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  1. Pier 43

    [quote name='jjbb1976' timestamp='1279297714'] You that have managed to plop this with buildings on it... How do you do it? When I plop it is only the pier without any buildings. I really need help thou I think the Lot looks really nice some mods are like that and theres no way to get it back its happend to me with other mods [/quote] some mods dodndont work to well its happend to some of my mods
  2. Pier 43

    minted but would be brill if you had aa car park.9/10
  3. Civic Vehicles Pack 1

    it looks good but it wont go on my pc.
  4. Large Rest Area

    you put it in plugins im new 2 but my dad figureed out how to get it on.Having mods is mint.
  5. Greater Terran Region Sign Expansion Pack 01

    Looks cool but wont work on my computer but they look good
  6. Party in Park Concert Lot

  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    who knows how to put mods on the game