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  1. Plugin not showing

    Unfortunately I had no luck as I did as what rsc204 suggested. Here's how I had my loading order set up. I think it's unlikely that loading order may be the problem as other junctions such as road x raod work fine. Its just the avenue crossing in the OP. Has anyone ran into this issue before?
  2. Plugin not showing

    Thanks for the response rsc204, that's right, I remembered how the z changed the loading order and made mods load I believe first? (If I'm not mistaken and remember back) but I totally forgot about the underscore and how it changes loading order as well. Thanks so much for the reminder and your help. And a happy new year to you as well.
  3. A plugin doesn't show up in the game.
  4. SHK HD Rock Mods

  5. Network Addon Mod: Version 33 released for SC4

    Wow, its amazing how the NAM is still living and breathing, keeping Simcity 4 young and bright. A special big thank you to the great NAM team, as the community can never repay your debt. Your work can never be appreciated enough, for everything you have brought Simcity 4. Live long and prosper NAM ^ __^ and thank you once again NAM team!
  6. Why not both? *Insert Mexican Fiesta music with people dancing*
  7. EndCiv: A post-apocalyptic city builder

    Alot of new Indie City building games lately. Looks nice!
  8. Announcing: Project Highrise (indie game)

    Reminds of SimsTower haha Nice to see the genre reborn.
  9. Welcome back, sorta...!

    hmm ready for windows 10 too i see. I think a sorta good tour or tutorial thing would help greatly as the new format and things will indeed confuse alot of people
  10. Australian invasion of fish walking on land

    That comes down to a matter of question if whether there is any predators here that will eat this buggers.
  11. Developer Diaries Discussion

    There is no doubt CityBound would be the true successor of SC4. There is still a huge way to go. This game isn't even 3D yet. Just think about all those interchanges and having to add a 3rd dimension to it all. Well, good things come to those who wait. Of course I'm aware that there is still much to be done. But even though its not 3D yet, the implementation and features already is astounding; not to mention a very human touch added to this.. after all, I think whats special about Cb from other city buildings games.. or any game I've encountered in general, is that I think this game has something more behind it then what one would think at first.. particularly those who've been following this game since the beginning. I think that review video posted in December is seriously a good example and highlight of what I mean, and I do admire Aselm as a person as well.