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Welcome to the relaunched Windemere!

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As you may have noticed, since the launch of Holt District about a year ago, Windemere has been quiet. When I started Holt District I had every intention of eventually brining Windemere back to its former glory as an often-updated CJ alongside Holt District. But life has turned busier recently with a string of things going on that have taken their fair share of time. School keeps me busy. Work does too. And there are some other things which just add to the grind of RL. Windemere hasn't been the same since its change from Windemere & Taschereau to Feaumont. I guess you could call that a failed experiment. The current structure of Windemere is also facing its challenges that it did in its first 2 incarnations. The regions are disjunct and random.

Since progress on the region that is showcased for Windemere isn't really going anywhere, I have decided this: it is time to officially end Windemere.

I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to many of you. Afterall, this hasn't been update since May and has been update at 2-month intervals for a while now. Out of the ashes of Windemere rose a new project, Holt District. It has been more successful than I ever imagined. It has turned into a great region and great fun, and I have so many ideas for it. I'm sure you're also wondering why now. If Windemere has continued to this point with infrequent updates up to now alongside Holt District, why is it ending now. Well, like I said. And this is you clue. Out of the ashes of Windemere arose a great project. This project caused the hiatus and ultimate downfall of Windemere. And pulling the plug now might just mean something. I'm sure you can see where I'm heading with this. There IS a reason now is the time to the pull the plug. And you'll know soon enough why.


Before I sign-off Windemere, I want to thank everyone who supported this CJ through its various format changes, lapses in activity, etc. in the almost 2 years (WOW!) since I launched it. This was my first ever CJ so it will always be sort of special. So there may be, even though Windemere is now officially over, a peep from Windemere occasionally. Just don't stay up night waiting for something. That's just a small possibility.

:) I want to thank everyone who helped Windemere reach 661 comments and over 67000 views. Windemere was an absolute blast, and is really what launched my activity here in Simtropolis and the SimCity community as a whole. Without it, Holt District wouldn't have happened, nor would my own website.

So thank you to all of you who made Windemere awesome! And I'll see you in Holt District.


And possibly something new.





Today we're heading north to the countryside. Filled with farms and a few scattered houses, this area is home to a lot of natural beauty.

The fall colours are quite spectacular, with farmhands on deck for the harvest season. Tourists motor through the area for beautiful fall colours.

69.1 | Farmers busy at work harvesting and preparing the field for winter.


69.2 | This fields finds itself nestled between 2 spectacular rows of trees with vibrant fall colours.


69.3 | Further to the west we come across the small street which leads to some farms. But before you reach the fields you pass by a few houses, including these two.


69.4 | This apple orchard will be humming with more activity soon as the workers harvest the produce for farmers markets and commercial distributors.

A small section will also be open for pick-your own.


69.5 | Despite the large windmill, some people in their travels stop in this area and make their way through the trees to catch a glimpse of the water.


69.6 | Some tourists stop in town for lunch and small items they may need for their travels, or for the ride back home to the city after a Sunday drive.

The residents here are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The local B&B is rate the top in the province for service.


That's all for today! Thanks for visiting Windemere, we hope to see you again soon!

Come back again soon as we continue our tour through the farming countryside.

Until next time!




It's a warm fall day in Windemere today. Although it may not be in the real world, who said CJ's have to follow the real world?


We're back in the same small town and take a look at some new developments occurring as well as some of the awesome fall colours.

68.1 | Some new residential condos are under construction here, nestled between an office complex and distribution centre for Lowe's.


68.2 | This new subdivision popped up when several new office buildings were completed in the area, brining with it an increase in the number of jobs.


68.3 | King Food Stores relocated its corporate HQ to the small town, as did Benefinance. This has jump started the housing market in the area. Many new projects are currently in the planning phases.


68.4 | The subdivision we looked at in the last update has since been completed. Here it is in its finished glory. Looks very pretty with the fall colours surrounding it.


68.5 | More offices. These house professional services, including a medium-sized accounting firm and law firm.


68.6 | There aren't many people on this highway now. But there will probably be someday as more people move to this sleepy town.


That's all for today! Thanks for visiting Windemere, we hope to see you again soon!

Come back again soon as we visit our sleepy town once again to see how its grown.

Until next time!




Welcome to another Windemere update! I know it has been a while, but I decided once again to change regions. This time I am returning to a good ol'-fashioned sandbox region. Today's update examines a small town undergoing an expansion, so there are some pictures of the current town and some of the new developments. Let's go have a looksee.


67.1 | One arrives to this small-town of 5000 by rail or highway. Here we see the rail line snake through the forested area, going past the large windmill and office building.


67.2 | Not too far away is the centre of town. Centred around this major intersection, the heart of the town is home to the Food Lion Plaza, Wally K's Bullseye and a small Red Lobster restaurant.


67.3 | These 2 office buildings provide the majority of employment for the area,. The large rectangular building houses WinFinance, famous for their slogan "With us, you win financially." The other building houses Pico Insurance, Ltd. - a medium-sized insurance company.


67.4 | Many of the younger professionals and new couples move into these spacious condominium units, constructed within the past year.


67.5 | For families, these homes under construction are a popular choice. Surrounded by forest, these homes-to-be will be in a highly sought-after area.


These images give you a taste of what's to come now that I have moved back to a new sandbox region. I'm excited to get back to sandbox building, in addition to progressive building in Holt District. I hope you enjoyed these pics, and see you until next time!

Until next time!




Well, like mentioned Windemere2.0 is now more of a side project for myself, but it is nonetheless still going. After about a month, I finally have another update! Today we are going to a small town known as Kosona. With a population of around 5000, it is a small quaint town. Dependent largely on its small industrial park, the town has been stagnant for many years. But the recent addition of a distribution centre for a large retailer may change things. Only time will tell...

For now, let's just go see what's up in the town present-day.

:) On with the show!

66.1 | Nestled just off the Mountain Parkway, Kosona certainly isn't huge. Like mentioned, it has a population of about 5000. The recent addition of a distribution centre for a large retailer has led to some construction in the residential neighbourhoods.


*Click for full resolution!

66.2 | The centre of town isn't extremely impressive, but is certainly a fair size given the town's population.


*Click for full resolution!

66.3 | Here is the previously mentioned industrial park. It has grown slowly since the town's founding.


*Click for full resolution!

66.4 | This area of town is affectionately known as "Pond Dip." This is thanks to the dip in the road and the obvious ponds. The town recently completed a cement pathway around the largest pond, making it a great place to go for an afternoon walk.


*Click for full resolution!

66.4 | Of course, what would an update be without a close-up of a giant wind turbine?



*Click for full resolution!

That's it for today's update. Feel free to comment below!




After a long hiatus, Windemere is back as entirely different region. After getting stuck in the "old" Windemere and work progressing quickly on Holt District, I felt maybe a complete change in direction would be needed for Windemere. So I am starting completely fresh in a region. This time around, this CJ will focus more on what I'm working on in the region as opposed to storylines, though those will occasionally pop-in time to time.

Due to RL and Holt District, Windemere2.0 won't be frequently updated like the original Windemere or Holt Disitrct is. Though I won't forget about it either, there will be teasers and updates, etc. when I disappear from here.

:) Now, let's get on to the first Windemere2.0 update - but continuing from earlier numbering, welcome to Update 65!

65.1 | Something different you can see immediately - mountains! This version of Windemere is indeed not flat... and can get quite hilly, actually...


*Click for full resolution!

65.2 | And there are a lot of different types of trees, too. Imagine that!



*Click for full resolution!

65.3 | Of course, Windemere 2.0 won't be completely nature-related. That's just not my style.



*Click for full resolution!

"Bob has just pulled into work in his white truck. He could here the wooshing of the 4 wind-turbines he controls. The first of a giant wind energy project in Windemere, these were the first 4 turbines constructed. When completed some say there will be over 200, others say 50. Some don't know these 4 exist, nor the dirt road that leads to the area..."

Welcome back to Windemere! I hope to see you around. Please feel free to comment below.




Effective immidiately, I am putting Feaumont on hiatus. As you may have noticed, since the end of April the frequency of updates has dropped considerably. This is evident by views of my photos. While there were 40 000 views in April, there were 15 000 in May. Due to a small lack of creative drive and time, development of Feaumont has slowed down considerably to the point where I really have nothing new to show, that is anywhere near complete anyways. I hope to return to updates relatively soon, but I can't make any gurantees. My hands are quite full at the moment.

(and no, this isn't an April Fool's Day Joke in June...)

This is certainly not goodbye, nor the end of Feaumont. It is just taking a vacation for a little bit. Be sure to watch this thread for ongoing teasers, those will still be around. :D

Oh yeah, and completely innocent posts too. Those will be around some more. Sorta like this below:

[innocent post]




My oh my, I wonder what THAT could possibly mean...


[/innocent post]

Replies will be done later this week.







Today's update is related to the most recently posted teaser. The picture was of the Toyota Centre in Marcelona. But what exactly is going on there?

With demand for large, office and residential skyscrapers rising in the developed portions of Feaumont, the surface parking around the arena is going byebye and making way for new developments.Today we are taking a look at the beginning of said project.

So let's go see...


64.1| When the Toyota Centre was constructed in Marcelona long ago, it was built in what was essentially in the middle of nowehere. Several years later, development has encroached around the arena, surrounding it on 3 of its 4 sides. As time has gone on, the land occupied by surface parking has become extremely valuable, and desirable to developers.


64.2| Recently, the owner and operator of the arena, simLink Arena Development & Sports/Entertainment Management Corporation, sold a 10% stake in the land surrounding the arena to a developer.

The company, and the developer, have announced intentions to replace all of the surface parking with new office, residential towers and shops. Here is some more of the parking to be replaced...


64.3| Here you can see the surface parking that will be converted to an above-ground parking garage. The parking will likely double in cost in the new garage, providing a large cash infusion to the company.


64.4| Soon after the project is announced construction begins on the new parking garage. Cranes are brought in while the surface parking has been closed and removed.


64.5| Much to the irritation of event-goers, all surface parking has been removed at once, meaning for a period of time there is no parking by the arena. This has caused a huge frustration, and drop in attendance, at events. The new garage is expected to open soon as it is going full speed ahead. A new building method is being utilized which allow construction to be complete within a month.


64.6| Here is where a large commercial building has already been fully leased. It was fully leased only 20 hours after leasing opened.


64.7| One month later, and right on schedule, the new parking garage has opened. With parking being at a minimum of $20 for an evening, and varying depending on the event, it is certainly not cheap. One Sim reports paying $100 for parking when an arch-rival team was in town...


64.8| And like the majority of the Feaumont region, skyscrapers continue to march towards the sky...




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Welcome to "THE NEW FEAUMONT REGION", everyone. After the Windemere went through such a change as a region, I thought that this CJ should perhaps go through a bit of a change as well. As such, it is no longer "Windemere & Taschereau", but now known at "The New Feaumont Region." After Windemere was split into its respective new pieces, the main section of the region retained the name "Windemere." However, after a public vote, this was changed to Feaumont because of the negative connotation Windemere now had. That is where Feaumont comes from in the new title.

But what about Taschereau?

It will still make the odd appearance, however the focus has shifted to (or perhaps back to) Feaumont. Updates on Taschereau will be "special episodes" if you will.

So with that out of the way, let's go see what is happening in FEAUMONT.


63.1| When Windemere split into several pieces, the main portion of the former region no longer has a regional headquarters building. In order ro properly function and serve the people of Feaumont, the newly formed -temporary- government set on its way to build a new regional operations building. This site in Eastburg was selected.


63.2| Construction started nearly straight away. This new building would feature a unique tower, with a large plaza building surrounding it. The majority of the regional functions would be housed in the tower, however council chambers will be placed in a cylindrical room, while the office of public health will occupy part of the plaza as well. A new train station will be constructed nearby to serve the building.


63.3| The whole reason Windemere split, and Feaumont was created was planning. The area now known as Feaumont was for high-density developments, and allowing more development to take place. Here you can see the first sign of the new friendliness to high-rises...


63.4| The politicians of Feaumont have a balancing act ahead of them. On one hand, they must please the residents of the region, as they are the people who vote them in. However, at the same time they must keep up the demand for development, keep developers happy, and not overbuild. It is a tight rope, and someone is bound to fall off sooner or later.


63.5| And although appeasing residents may sound easy, politicians need to think again. Despite being in favour of high-rise and increased development, residents are very protective of character. And when a developer issues a proposal that is approved without a second of thought in Downtown Eastburg, someone is going to be out of a job come election time. A new large commercial tower has been approved for the Southwest (bottom left) corner of the downtown core, and residents are not too happy - this was supposed to be one area that always remained the same in the new region.


63.6| It really is a balancing act, one that will keep politicians awake all night some days in their shiny new HQ building. Some will be re-elected, others won't. But one big question circulating the new region is who is trustworthy?...


63.7| ...because when this many high-rises are approved and built in less than 1.5 years... someone probably doesn't have the interests of the residents at heart.






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Borders change. It is a fact of municipal and regional government. The Region of Windemere and its municipalities have never really had to deal with it, its borders remaining more or less the same for the past 30 years. But that at all recently changed. As the region has developed, pockets have formed, with barren grasslands separating these areas. These pockets have developed their own sense of identity, and ways of planning. This has never been a problem, up until it came time to rewrite the regional planning guide. Spats broke out between elected officials from each municipality. The pockets raged against one another, save for the odd community which agreed with a different pocket. In the end, 3 main arguements came to be. One was the pace of development in Windemere was sufficient, and everything was fine. The region should stay the current course. This opinion was held by cities like Armosa and Wrenshaw. Eastburg, Macoe, Marcelona, Cranborough and Simcoe all argued that development should be more tightly controlled, but allowed to expand. Representatives from these cities said that development should be allowed to flourish. This approach was more in line with what the provincial government was pushing for. Meanwhile, communities such as Sparklington, Baufeld and Wetachu all stated they wanted all new development halted, and all new applications to go through stringent planning impact studies. This would ultimately kill development in the region. It became apparent as weeks turned to months that this issue would not be settled. The provincial government intervened, and announced a radical new plan. Windemere would be split up. After nearly 30 years of no border changes, Windemere was about to get a lot smaller. Sparklington, Baufeld, and some of unincorporated land in the Region's north was merged into the neighbouring region to the north, The Region of Carleton. Wetachu and some of the land in the south was seperated forming The New City of Wrenshaw. Armosa seperated into The Region of Riverwest. The remaining communities, including Eastburg, Simcoe, Cranborough, Marcelona, Meese and Macoe were left in the region, which voted to keep the name "The Region of Windemere."

But the region was now left to develop its own plan. Looking at the land that remained, the new region has a tough time ahead of them. After a public survey, it was agrred that high-rise development resitrictions would be eased, allowing for more high-rise developments. Medium-density development would be encouraged, and suburban development would be allowed to continue. Because of the upcoming building boom expected, the province announced the main highway to run through Windemere would be completely rebuilt, and Elevated rail would be introduced to the new region as a public transit option.

The building boom quickly began after the infrastructure announcement, with residents all across the new region of Windemere seeing high rises pop-up in their back yards. Will residents embrace this new development style? What will happen to existing communities? There are many questions to be answered in this new region.






Feel free to comment on this 'update.' I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.




Update Synopsis:

Today we are taking a look at a town dependent on industry as its main source of jobs. Manufacturing is a major employer, but the largest single employer in Wesfole is Orchiden Energy Production, Inc.'s massive coal power plant. At the front of cleaning up emmissions from coal power production, this power plant has grown as the Region of Taschereau and its surrounding regions continue to grow. The down is surprisingly not covered in soot from the plant, but is surprisingly poor. One of the poorest cities in W&T, this city leaves a lot to be desired for some. For others, it is the perfect home. This update sticks out as being a very different one from the usual crop. Also note the slightly changed picture editing starting in this update... So let's go!


61.1 | This is one section of the mammoth power plant. Here we can clearly see 3 of the generators. Also visible is employee parking and the plant command centre and employee rest building.


61.2 | This is the HQ of the power plant's owner, the Crown-Corporation Orchidsen Energy Production, Inc. This is one of its oldest, and largest, power generating facilities. The company reports back to the Orchidsen government.


61.3 | Coal from outside the plant arrives here, where it is usually further processed and then trucked off a short distance to one of the generators.


61.4 | This view provides a view of another employee parking lot, as well as a tangle of power lines as they exit the facility. This zoom provides a look at the Eastern portion of the facility.


61.5 | Further north of the power plant we come across the Wesfole Industrial Park. It is home to several manufacturing and processing companies. The Region in association with the city and Provincial Government installed air purifiers surrounding the complex to improve air quality.


61.6 | Into the residential area we come across Wesfole Williams Elementary School. It is the heart of this residential area, with school facilities often being used for community meetings.


61.7 | This is "Downtown" Wesfole. It has suffered greatly in recent years as people leave in droves the crammed, unmaintained and often times 'scary' apartment complexes. Several have been torn down in recent years, with more abandoned and rotting. Hopes to eventually redevelop the area are slow, and have not gone any where quickly.


61.8 | Another view of "Downtown."


61.9 | It is not just the "Downtown" area of Wesfole that is suffering. This scener is also common: A Healthy, vibrant residential area (right) next to a dilapidated, rotting, unwelcoming residential area (left.) Incentives to improve the neighbourhood on the left have mostly failed.


61.10 | Wesfole really is the tale of two different cities. One that is healthy and vibrant and one that is unwelcoming and rotting. With plans to unify the city failing, the future of this once prosperous city is murky. Jobs are available, it is easy to get to other portions of the region, but it continues to flounder. One only knows if this city will truly become "one" again...


As always, I hope you enjoyed today's update and are looking forward to more - Don't forget to comment!

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Update Synopsis:

Today's update is something a little different. Windemere & Taschereau is focused on suburban areas, and has become known for them. In most newer suburban are "power centres", or also known as big-box malls. These are featured often in this CJ, and are usually well received. Today's update will show you the process I go through when building these big-box malls, and will give you step-by-step directions on building your own. So let's get started... :)


60.1 |The best place to build a big-box mall is at the intersection of 2 major roads. In this case, we are building out in the country where nothing has been built yet, other than the road infrastructure. Any corner will do.


60.2 | What I usually start by doing is placing my anchor tenant, in this case a Super Target. Where you place your buildings when building your own malls depends on what you want, but for this tutorial I am placing adjacent to one avenue, and leave 6 tiles i nfront of the other. This space will eventually house other shops/restaurants, etc.


60.3 | Next I place my "shadow anchors." These stores a still large-scale stores, but I smaller in size than the main anchors. I usually place these stores so that they are in line, or set back from the main tenant. Drag street/road to service the buildings, while also continuing the main road. The empty grass space in front of the stores will eventually house parking.


60.4 | Next, I place few more anchor/large-scale stores. For this tutorial I place 2: A Sam's Club and Nordstrom Department store. I have the warehouse approximately in-line with the Super Target, giving it prominence over the smaller stores. The department store is place in an "outparcel", facing in towards the small. The space between the avenue and department store will be landscaped.

I also take this time to place the "main entrance" avenue, leading up to the Sam's Club.


60.5 | Next I place the final anchor tenant, a Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. This anchor faces the perpindicular direction of the other tenants, providing a more prominent boundary of this big-box mall any other future developments. I also build an outparcel on the other side of the main entrance from the one built previously. They should be identical in size. In the empty space next to Sam's Club will be another shadow anchor, likely an electronics store and office supplies store.


60.6 | Back over by the Super Target, shops are added to the outparcel by the intersection. This sector of the development will act as an entertainment area, with restaurants and a movie theatre. This is fairly common in areas where no cinema was previously present.


60.7 | Jumping back to Lowe's now (sorry for the jumping around), more small shops have been added. A BestBuy and Staples Business Depot have been built, as has a Blockbuster Video store. These shops provide common items in specialty stores, and add to the overall function of a real big-box mall, and add to the look of one in SC4.


60.8 | Now we begin the process of adding parking. Don't be afraid to break up parking if you feel the "chunk" will be too large. Buildings like the Starbucks placed here are very common in these developments, especially fastfood joints.


60.9 | When placing parking lots in your big-box malls, always use the same texture, and use a modular set so you can fill any shape with a parking lot. Although your lots may use different textures, the lots you plop should all be the same texture, so the lots have a cohesive look. The exception to this is if you want one section to look newer than another.


60.10 | Something else to take into consideration is when possible, line up plopped parking lot textures with the ones of your buildings. This isn't often possible, but is for buildings like this Sam'sClub. This creates a cohesive, flowing parking lot.


60.11 | The last step is landscaping. The use of sound walls is very common in big-box developments, as is the planting of trees. This creates a better street scape as you try to hide the sea of parking and box-like buildings. :)


60.12 | Lastly, as you are landscaping, don't be afraid to "develop" some of the landscaping area. If you think it would look better with a store, do it! Don't get stuck in the mindset that everything must be a certain way, it doesn't. There are plenty of options when building big-box malls, just as there are tons of different looking retail centres.

With that in mind, I added a Verizon Wireless store where I was going to previously plant trees, as I thought it wouldn't look quite right.


60.13 | When following some of the tips, tricks and advice here, you will have massive, sprawling shopping centres under your belt in no time! Practice makes perfect, so if you don't want to build a mall in your favourite city because you're afraid of how it will look, try an empty city tile and build out your idea first.

Here is the finished product, in all its sprawl-ness. Hope you found this useful!




As always, I hope you enjoyed today's update and are looking forward to more - Don't forget to comment!

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Update Synopsis:

Today's update sees us continuing our voyage through the construction jungle that is Southlands. With the recent influx in investment, including the arena development shown in the last update, skyscrapers holding new residents and businesses are rising up faster than residents can keep track. Some are worried Southlands just won't be the same, others say this is progress and is shaping the future of Southlands. Which ever position you take, things are changing rapidly in this once sleepy city...


59.1 |This is one of the several new condominium buildings being constructed in Southlands. The city is expanding quickly, with its population more than doubling in the past 3 years, from 32 000 to pushing 85 000. Traffic has not become a huge issue, yet, as the city is laid out in an efficient manner, and the area where the building boom is occuring was planned with the eventual hope of having skyscrapers.


59.2 | This construction site, which has 2 large buildings under construction, will soon be home to a large office complex overlooking downtown, the residences and university which surround it. The complex is expected to become one of the landmark features of the Southlands skyline.


58.3 | Here we have 2 new condominium buildings under construction. Currently only the buildings are being constructed, several buildings around the construction will be demolished for the grounds of the new buildings, and when construction of their lobbies begin.


59.4 | Phase 2 of the shopping strip of Southlands Arena Place has been completed, with construction on phase 3 continuing on further down from this picture. This strip is a huge draw for people, and has some merchants on the other side of downtown worried. However, several new condominums will likely be constructed there in the future, adding appeal to the area.



59.5 | Yet another construction site here, this time for buildings unknown. A medium-sized building has been approved, but it has not been indicated whether it will be residential or commercial. The site prep has begun, with RiteAid and the plaza next to it liquidating, soon to be torn down as part of the project.


59.6 | The condominium buildings under construction near the elevated rail tracks have now been completed, rising very far above the tracks. These buildings, all glass, are extremely bright at night, with light emitting from them in "globs."


59.7 | Soon, the owner of this parking lot could become a very wealthy person. With this building boom, this parking lot in the middle of the existing downtown core has seen its valuation skyrocket throughout the building boom, and is becoming increasingly likely to soon be the home to a mega office building, or even complex...


59.8 | To finish off, I have an update night time mosaic of Downtown Southlands with the recent addition of an arena and the building boom. The skyline is changing, and is only going to change more...





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As always, I hope you enjoyed today's update and are looking forward to more - Don't forget to comment!



Update Synopsis:

Today's Update sees us return to the scene of update 49; a mysterious construction site in Southlands. Today we will see that that construction site has morphed into the Southlands Stadium Place, a large office, dinning, entertainment and arena complex just outside of the downtown core. The area has spurred a lot of growth in Southlands, and the construction we will see surrounding the arena place is just the tip of the iceburg. So lets go have a look as this new area...



58.1 |You may remember this photo from update 49. This was a major construction project that was getting underway in Southlands. I didn't tell you what it was, and left you guessing. (Gee, I'm mean aren't I?



58.2 | Here is what the area looks like today. Those cranes were constructing the arena portion of what has become the Southlands Arena Place. This area of Southlands, located just outside the downtown core, houses an arena used for football, soccer and ice hockey. The area around the stadium houses offices, restaurants, shops and some housing. There is also, of course, lots of parking.


58.3 | This Embassy Suites Hotel is where many game-goers stay if they come from out of town. Many residents in Taschereau also stay here, so as not to have to drive home after the game. Many business commuters stay here as well. It is the largest hotel in Southlands.


58.4 | Here we can see a few of the dinning options close to the arena. There are several others located around the arena.


58.5 | What is an arena without loads of parking surrounding it? The majority of parking is surface parking, however there is one parking garage.


58.6 | This is one of the office buildings to be built around the arena.


58.7 | This is a row of shops that draws many people to Southlands Arena Place. More shops of a similar style are being constructed across the street.


58.8 | Here you can see a number of medium-rise condominum buildings which have been constructed. These have been developed by the builder assosciated with Southlands Arena Place, though are mostly not officially part of the complex. Several office buildings have also been constructed.


58.9 | Several large scale construction projects have begun popping up around the Arena Place. These will house several of the first high-rise residential buildings in Southlands.


58.10 | This aerial view of the city shows off a number of construction projects which have all recently started. Also note that the first section of SouthlandsExpress (ElRAIL Service) have opened.


58.11 | And to finish off this update I present you a night shot of the Southlands Arena Place. Enjoy!



As always, I hope you enjoyed today's update and are looking forward to more - Don't forget to comment!



Spring has arrived, and with that it was time for a fresh coat of paint here in Windemere & Taschereau.

Only a light coat and dusting, though. The banners and font are the only things that have changed for now. :)

Update Synopsis:

Today we look at another new city in Windemere - Sparklington. Some background information: this city is not actually "new", per se. This is in fact one of my older cities from a former sand-box region which I never finished and eventually abandoned. I wanted to start working on it again, so it 'found' its way into Windemere. The highway matched up well for the continuation of the Baufeld expressway. So, not the most realistic way to arrive, but I digress. About Sparklington itself: it is a small and expanding town of around 24000. It is only expected to grow as many major roads, highways and rail lines pass through the town.

Over the updates we go through Sparkington, you will see some of the characteristics you've come to expect incorporated into it as I bring Sparklington up to my current standards.


57.1 |We start off in the middle of one of the many residential neighbourhoods. A 4-lane avenue and creek make its way through the area, and create a picturesque suburb.


57.2 | Here we can see residential that has been built to the creek and a branch of said creek. A major rail line, and road, cross the creek.


57.3|This is one of the main interchanges on the Baufeld expressway through Sparklington. This particular interchange is one of the highest volume in the town. Few soundwalls were built along the highway. The addition of soundwalls is something the region is examining.


57.4 | Here we see a commercial district. There is a gas station, grocery store, warehouse club and various other commercial entities. Note the use of pine trees - something very common in my cities several years ago. :)


57.5 | And here is where the bureaucracy regional planning happens! This complex is the Windemere Regional Municipality HQ. Regional functions, including infrastructure, garbage, water and power, etc. are managed. Police and fire services are also managed through this facility. The region is a large employer in Sparklington.


57.6 | In the western portion of the town office buildings have been constructed along the highway as companies look for cheap land with easy access to the entire region.


57.7 | And what would a new city, with high demand, be without construction?


As always, I hope you have enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and suggestions are always welcome. :)




Update Synopsis:

As mentioned in a little announcement earlier this week a new highway is being constructed in Windemere. Today we will see a small portion of that highway and a new town known as Kaleston which has popped up along the highway. Kaleston has easy access to Eastburg, Wrenshaw and other various Windemere communities - leading to rapid development. The population has already surpassed that of Eastburg, reaching 91000. The Town/City is a mix of high, medium and low density developments. So, enough of me talking. Let's go have a look! :)



56.1 |We approach the first exit on the newly minted highway. The area occupied by the interchange is used to house wind turbines and water catchments. The exit leads to a congested 2-lane road.


56.2 | Exiting the highway and turning left we come across a busy series of intersections. Medium density housing and a large-scale office building are present. The office building is home the HQ of Governor's Insurance, Inc. It is one of the largest insurance providers in the country.


56.3|This is an overview of the highway as it winds its way through Kaleston - as well as development through the city. As you can see, development flows freely from high, medium and low density development. There is still a fair amount of land that has not been developed, particularly around the highway interchange which allows for high density office buildings.


56.4 | This image gives you a better idea of how development flows through the city. High density condominium buildings sit right next to residential suburban neighbourhoods. The intersection at the bottom of this photo is prone to traffic snarls at rush hour.


56.5 | Kaleston is also home to your typical suburban big-box stores in addition to mega high rises.


56.6 | And believe it or not, Kaleston is also home to peaceful suburban neighbourhoods for those looking for a peaceful lifestyle close to the big city.


As always, I hope you have enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and suggestions are always welcome. :)




Update Synopsis:

Today's update is a bit different than the usual fare. I am unsatisfied with the amount of development in my regions, so I am beginning to develop them greatly. These new areas will not be previewed with construction updates, but they most certainly will be later in their lives. Today I am showing you a new mega-city I am working on in Taschereau. Flynn Pointe will eventually overtake Southlands to be the largest city in Taschereau. It is still very much a work in progress, thus it does not yet flow from urban down to suburban. That will come in due time. ;) So let's go have a look of one of many new cities to come, shall we?


55.1 |We start of today's update by looking at the current skyline of Flynn Pointe. It is jam packed with highrises, and as I develop the city more, more skyscrapers will rise around the CBD.


55.2 | Here we see a plaza in the middle of the downtown area during daylight.


55.3| Here we see the edge of the same complex at night. Note the wind turbines on the edge of the compex. Flynn Pointe is leading the way in developing wind power in Taschereau, using empty space between roads and buildings to build wind turbines.


55.4 | This mosaic captures some skyscrapers and office buildings constructed near the riverfront.



55.5 For today's last picture, we have another mosaic. This mosaic shows off a large potion of the downtown CBD.





As always, I hope you have enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! This update was a little different than usual, in that you got to see an upcoming city while I am still in the process of building it. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.




Update Synopsis:

After a long, difficult clean-up process Baufeld has been rebuilt. While there some construction remains, it is primarily expansions to the town, including the expanding commercial/industrial park. The look of the town has changed dramatically - many new services are now present. New community gathering spaces have been added and the style of houses has also changed. In this update we will look at the current state of Baufeld, now that the rebuild is mostly complete.


54.1 | Fall has arrived in Baufeld - with brilliant yellows and reds gracing the landscape. The light is warmer, and the days are getting shorter. Houses here line the newly built park - which the town has planted more trees in since we last saw it.


54.2 | In this portion of Baufeld, we see the new "Main Street" running parallel to the highway the leads into Macoe and Eastburg. The new town facilities building marks the landscape, along with its newly completed terrace. The school has had slight repairs to it, and a new playing field sits in back.


54.3 | Close to the highway more houses have been built. This area is largely an expansion of the original town - one that has been in planning and under construction for a while. The towns first medium-rise building site in the area, close to the overpass to an area soon to be filled with them.


54.4 | This neighbourhood sprouted up recently, as part of the agreement in rebuilding Baufeld. The developer offered smaller lot sizes here, and residents snatched them up. This location is directly next to the hospital - many nurses, doctors and administrative staff live in these houses.


54.5 | A new strip-mall and cinema are now located at the site of a former Tim Hortons and small office buildings. Tim Hortons is still seeking a new site to build a location on. Rumours have it going in "New Baufeld" across the rail tracks. Others have it near the train station. Only time will tell...


54.6 | This area will soon be home to mid-rise housing, which is expected to bring an influx of people into the sleepy town. 2 are just starting construction, while others are in planning or going the approval process.


54.7 | This mosaic shows off a large portion of the rebuilt Baufeld.




54.8 | This aerial view provides a look at Baufeld in its current day. Baufeld has risen from tragedy to rebuild, and it is now better than ever before.


As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.




Update Synopsis:

In Part 2 (of 3) in the Baufeld After the Storm Series we see the continuing clean-up and rebuilding efforts. Some progress has been made, but the residents of Baufeld still face a long process to completion. In this update we see the completion of several key projects and residents finally begin to move back into Baufeld.


53.1 | Home builders are busy working away at constructing new houses. In this neighbourhood by the new park we see houses at varying degrees of completion.


53.2 | Several houses have now been completed. These houses are of a completely different design typically found in Windemere. This is due to the 2 home builders co-operating to rebuild Baufeld being from the region of Holt Coast, where these style of housing is strongly prevalent. The builders are from this region as home builders in Windemere are busy developing every spare bit of space into housing.


53.3 | Here we see another neighbourhood under reconstruction. Several homes have been completed in this area. You can clearly see the different styles of housing that will be present in the new town.


53.4 | The new park has largely been completed. There are tennis courts, gazebos, ponds, a skate ramp as well as a large sports field. The town has stated they intend to plant more trees in the future.


53.5 | The new grocery store and retail plaza has been completed - much to the joy of residents. Baufeld residents will no longer have to travel to Macoe or Wetachu to buy their groceries. 2 new office buildings have also been completed.


53.6 | After several more weeks, the new Town Hall building is completed. It houses all departments for the town - including maintenance, planning, finance, etc. The building also houses community meeting rooms and a large hall which can be rented out. It was constructed with the environment in mind and therefore has solar panels located on its rooftop.


53.7 | The industrial park is also quickly recovering - and even expanding. The large portion of farmer's field which was destroyed by the tornado is to, over time, be developed into a business park. Here several new tennants have set up, including a new distribution centre and small manufacturing building.


53.8 | The marker to mark the tornado's effect on the town has also recently been completed. Opening day over 1 000 visited it.


53.9 | The new hospital serving the growing northern portion of the region has been completed. The hospital stands tall amongst the rural-ness that is Baufeld. The hospital has large lush trees surrounding it to help keep the small-town, rural feeling.


53.10 | In this final image, we see a zoomed out view of Baufeld now. It has made great progress, but still faces a lengthy time to completion of its recovery. In part 3 we will see the final stages of redevelopment.


As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.



Update Synopsis:

Baufeld was devastated by a tornado. As the teaser showed, a weather warning was issued and warned residents to take cover. Thanks to the weather warning, there were no casualties in the tornado. Unfortunately, almost the entire area known as "Old Baufeld" was destroyed. Clean-up and rebuilding will be a long process, and it begins in this update. So let's go see what remains, and where Baufeld is going.


52.1 | "Old Baufeld", the area that has long been a fixture in Northern Windemere, was almost completely destroyed by the tornado. The community - and the entire region - is reeling. No tornado has touched down in Windemere in nearly 30 years. The previous tornado destroyed very little as the region wasn't as developed as it is now. The tornado touched town where Thomason is currently located.


52.2 | The industrial park experienced significant damage as 6 buildings were destroyed. Many others were damaged, but have since resumed operations.


52.3 | Debris is strewn in farmers field and their crops now locate who-knows-where. The town is facing an increasingly long clean-up process...


52.4 | What startled some the most was the seemingly random destruction. Yes, the main path the tornado took all buildings were destroyed. But nonetheless, many residents are startled to see destroyed houses next to ones completely unharmed.


52.5 | After several months of work, clean-up is almost completed. Some rubble remains but the majority has been removed. But the residents displaced by the tornado face a new challenge: their insurance companies. Since tornadoes are so rare in Windemere, tornado coverage (usally unbeknownst to residents) is not included in their insurance policy. As such, the majority of home owners are uninsured relative to tornadoes.

In order to aide these people, the Town, Regional and Provincial Governments along with several home builders are collaborating on a plan, entitled "Baufeld, They Way Forward." What this plan will execute is essentially a brand new town - with a completely different appearance from the once sleepy town. It will be a modest town with many new neighbourhoods. That is the trade off: in exchange for their help, the builders will be allowed to build several new houses in Baufeld, more than originally planned in the Town's Growth Plan.

The plan goes to residents in a vote, and passes with 90% support. In essence, a new town is born. New lot divisions on empty land will be drawn, new commerce and industry and civic services will be developed.

Where the large crane stands will be a tower and parkette to commemorate the tornado's profound impact on the town. A new park will be constructed (at the bottom of the photo) to provide a new gathering place for the enhanced community.


52.6 | Several weeks after the vote, 2 major projects are announced. A new grocery store and plaza is to be constructed while a brand new state-of-the-art hospital (large cranes) will be constructed right in Baufeld.


52.7 | Only months after the clean-up process began, huge progress is being made towards the "New" "Old Baufeld." New roads have been paved, almost all debris has finally been removed and construction is progressing on a marker, grocery store, hospital and new park. There has been a lot of progress since the tornado, but there is still a long way to go.


As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.


W&T Teaser: The Weather Is Frightful...

A small teaser to tide you over until the next update. :)

With residents settled in for the night, they turn on the television for their favourite programs.

Of course, Mother Nature sometimes has other plans...




Later that night...


Replies will be completed at the time of the next update.



Update Synopsis:

As Taschereau expands both up in Southlands, it also has a growing suburban area. Today we are going to look at a never seen town called Cashew. It has a population of about 15 000 right now, but continues to grow. Residents have easy access to neighbouring cities thanks to the rail network, and also have the opportunity to work in the town as well. So let's go have a look at one of the newest towns to crop up in the growing region!


51.1| We start if by looking at the main road through Cashew, In the middle of the road runs a rail line which services the town and beyond. We are looking south, and are just to the east of the highway. Lowe's operates a large store in this area.


51.2 | Towards the edge of town the main throughfare reaches a roundabout and ends. The rail line continues. To continue going east (up) residents must take the road that leads to the right edge of the photo. Note the building at the bottom (in the middle) - that is town hall.


51.3 | Here we see Cashew Commons. Anchored by Shoppers Food Warehouse and WallK's Bullseye, this is the main shopping centre in the town. Several other shops operate in the plaza as well.


51.4| Just past the plaza we reach this intersection. It is one of the busiest intersections in Cashew. Several office buildings have set up here providing jobs for a growing population.


51.5 | Here is that same intersection at a different angle.


51.6 | Many residents move to Cashew for the abundant parks and quiet lifestyle.


51.7 | Easy access to modern public transportation is also a plus. This line connects residents to Carleton.


51.8 | Retailers are very fond of this area thanks to low taxes. This is the only Kmart in all of Taschereau (and Windemere, for that matter.) Although not frequented as often as other retailers, it has performed well.


51.9 | Bordering the highway and main throughfare lies the Cashew Industrial Corridor. It is home to warehouses for WallyK's, TSC Stores and Costco. Several other tenants occupy the site, including several manufacturers.


50.10 | Ask any resident what one great thing about Cashew is and several responses come up. One of the conveniences is the 24/7/365 public transit. The late night trains are good for residents who spend late nights at work making sure their presentations will go off without a hitch.


As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.



Update Synopsis:

Well, originally update 50 was going to be on the smaller scale as update 49 was the de facto celebration. Ooops... That didn't happen. ;) So welcome one and all to Windemere & Taschereau's 50th update! We are returning to where it all began, in Eastburg. We will be taking a look at the town then, and now and looking at some of the many changes is has gone through. To mark the occasion a special banner was used above, and the original banner for this CJ is below to mark that we are in Windemere. So sit back, relax and enjoy! :)


This is the original banner, which was never used on a new update here in the CJ Section.

50.1| When this CJ first came onto the scene, Eastburg was a peaceful small town. Not much happened, though it did feature a surprisingly large downtown area for a town its size. It had a few large buildings, a grocery store and common area. But that wouldn't last...


50.2 | As demand rose across the region, Eastburg appeared unchanged. Not much occurred in the town, with only a few housing developments being built. But that would soon change. Developers took note of the downtown core, large expanses of undeveloped land close to the largest city in Windemere. Soon, development sky-rocketed and several new office buildings and condos were built in Downtown Eastburg.


50.3 | The building to be most recently completed is Comalco Tower. This building took place of several smaller offices and a gas station. It has drastically changed the skyline of the Downtown area while also providing more employment to the area.


50.4| As part of the redevelopment of the former Shoppers Supermarket site, condominiums were constructed for those wishing to be close to downtown, but not have to work about all maintenance that goes with a house.


50.5 | As part of the new office building, a small walking park was built while large, mature trees were planted. It is now a favourite spot for residents in the downtown area.


50.6 | There was a lot of empty land when we first visited Eastburg. It only had a population of around 15000-20000. Many residents took pride in their small town with lots of green lands surrounding them.


50.7 | Now, though, development has begun to occupy these green spaces. This development continues to move its way north, with a new phase of housing just completed and another on the way.



50.8 | A new office building will soon find itself here, adding even more employment to the area. Eastburg is quickly changing from a bedroom community to a community where people can live and work.


50.9 | There was also a series of updates detailing the highway construction in Eastburg. Originally a 4 lane highway, it was quickly becoming congested through Eastburg. As part of the widening to 6 lanes, both interchanges were reconstructed. Once this interchange was completed, highrises were expected to pop-up as a result of zoning changes. But they didn't.


50.10 | Instead, they popped up at the other end of town, near the rail lines. Of course, many figured that someday large residential towers would be constructed by the other interchange.


50.11 | And those people would be right. Here we are at that interchange now. These new condominium towers have just recently been completed, causing a huge surge in population to Eastburg. With the completion of these 2 large projects the population now sits at 80 000 - a far cry from the small town days when it was 15 000-20 000.


50.12 | Even though these large towers aren't something you would find in a small town, there are still features which distinguish the development from the hustle and bustle of the city. One just needs to look at the layout of this development and the amount of trees that surround the buildings to remember they are in the suburbs.


50.13 | But even with the completion of these towers, there is still a lot more room to build up. All the empty space between the higher-density developments allows for similar style developments, which could push the population of Eastburg well beyond 100 000 some day...


50.14 | We finish of the 50th update celebration in style... with a huge night mosaic of course! This mosaic shows of a large swath of Eastburg as the lights of the night twinkle.







As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.

I just wanted to thank everyone for commenting over the past 50 updates. When I started this CJ back at the end of August, I didn't really know how far it would go, what storylines would appear and really what the future would hold. Where, here we are at the end of the 50th update. Making to 50 updates was a hope, but I never thought I would reach it. So I want to thank everyone for continuing to comment, and here is to many more updates! :D




Update Synopsis:

Welcome to update 49 - which features Mosaic Mania! There will be 5 mosaics and one panoramic shot. This is in celebration, essentially, of the 50th update which is coming up as the next update. The 50th update is not actually going to be huge - yet anyways - but this one will be! Today we are going to be in The City of Southlands where there is, surprise, surprise, a construction boom. We will examine some new projects that have cropped up and some massive changes that are occurring in the city.


49.1| Undeveloped space in Southlands is at a premium nowadays. This is one of 2 sites that has been turned into a construction area. This will be a tall, but skinny, office building nestled amongst residential condominiums.


49.2 | This site previously housed an old block of rundown buildings, that was turned into a plaza. A large new office building will sit here, which will dramatically change the downtown skyline. It will dwarf all buildings that are currently constructed, including the current iconic Southlands building right next to it, on the right.


49.3 | On a bright, sunny morning we see it. The first office building. Standing tall around the residential condominiums several new companies have moved into the building. No company has purchased the naming rights as of yet - however it has been rumoured that CallahanTek would be purchasing the rights. Residents are extremely impressed with the look of the building - saying it provides an ultra-modern touch to Downtown Southlands.





49.4| And here is the other new office building. Built as a diamond shape, the building has quickly risen (no pun intented :P) to iconic status. The buildings houses several new corporations, expanded companies and relocated offices. More on the relocation in a bit. You can see the degree to which is dwarfs the olf iconic tower in the Downtown Core.






49.5 | Here is a view of the downtown core now, with the new buildings now constructed. The skyline has been rapidly changing in the past years - and it is rumoured several new projects will continue to pop-up. And another rumour has been circulating, which includes the proposal to expand the "Downtown Boundary" - which is the limit of high rises and formal limit of the downtown core. :)



49.6 | A massive - and expensive - project is now underway in Southlands. Traffic congestion is rising, so the city is taking advantage of empty lands around the city to begin construction on its first system of public transit, an elevated rail system. Its tentatively name is "SouthlandsRail" - though this may change. Here we see the beginning of construction of a spur which will take riders to a terminus in Downtown Southlands.


49.7 | But look, buildings! Remember the mention on relocation in the second new office building of relocations? Several office buildings will be demolished to make way for the new elevated rail spur. They have been relocated to this building by the city in conjunction with the building developer. Housing that is demolished will be offered fair maker value, however will have to find their own new residences. The yellow arrow indicates where the elevated rail will approximately travel.


49.8 | We can see that demolition has begun, with several buildings already being demolished. More will be demolished for a ROW for a possible double-up of the line in the future, so that demolition is done in only one round.


49.9 | This mosaic we see shows the completion of demolition. The large block at the top of the picture - near city hall (which is the building in the top right) will be the location of the line terminus, with a plaza constructed. Space will be reserved for a subway station, another mode of transporation which is currently being evaluated.




45.10 | But where will the riders go? Well, besides to other areas of the cities and its outer limits - there will be a station near this large construction project. But - what exactly is it?




49.11 | A further out view of the construction project. Can you tell what it is yet? No? I will tell you then. This is construction of the new Southlands Municipal Arena. This will be the largest arena in the regions of both Taschereau and Windemere. It will be used for American Football, Hockey, Soccer and basketball. Currently on track are a new franchise for a hockey team. Around the arena large parking lots will be constructed. Large office buildings and residential buildings will be constructed - effectively creating mini-city.


49.12 | More elevated-rail construction is going on - on the other end of the first line which will be constructed. It will currently terminate at the University Campus, near one of the blocks of student campus. It will provide rapid transit to the Downtown core and future stadium for students, when they have some time to unwind.


45.13 | Lastly, we will end off with a panoramic view of the downtown core and stadium area under construction. Click on the image for the full (3682*999) panoramic! This is only half the image. (It is huge [1MB] FYI. :))


As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.

I would like to take this time to mention that Windemere & Taschereau continues to celebrate! After recently celebrating 200 comments in the CJ Forum and 100 comments in the CJ Section, Windemere & Taschereau made its début in the Top Ten of Ben's Top Ten (CJ Section) for the first time - while celebrating being first on in the CJ Forum area! I would just like to thank everyone for commenting - its what keeps CJ's going! :)

Also, I would like to mention that next update will be Windemere & Taschereau's 50th! We will be returning to the roots for the 50th update. 'Till then... :)



Update Synopsis:

Taschereau University has been gaining a reputation as one of the best universities in SimNation. The number of students has been rapidly increasing year after year. The university has needed to expand for several years, and after a grant from the federal and provincial governments and a discount on the purchase of land from the Region of Taschereau, an expansion was announced. After several years of construction, it is completed, and we are going to go have a look. So, let's go!


48.1| This picture shows of TU's main campus several years before construction began. It was a small university, which has previously added one building in the 1990's. The university grew cramped as more students were accepted. after a certain point, they couldn't accept any more students as the university was already operating at 120% at any given point. The only solution, an aaddition. In a big way.


48.2 | And here is the new campus! It is greatly larger than the original campus. This campus, unlike the original campus, has student residences, lecture halls, shopping, sports fields and parking as part of one campus. The original buildings are still in use, in conjunction with the new campus.



48.3 | Here we see 2 of the buildings that house the Faculty of Business. It is one of the premeir business schools in the country, and is highly sough-after. Both Undergraduate and Graduate programs are offered.


48.4| Here we see 2 of the large lecture hall buildings. The majority of buildings were designed to be unique, to provide a better environment for students and create some interest in the area's landscape.


48.5 | Here is one of the student residence complexes. The residence buildings are mostly single-occupant rooms, with either shared common spaces or apartment suites. This complex surrounds sports fields, which provide stress-releif for over worked students. :)


48.6 | These buildings house more lecture halls, but also house smaller classrooms that are used for more intimate gatherings with students, professors and other faculty.


48.7 | This office building houses the majority of faculty offices, professor offices and student services offices. Administrative duties for the university are also handled here. Some faculty offices and general offices are still located on the old campus.


48.8 | This area houses more student residences. There are also some shopping options for students - and the public - inclusing a pharmacy, grocery store and video rental store.


48.9 | This is the university's concert hall. The orchestra is very well known and respected in the region and beyond. There are several concerts each year here put on the orchestra. Touring orchestras also play here, keeping the hall busy year-round.


45.10 | To finish off, a mosaic of the main portion of the new campus at night. Brightly lit, students are now burning the midnight oil trying to finish those papers that are soon due.






Replies are done in the comments section of each update. :)

As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.


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