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  1. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    Great BAT and I found the story to be fascinating. Thanks on both accounts.
  2. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Your new work looks awesome. I still stop by on occasion, but I almost never post anymore.
  3. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    Originally posted by: Jasoncw hmmm, that's weird. It's never crashed for me. Has anyone else had this problem? Can you try emptying (temporarily renaming) your plugins folders and only having that one building in there? Have you tried redownloading and reinstalling it?quote> Emptying, no. I redownloaded it twice, and it happened each time I reinstalled it.
  4. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    Whoa, it may be close to a year since I last posted here. Or not... I forget. Anyways, speaking of ploppables, the ploppable version of Brei Market And Happy Camera seem to cause my game to crash to desktop whenever I plop the building. The LE will not open the lot files either. I have never had this issue with a downloaded lot before, and had to remove the files. Any idea what might have caused this? First time I have experienced anything like this. Thanks.
  5. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    HEY YOU! SPA! Look what you did to the downtown areas of my small towns. They have so much visual interest its not even funny, and you are to blame! I modified some maxis building to fit on the smalltown format also. My downtown looks very much like the "old" downtown" of so many midwestern towns, and your work makes it possible. Sorry to flood your thread with my pictures but I thought you might want to see what some of us downloaders were able to do with your work in-game. Thanks, and I cant wait to add your new shops to my downtown. (which you may of may not have noticed from the tiny city map, I made first here)
  6. Nexis BATs again

    Looking good mrb! I like them. I am a little uncertain about the flags to be honest. I rarely saw them with flags but if you think it makes it more visible and such thats a good thing. Is it possible to make a family of them? They usually have many colors so I think it would neat to have a alternate color scheme or two. But thats really just nitpicking. Im just thrilled you made them, thank you. I like them right now as is also so I would be happy with whatever you did. Thanks again
  7. Nexis BATs again

    Awesome! Former Maine resident, but thanks. I dunno about the lobster pot idea either, likely only useful in shallow water. I suppose it depends on if we can tell what it is at that distance... its not like we could ever see them down there in real life I guess.
  8. Nexis BATs again

    I love this set mrb, I come from Maine originally and would it be too much to ask if you could make a few lobster buoys? That was a large part of the seascapes around harbors in the northeast Or even... underwater lobster pots too? Just a suggestion, thanks!
  9. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 2

    Splendid! I love your work, and more is always good thing. Seems its an interesting shape too, a bonus.
  10. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    Wow. Just, wow. Stunning
  11. autoVino's bat projects

    Flying figs, thats a nice tower. Like simfox, i thought "uh-oh" when i saw the first floor, but it looks really good now. But certainly those color schemes are for representation are not the final texture? I admit I prefer the second one. Also, the glass railing on top of the roof is neat, but whats holding it up? It looks like one huge section. Needs some divisions.
  12. Of Railyards and Steel Mills

    For sc4boy, NCD made the lots and doesn't need to come up with excuses for why he does or does not implement your suggestion into some aspects of HIS OWN WORK. Im just thankful that I have a railroad yard to build.
  13. STEX Lots Service

    Hello mrbisonm, I have just learned through your lot upload of this project (I rarely wander off of my beaten track in the simtropolis forum anymore) and I think it's a splendid idea. Anyways, I really like the German Small Houses Set , the Dutch Corner House Van Speijkstraatand, and the Dutch 9 Building Pack -all by haarlemmergold- , but all these houses are 1X1 lots. I do not use 1X1 if I can help it and I almost never see these. Is it possible to make these structures on 1X2 and 1X3 lots, respectively? Thanks!
  14. Nofunk's BAT Thread

    You are right, it looks real already! You are my favorite batter, seriously.
  15. autoVino's bat projects

    The night lighting is of superior quality!