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  1. Not turned off, but it turns out there was a new setting added to the plugin which was enabled. Quoting from the changelog: So as the quotes weren't detected on the first page of the thread, it resulted in them being shown in full. I've just toggled this off, so they are now truncated as expected. Or perhaps another way forward is to turn it back on (if the setting may have uses elsewhere), and then add spoilers inside each quote to similarly consolidate the space.
  2. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    That's the key right there. The very reason why community sites like ST are so important to a game's longevity. No official strategy guide can compare with the explorations and wealth of information collected over the years, from so many of us from around the world. These discoveries go well beyond established theory, venturing deep into previously uncharted waters. In such a vast ocean, the challenging part is often navigating your way around. Thankfully Google and the like make this task a whole lot easier. (And yep, the site's internal search does need a major overhaul.) It's true and fascinating when threads like this do re-emerge. Not in all cases, but absolutely there can perfectly valid advice to glean, regardless of when it was posted. Just because something was written a few years back (or a long, long time ago), doesn't mean it can no longer be applied to this day. Also sometimes a nice bonus is making others aware of the info, or leading to follow-on discussions based upon newly acquired knowledge. I always think if one person wonders about something, there's usually at least one other, if not many more searching for the exact same answer. It's good to go with the flow. Indeed, it's not exactly the most obvious. I guess many would follow what the OP had tried by attempting a standard road connection to each lane. Since avenues in the game have a rounded loop at the end, it does appear different than what the player expects. Also after all, the game's standard car & passenger terminal only allows road connections: Which doesn't really make sense from an entry / exit point of view. Aren't you meant to drive through the front gate to pay? An avenue can lead right up to the last tile: But this isn't much better (especially on left hand drive). So in terms of traffic flow, clearly Pegasus had the right idea with using an avenue only connection. Just as the transit enabling is done differently compared to the standard terminal, this could also contribute to the misconception it requires roads. I guess it always helps to carefully read the description...
  3. Welcome to Simtropolis Personally I'd say the easiest built-in means is by pressing Print Screen, commonly labelled as the PrtSc key. On Windows, this captures your entire monitor's resolution in the active program and temporarily stores it to the clipboard. Then paste it into an image editor such as GIMP or Paint.NET (or even good ol' MS Paint will work). Here it's possible to crop the size, or even do any post-production editing should you wish (brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc). Then the final and most important step is to output the image to file. Depending on your program of choice, this is usually in the File menu, where there's options such as Save or Export. Usually for high resolution and detailed images, JPG is the best format which is optimised for quality vs file size. Then upload it here as you've done, or to a reputable online image host. By the way... A possibly little known trick is to use Alt+PrtSc to capture the currently active window. This saves on cropping it to fit and the image is all neat and tidy right away.
  4. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    All local site content (images, style sheets and scripts) should now be hosted on HTTPS. However there may be other content such as external images which aren't served via the secure protocol. By default Firefox blocks mixed active content such as scripts and styles. Since these are what form page layouts and provide interactive elements, to me it sounds like this may have occurred and resulted in the issues you've observed. To check what items have been blocked, try opening the Browser Console (Ctrl+Shift+J). Then reload an affected page and filter for the mixed content detected, typing "mixed" in the box on the top right. For example from the current page in this thread: These two images use HTTP only, resulting in an orange warning shown on the location bar. As these are passive items only (static), they are allowed to load. I'm not aware of any scripts which aren't transferred securely, but this page should confirm whether Firefox is blocking any that might be present. Firefox is clearly fighting a losing battle in that case. We'll get to the bottom of it.
  5. Nasty Popup

    @Fantozzi I believe the preference was asked again due to the site's upgrade to SSL. Last week Dirk added support for HTTPS, which is now used on all site pages to encrypt data requests back and forth. This can be seen from both the URL and padlock icon, which should show on your browser's location bar. What this has meant is in terms of the permissions, Firefox sees a new instance of ST, so (rather painstakingly) asks for your permission again for the push notifications. Checking this out on an IPS Demo site on Firefox, I was able to confirm this behaviour. When changing to the secure protocol, it asked for the permission to be granted once more. For me as per my previous findings, clicking "Not Now" simply dismissed the popup and it resurfaced on the next page load. I'm not too sure why there was an issue setting the Allow or Deny, although that could potentially be due to a blocked script, or a bug with the latest version. On a personal note: I use the ESR edition of FF to buy more time for the changes being made for add-ons (since I use a few which will no longer work from version 57.0 onwards, with the switch to WebExtensions). The ESR basically just provides the latest security updates at the expense of no new features. In terms of the saved permission for notifications, it should be represented on this page: (In the same menu as Cori previously showed above.) As can be seen, there are two entries for the previous HTTP address, and now with the added 's' for secure. A pity there's no built-in way to toggle the values from here, as that would be useful to manage all sites in one place. Sounds like we're all a bit confused about this, including site and browser! If I had to guess, it'd be ST has remembered (cached) your preference from previously, then Firefox has somehow got in a muddle between the non-secure and secure protocols. Ah well, since that makes no sense at all, I'm going to wrap this up by concluding... All's well that ends well.
  6. RRetail Misc Entertainment Relots Pack Two

    @RRetail @_Alex @9gruntsand1hammer @AsimPika3172 @CaptCity @charlys @dashriprock @Dublin @gustavoamf10 @Huggy-Bear @Jack_wilds @januszszcz59 @manofcash @medit84truth @Mimoso @Mr_Maguee @pangool2 @robertson555 @Silverfur15 @twalsh102 @Wesleytwm Good news. The file should now download successfully, and it was caused by an improper access level being set on the storage server. This has now also been fixed for newly uploaded files. Thanks!
  7. RRetail Misc Entertainment Relots Pack Two

    This is due to a change in the storage configuration for STEX files which was made earlier this afternoon. Sorry about this and don't worry, it was through no fault of your own. We're working on it now.
  8. STEX CDs and Donations

    Thanks for your support of the site. I'm not the expert in this regard (I'll have to check with Dirk), but I believe Paypal is only setup for the exchange to US Dollars. No worries, I'll also make Dirk aware of your choice so there's no confusion. Yes, HTTPS is now enabled sitewide for all pages including file transfers. It really is a much needed addition in this day and age of security.
  9. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    @CorinaMarie Delightful subtle use of landscaping as always, and I particularly like how each area of development seems to blend and flow with the terrain. Now, I did spot something hidden away in the forest clearing... And zooming in... So, have I discovered the not-so secret entrance to a secret base, or is it simply a trig point atop the hill summit?
  10. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    We're pleased to confirm the error with the industrial file has now been fixed and successfully downloads: Indeed as hinted by the above tech talk transcript, it turns out the Simoleon symbol (§) was responsible here. This is one of many special characters we suspect are among file names, and cause an incompatibility in the database. The problem being the correct download URL isn't being referenced (the character cannot be stored), and that causes the resulting not found error. Basically it doesn't know where to look, and the system has no ability to find the file anywhere other than the location specified. Based on some of the comments on these files, it's also likely to have been a lingering undetected issue for a good few years. From early indications, it seems these files are still intact on the server. So we'll be finding a way to either fix them manually as was the case here, explore the possibility to perform a batch update, or address the issue of compatibility. In the meantime, please keep letting us know of any such errors.
  11. STEX Issues - Community Report Thread

    Seeing as it points to the 'www' location, we might be able to do a rewrite to direct this old URL to the correct format. Just as has been done recently for older STEX file links. Or better still as a permanent solution, updating these instances via a database command. (That's something we're looking into.) Yes, although there is reference to the Opera House Fix, it does seem unlikely given the file was uploaded 8 years before the thread was created. It's possible those old links are so outdated (back when ST used the IdealBB forum software), that the ID numbers no longer correspond to the IPS equivalent today. Along with readme files, this means it'd require a best guess and a manual update as Cori said. It seems those URLs are empty as follows: <a href="" rel="external nofollow noopener" target="_blank">Opera House Fix</a> There is no target in the href, so it just directs to the currently viewed page being the thread. Again with this data missing and without a pattern, it rules out an auto-redirect or batch process. Therefore the only viable way forward is for us to manually fix them on demand, providing it's possible to determine the correct target location.
  12. Sounds like you may have come across the AdFly redirection shown for guests. If not signed into your Simtropolis account when attempting to download, it leads to an advertisement page (at go.simtropolis.com) which is used to help fund the site's operational expenses. There are also other limitations on the STEX without using a registered account, such as only allowing 2 files to be downloaded at once. So it's usually worth keeping signed in whenever possible. Then try downloading the file and it should work directly once clicking the button.
  13. Site Updates & Announcements

    A Minor and a Major Fix We're pleased to announce 2 useful improvements to the STEX: Review Stars Now Editable Written a file review? Want to modify the number of stars you've given? No problem. On the STEX it's now possible to edit your reviews and set a new rating value (1-5). After opening the editor, all you need to do is choose another star and hit the Save button. Bingo! That's it! Your review will then be saved, and after an auto-refresh the file's rating is updated. Preliminary Feedback "Oh, this is great cause I change my mind every few minutes!" –EiramAniroc "1 Star. Not needed. I know what I mean and I mean what I click." –Someone Else "Nice, but where's the edit button?" –Anonymous "A technological advancement beyond rational comprehension. A conquering ground-breaking revolution." –iptech "No comment. All you made me do is test it." –CloneBoom Possible uses may include if a new version of the file is released, and you wish to re-evaluate your original rating based on the changes made. Seeing as previously the ratings were inconveniently locked down, only the review text could be edited. Not any more... not any more! STEX Old Links Now Redirect Here's a fix that will likely affect everyone who uses the exchange. Over the years Simtropolis has used a range of software platforms. Starting out when Dirk built the original STEX from the ground up. Inevitably as software has changed, so has the format and structure. Part of this includes the links for files on the STEX. These were fixed a while ago, but a site upgrade altered the format which meant the existing translation (URL rewrite rules) no longer worked. Until now... Yes, finally those old links on file descriptions will once more redirect correctly. Dependencies will now be reachable without having to manually append the file ID to the URL, or if not aware this was possible, embark on a painstaking search for the files. Just click and you're there. Format Examples: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=26793 http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=26793 http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/26793-network-addon-mod-for-windows-installer/ It also works with or without the 'www', and providing the ID is correct for the file, each will redirect to the correct location: As a result, reference lists such as this one will be useful once more.
  14. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    @Fantozzi I've just tested and can confirm with the images successfully moved to the new storage, profile images should now be editable once more.
  15. STEX CDs and Donations

    Thanks for your interest in supporting the site. I've checked with @Dirktator on this, and can confirm an automatic email will be sent to your address provided after your donation has been processed. If you'd like to opt-out of receiving a STEX disc or digital download, that's completely fine. Please send a quick reply to the email making this known. Should you not receive said email, I'd recommend sending Dirk a PM here at ST. Thanks again.