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  1. SimCity 5 Features and System Requirements

    fully multiplayer? although i think i am one of the few who wanted to see multiplayer... i dont believe that blowing away single player is the right thing to do. where exactly did you get the info. i read the overview from the website and the closest thing to that is "For the first time, SimCity will offer a full multiplayer experience." i dont believe that this quote means only multiplayer though
  2. It's official. SimCity 5 is coming back to Maxis. Watch it Live Now!

  3. Legacy Update 1 - Original Updates 1-5

    where did you obtain that mall
  4. Luxembourg Road Pack 01

    [quote name='Jefferson_AirpIane' timestamp='1273751701'] Great Job, I lived in Luxembourg during 15 years, and this pack looks very realistic! Gut Arb�cht, genau esou w�i an der A4 ;)Hmm...I searched on STEX and I only found one luxembourgish thing, i think we need more stuff from this country. [/quote] look up a guy named Vanderaap, i dont know if it is exactly from that location but he has some great european buildings
  5. Feyvil | The Council of the Parintalia

    Where did you find the spacecraft? it looks amazing
  6. Gobar - Southside

    Even though It is somewhat different this makes me think of my Parent's home country of LEBANON, specifically of Beirut and its sub-areas. If were to ever visit the country depending on where you go you will see such places like in your city of gobar
  7. NDEX ITS Princes House Portsmouth

    does this require dependencies
  8. Slovakia

    How did you get your city in this picture to have such amazing graphics/textures??
  9. Whenever i attempt to put sea ports into my city, i do not know how to change the position of them before i put it into my City. does anyone know how to do this. i have no clue.
  10. EP1 Update Issue

  11. EP1 Update Issue

    I recently came upon the EP1 update about a month ago, but i have been having some trouble with downloading it. actually i can download it successfully but what it does to my game is the problem. I have downloaded it to my game several times (and i had to re install my game several times) but the the problem still comes up. every time i download and install the EP1 update the details on the parking lots and greenery on my buildings turn into green and grey spots; this goes for both downloaded and the games original buildings. I then looked at a texture update, but apparently that was for buildings you created yourself using the B.A.T LOT creator. I have no idea what to do and i really need some help. PLEASE SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The Barnacle Seafood Restaurant

    what do you mean by RH?
  13. SimCity 4 Deluxe Steam Version Update?

    Ummm. i bought the rushhour pack version and when i downloaded sku1-sku5 the only thing that happens is that my yards and parking lots change into grey and green emptiness. I have no idea why it does this can any of you help me.
  14. BLaM St Twiggyan Hospital

    the only problem i see is the dark/black color; i do not believe that a hospital should have such colors considering it looks depressing and for some reason "unhealthy". Do not take such critique seriously though pretty much everything else look absolutely fabulous. unfortunately i will not download, the look still has (9.5/10)