say, because it doesn't appear each time I play.
  11. Parklets

    Hi, there!   I have a strange problem with this mode and I am not really sure, why this happens.   I`ve installed the File above (009_OFFLINE_DLC_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0731_2_3_Parklets.package) in my Sim City Date folder. Than I've started Sim City and picked up a new Reagion to test the mod. I've claimed a city and tried to find the parks, but the are not really there.   I don't have Akar, but I've read that the latest version is also for Non Akar users. Have I missed something while reading? And if it matters: I'm not using a Mac.