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Project Shinjidai (New Era) Japanese Cultural Landmarks and Buildings


Ever since Yuttho Started Building Tokyo 1.0 and 2.0 the request and his request for more traditional and specific content for Japan and by many users has been something high on my list of things to publish to the public. 


I hope this will inspire many new cities and designs as well as other mods that will use Cultural Inspiration as a methodology to give us greater control over our communities and create Neighbor Hoods that will give greater diversity in our cities.  


2 New Landmarks

   - Himeji Castle (Japanese Castle)

   - Todai-ji (Sumo / Martial Arts Monastery for Cultural Learning)


3 $$ Residential

3 $$$ Residential

4 $$ Commercial

4 $$$ Commercial




Icons and Descriptions by Yayie (Thanks for doing the artwork and Menu Positioning for me within Akar) (Thanks to the SUGC Team Members for testing and debugging the mod for me).


Special thanks to Oppie for the SCP for which no mod would ever be possible and the Developers for always being around to answer questions when we all need questions answered on quirky things we do not understand completely yet as we learn.



Without the community and their continued desire for mods I myself and other would not be working so hard to deploy So many of these new ideas buildings and Blue Prints that will further the modding efforts globally.


Place the mod in your \simcitydata folder





What's New 1.05


  • 1.00 - First Release Released to Group for Testing
  • 1.01 - Fix Futurization Bug found by Elricm
  • - First Changes to Akar Menu (Yayie)
  • 1.02 - Fix Floating Solar Panel but found by Yayie
  • 1.03 - Added $$ to the $$$ RC in the mod
  • - Suggestion by Yayie and SUGC Members
  • 1.04 - Fixed some Icons and Description Images
  • Yayie
  • 1.05 - Release to Public
  • - Release to Mod Pack

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Project Shinjidai puts other landmarks to shame with its intricate detail and majestic exteriors. It's the perfect mod for creating a city with a distinct Japanese/East Asian feel and blends beautifully with old and modern architecture alike. While both Himeji Castle and Todai-ji take up a lot of land space, it's worth utilizing these buildings as aesthetic centrepieces; I wouldn't consider many of my cities complete without them. 

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    • By Daeley
      bugs noticed:
      ** after deeper investigation by Pheonix Rising it appears the mod does not work if you start up the game with a shortcut you have created yourself. So if this mod doesn't work for you, try starting the game with the Maxis default desktop shortcut, or (if you deleted this shortcut or didn't make one) start the game though "Start > all programs > Maxis > SimCity 4" from the start menu. (Big thank you to Pheonix Rising)
      ** this mod write to savefiles to backup the information gathers. Unfortunatly, it seems this mod will occasionally be closed off in the middle of writing to a file, causing the file to be corrupt. When this happens, this can cause the game to freeze. If you are experiencing this, please look for two files called "BSCfields.dat" and "popfile.dat" in your Apps folder and delete these files. This will fix the problem but will also reset tracking. If you do not wish to lose tracking, make a backup of these files once in a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Daeley presents:
       the BSC Regional Tracking Mod
      The BSC Regional tracking mod is a mod designed to store specific data from your cities and make them available for the entire region to enhance regional play.
      Whenever you enter a city, you will receive a popup message asking you to track the city. With the data tracked by the mod, you can also have a look at a detailed regional population report and, for the farming lovers out there, you can look at the number of BTE fields in your region.
      Several upcoming releases from the BSC will also use this data to enhance queries or reward requirements.
      a word of caution:
      The regional tracking mod saves data dependant on the *NAME OF THE CITY. This means there are two limitations you should keep in mind during gameplay:
      1. Deleting or renaming a city confuses this mod. I advise against renaming, but if you want to delete a city, it's best to just start a new city with the same name. If you wish to just create a test city you plan on quickly deleting, you always choose *NOT TO TRACK THE CITY.
      2. Similarly, two cities with the same name in the same region (different region is ok) will result in only the data from the last one visited being saved.
      Note that cities are not tracked by default. This means when applying this mod to an old region, you need to visit each untracked city and track it, much like when you use a watermod to change the color of the water.
      BSC_essential_OG.dat (Now a part of BSC Essentials (v1.0) available on SC4 Devotions's LEX.)
      If you have any other downloads by the BSC you should already have this file.

      have fun,
      if any problems should exist, please do not hesitate to post them on the appropriate thread in the BSC forum at simtropolis.
      26.05.05 : A bug caused the mod not to track cities with single 'quotes' or double "quotes" in their names. A fix has been made for single quotes, but double quotes are still not possible. Thanks to Guinessmonkey for tracking and reporting this bug.
      -Cori Note: Updated dependency linky and added the following tip:
      In order for the popup dialogs shown in the above pictures to actually pop up when entering a city the Urgent Advice Dialogs must be turned on in the Play Options. (Otherwise you can watch for when the message appears in the news.)

      -Additional Cori Note:
      This mod was originally written when there were no digital versions of the game. The default output folder for a digital version is different from what @Daeley's mod expects. The easy workaround is to create an Apps subfolder of C:\Gog Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps so it'll then be: C:\Gog Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps\Apps where the two reports are stored.
      Optionally, one can edit the 0x0000dae1 LUA script in the mod changing these two lines:
      BSCfieldsfile = [[Apps\BSCfields.dat]] to BSCfieldsfile = [[BSCfields.dat]]
      BSCpopfile = [[Apps\popfile.dat]] to BSCpopfile = [[BSCpopfile.dat]]
      And be certain to read the first paragraph above (highlighted in orange) about it only working from an original Maxis style shortcut and not any custom ones. What does work is to navigate to where SimCity 4.exe is located, right click on it, send to desktop as shortcut, then edit the target line there adding only -Intro:off -CPUCount:1
      You do need to have Administrator rights when running the game so it can access the folder it wants to write the two files to.
    • By AmiPolizeiFunk
      You know how in Google Earth you can hit "R" and reset the camera to point straight down and rotate so North is straight up?
      I think that would be an awesome and simple mod to add such a key to Cities:Skylines. Would anybody be interested in coding it?
    • By fakelvis
      As you will no doubt know, the Maxis SC4 website shut down a long time ago, and with it went the Maxis tools and DLC landmarks.
      The Maxis DLC landmarks were once available over on Screwpile Developments, but that no longer works. Also @MoofishPro made them available here, but the .ipb file means these cannot be installed on a Mac.
      (Staff Note: This has now been fixed and was broken due to an error with the file submission, where the zip extension wasn't assigned. So this can also be a viable alternative to the landmarks as packaged here.)

      You can find all of these by trawling the internet and various SC4 forums. But, in this simple .zip file, I've compiled the .dat files for all 29 Maxis DLC Landmarks.

      Unzip Place the entire folder into your SC4 Plugins folder Done
      63 Building Adler Planetarium Air Force Base (actually a Civic Reward, not a landmark) Arc de Triomphe Brandenburg Gate Capitol Records Globe Arena Grand Central Station Grutze Industries Grutzehaus Kunjungjon Living Mall Longfellow Castle Lucky's Hang Ten Mayflower Port Nam Dae Moon (a.k.a. Sungre Mun) Parthenon Rockerfeller Center San Francisco City Hall Schloss Schoenbrun Shorty Burger Seoul City Hall Seoul Soccer Stadium Sobchak Lanes Stone House (a.k.a. Ian's House of Stone and Wood) Stonehenge Taipei Art Museum Temple Expiatiori de la Sagrada Familia Temple of Grutz
      As far as I can see, this is compatible with the 'AllInOne.dat' file from @toroca's Functional Landmarks mod.
    • By Shannanigan O'Crabby
      Hey there everybody...

      So I've been building houses and using Ronyx "No Base" script to remove that ugly grey stuff the game adds on below ground level.
      I just noticed... that also removes "snow" if the asset is placed in a Snowfall map. :/
      I don't supposed there is any way around this is there?


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