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  1. If a mod is made to play in offline mode (having to call it this is kindove ironic in the first place, because it just takes it from a mmorpg to a "G") and they ban you from online mode, then play offline
  2. mandatory online gaming is going to be the downfall of the gaming industry. Not just the games that only allow you t play unless your online But its the games that will not let you download unless your online have 5 accounts need to remember 6 passwords and then cant even play it on a lap top when the power goes out. And its starting to become you need to buy digital downloads of the stupid patches even...... with done ever fix the bugs anyway just add more, Games are fun but the truth is they are sucking up all our money so fast and making so many crappy games i am scared the video game market bubble will burst. I hope i'm wrong. but this direction is not good for the average gamer community or the gaming economy.
  3. SimCity 4 Ultimate Dependency Package - April 2012

    now its time for you to make that 2 gig file so i can download it
  4. ReZonePlus

    i have SPAM and this mod does not work, i dont know if they are connected because i rather removed this mod then SPAM im a little lazy.
  5. Autosave mod request

    http://the-real-red.blogspot.com/2009/06/sim-city-4-crashing-to-desktop-autosave.html the original one
  6. Hydroelectric Power Plant

    this is awesome but when i use it i cant see the cool stuff, all i see is a cement slab. What are the dependencies please i want to put this on the mississippi!!
  7. Burlington Jungle Mesh

    thanks theOOguvna
  8. The Deep Forrest

    This is what the environment looks like. Lots of species have evolved in this region, and they grow in many different patches that seem to be randomly patternized.
  9. Military base

    And finally, out in the boonies, is the military base. Out in the forest is the secret base nobody knows about
  10. sub

    this is one subdivision that my sims can live in
  11. Hangout Area

    This is where the people of Vill hang out, and where the tourists visit.
  12. city centers

    this is what all my city centers look like around my similization.
  13. burlingtons capital city Vill

    these 2 views are the bird eye view of the capital view and one of downtown, where my sims enjoy a drag race and work the indistry
  14. Burlington Jungle Mesh

    p.s. look close all the settlements have a Hanging Garden of Babylon.
  15. Burlington Jungle Mesh

    this is my first CJ. an amazing thing happened to me, all the trees from the Columbus tree mod all went down in sections, unlike ever before. I also have some cool city's here. I put 2 pictures now but i will put more if this CJ thing works out.