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  1. Region size

    just wondering if there is a limit in terms of region size? is it possible to make a country size region without affecting game performance ?
  2. STEX Most Downloaded Sorting

    hey moose there is a marquee at the bottom for most downloaded but i need it as a sorting option for the grid menu. until the latest update i could do it. any chance the devs could add it in im sure its not too hard
  3. why did you guys remove the sorting option for most downloaded in the STEX. i was slowly working my way towards to downloading all the quality content and now this sorting option is missing. all the other sorting options dont really help me. can you please add it back?
  4. SC4 Terraformer

    i know there is a thread that explains this step by step but i am still having trouble. it is not as straight forward as you think. can someone please upload a video perhaps on how to get this thing going. at the moment i have the msvcp71, directx feb 2010 redlist and sc4terraformer.zip files but lsot from there? thanks
  5. hey guys i turned off auto-reconcile like you said and problem solved so thanks. i did some testing and it wasn't the terrain mod or the region causing the problems so i'm still baffled as to why it was doing this. i also tested a connection via road and there was no issue. what i don't get is, if reconciling is supposed to make uneven tiles level, why does turning off auto-reconciliation have the opposite effect? weird.
  6. the tiles dont auto reconcile, it asks me first. i am wondering why the tiles are uneven in the first place? whats causing it - a bug in the terrain mod or the region itself?
  7. Eaton

    is anyone else having reconciliation problem with the tiles on this map when they install desert terrain mods? also i highly recommend sc4 mapper to really get this most out of this beauty
  8. i have tried a few desert terrain mods on the fantastic eaton region in the past and they all seem to have the same problem with reconciliation. obviously when i log into a city tile for the first time the desert terrain kicks in and then for some reason it asks me to reconcile the land. if i click yes it 'fillets' (kind of like a chamfer for those who took shop class in high school) all the edges of the tile making it like an island. very annoying because all my tiles are not on the same level. its either the Eaton region or the terrain mods.
  9. DAMN won't install

    why? DAMN is makes sc4 so great. i can install 1.07 and it works fine but i thought i would update to latest version and it doesnt work. even 1.1.1 has same problem. ill stick with 1.07 for now
  10. downloaded latest DAMN manager 1.2 and when i click the exe it comes up with errors and wont install "needs adminstritive priveledges/access violation command" thing is when i right click properties there is no option for run as admin. please help
  11. Daisy Chaining

    I dont understand. I cannot seem to fix my problem.
  12. Daisy Chaining

    Hey guys I need help. I have my main central CBD hub and I want to daisy chain power into it from surrounding suburbs (separate cities) to create realism (instead of having a power plant right in the middle of downtown). The problem is when I connect a power line into the CBD to initiate a power deal, when I hover over cities the power lines connect as power lines rather than into buildings. So basically I cannot create a power grid without having this annoying physical connection. Is there a way around this?
  13. Terrain Levels too high

    Yes. Its a very painful process. Open city>change to desert paint>save and exit to region x225
  14. Terrain Levels too high

    Okay I did a test and uninstalled the CLT terrain mod and re-rendered my region and it fixed the height issue. Only problem is now I have to manually re-render every tile in god mode to get my desertscape back.
  15. I have this weird issue where after I render my region the terrain is too high and chunky across the whole map. I have the CPT desert terrain mod installed. Please help.