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  1. I am hoping for nuclear armageddon.
  2. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Extremely saddened by this news... I don't know what else to say...
  3. Are you prepared for total hard drive failure?

    I back up to my deatacentre quite frequently as I have all my data in a RAID-0 setup.
  4. I hope for nuclear armageddon! I love big, explodie bombs!
  5. I decided to bite the bullet and move to windows 10. It is surprisingly good, but still a little buggy OS. It also supports my 2004 Paraell SCSI controller too. I still plan to go Linux when Wine is able to successfully do Final Fantasy XIV (14) without a hitch.
  6. Thanks for this info. I might just abondon windblows all together now.
  7. Problems with SimCity 3000 on Windows 10

    Don't use winblows 10. If unable to change OS, get Oracle VirtualBox and run windows 2000 or XP on it, then install SC3000. Note: Your CPU must be able to support Virtualization Instructions.
  8. I can just see the inferno of anger if this was the case, but I do agree on the fact that modders deserve a "medal" or more.
  9. 2 questions here.

    Hi, I have 2 questions here. 1. Is there a location on the internet where all the RCI SimCity 3000 Unlimited buildings (from all tilesets) have been re-created for SC4? 2. Is there any way at all to have a residential ploppable that actually works? (Trying to make an acrology-like lot/building) Thanks in advanced.
  10. 3D Camera Mod for SimCity 4

    Wow, troll much?
  11. HAHAHAHA! Meteors R us! Perfect! I love meteors! I am so looking forward to this apocalyptic xpack.
  12. Yea, I did chat with the CO CEO, and that is what I was told also about the possible modding. It can be done, however, but will require ludicrous knowledge of the Unity engine and the game and infinite patience. It was also said that the ability to change settings based on the specs of the pc is not possible to implement at this time. There is hope that this can be done my them at a later date, even though my i7-4790 is already screaming at me whenever I construct a huge city.
  13. I have been banned from the Micro$courage forums for calling them out on their nonsense. Lol, I guess I hurt someones' ego there.
  14. Any chance of a modder being able to modify the agent limits in the game? That would be great if it is possible to accomplish. (I know about the tree limit mod already)
  15. SimCity is an awesome game, it is unfortunate that EA did what they did...