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Ok, so this update is a little... "different". It's the award ceremony where I give out the Busscastle Chocolates I ordered a few weeks ago. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to continue with the actual updates; but for now, enjoy your chocolates. :)

Chocolatey Chocolate Awards!

Supreme Bunny Congress Tower, Melikan Supercity

Present Day

A lone Buni Knight woke up one day, to greet the beautiful sight of Boneila's triple suns rising above the Melikan skyline, which stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction. After the sunrise was over, he left his quarters, which were located on an upper floor of the Great Furrarium, and entered a nearby dining hall, where there were already around a dozen other Buni Knights seated around a large round table, all eating breakfast, which mostly consisted of copious amounts of Anagon grass, which would keep them sustained until dinnertime, as Buni Knights don't have a lot of time to eat when on duty.


After breakfast, one of the more important Buni went to a preservashelf nearby and deactivated one of its vacuum ice chambers, revealing a rather large package that was stored inside. She took it out, and then resealed the vacuum ice chamber, now waiting for a new occupant. Bringing it to the table, the 14 Buni Knights took to discussing who should bring the package to the Almighty Bunny, who was awaiting its arrival in the Central Tower of the Supreme Bunny Congress, located at the heart of Melikan. They soon came to a decision, and selected the Buni General Neb Suoivergasun, one of the more notable warriors in the small group, and who had won great distinction while serving on the campaign against the Rim Pirates, to represent them in this immensely important task.


The Buni who was holding the package then put it into the paws of General-Knight Suoivergasun, who then bounded away at an incredible pace, headed for the underground hangars where the majority of the Buni spacecraft were kept. Most Buni flew in X-Wing or I-Wing fighters, but the General had saved up his galacs until he was wealthy enough to buy a sleek Delta Stealth Fighter; the most advanced fighter the Boneilan Military had to offer, and for this reason, it was also the most expensive one. Whether it was used in battle, on a vacation, or just for a flight around the city, this fighter was the General's favorite personal spacecraft. Soon, he had reached his fighter, where he carefully placed the precious package into a storage compartment of the vehicle. He then checked the craft's systems, and after ensuring that everything was in tip-top shape, he hopped into the pilot's seat, closed the main hatch, fastened his g-belts, and switched the engines on. The engine roared to life, and within seconds, he was out of the hangar and well on his way to the Supreme Bunny Congress.


After a few minutes of cruising along at great speed, Suoivergasun began the approach towards the Tower. When it was built, some three hundred years before, it was the tallest tower in Melikan, but now it was dwarfed by quite a few other supertowers in the megalopolis, some of which exceeded two kilometers or in height. He circled the tower once, relaying word of his arrival, and then swooped his fighter into the gap in the central part of the tower, which was actually four towers connected by skywalks at numerous levels.


After docking to one of the towers, he quickly opened the hatch and got out, grabbing the package before rushing into the building. He was soon met by two other Buni Knights, who escorted him up to the private office of the Almighty Bunny, Ruler of the Boneilan Empire. When they entered, the Almighty Bunny rose to greet them, and the General then handed the package to the Almighty Bunny. After carefully removing its thermobaric regulator packaging, revealing the package to be a brown box, he placed the box in front of a galanetcam, showing its rather interesting (for a Bouneye at least) label.




Off-camera, the Almighty Bunny began to speak.

Almighty Bunny: The winners of the aforepromised Busscastle Chocolates are:

alerules (1 box)

Fox (1 box)

NMUSpidey (1 box)

escilnavia (1 box)

emperordaniel (1 box)

Builder5000 (1 box)

T-Tail Productions (1 box)

Bugs Bunny (1 box)

Lot Creator (1 box)

redrummage (1 box)

joe55 (2 boxes for being the 100th commenter)

Schulmanator (1 box)

Skyscraper241 (1 box)

Mastof (1 box)

StanislavSoltys (1 box)

111222333444 (1 box)

joedavis (1 box)

usfighter15 (1 box)

Rewright (1 box)

Lyhoko Leaci (1 box)

9988 (1 box)

The Almighty Bunny paused for a moment, and then continued.

Almighty Bunny: The remaining 13 boxes will be auctioned off for charity, the proceeds going to aid kittens affected by the ongoing Queensferry War. As chocolates are still a novelty here on Boneila, I am certain that they will fetch very high prices-

pinkie_pie_avatar_013.png Do I get a chocolate?

Almighty Bunny: Wha...? What are you doing in here?

pinkie_pie_avatar_013.pngPinkie Pie: I was looking for kumquats and pickle barrels! Do you have any kumquat orchards here? How about pickle barrels? I love the sound of kumquats so much, I'd love to work in a kumquat orchard just so I could say "kumquat" all day long! Repeat after me! Kumqua-

Almighty Bunny: *hastily* Computer, MUTE AUDIO!

*six minutes later*

Almighty Bunny: As I was saying, we were going to auction 13 boxes of chocolate, but unfortunately, we "lost" one box, so we now have only twelve to sell. Anyways, Kalisnith to you all, and good night!

General Suoivergasun: Your Furregal Majesty, what was that strange pink creature?

Almighty Bunny: You really wanna know? Computer, end transmission.



Attack on Beredor

Criznelkart, Lordym of Criznelkart


lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: So, do you like this food?

lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord Uthastinok: Indeed I do! What are these dishes?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Glad you asked that. This dish, over here, you probably know, although not in this form. Called Anagon, it is a rare variant of the much more common Alissur grass that is found all over the Northern Hills. It is not endemic to the White Hills, however, but was brought here by having its seeds cling to the fur of Hoarfanc the Great and his followers, who, having just returned from Monamar Oversea, were still nomadic. Back then, only a few stable Bouneye Lordyms existed on this side of the planet, as the Terrors of the East were far greater then. According to tales passed down from that time, only the higher peaks of the Northern Hills, such as most of the White Hills, were above the level of the Great Western Sea, of which only fragments now remain, scattered all over the planet. Lake Izen is one of the remnants of this sea.

Lord Shuromin paused for an instant, and then continued.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: About the origin of these other dishes you see here, I have just as little knowledge of that as you do. I was leaving my room a few days ago, when suddenly, I saw a bright flash in front of me, recalling the appearance of a hyperdrive flash, and then suddenly a large box appeared in front of me with strange image labels made with some antiquated, non-electronic technology on the lid. Here's a holoimage I had taken of it:




lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord Uthastinok: And what was inside the box? I'm presuming it was...

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Yes, these strange "chocolates", or whatever they're called, that we're eating, were found packed inside the box, which apparently came from this strange land of "Schulmania". From what our intelligence could gather, "Schulmania" is apparently a nation inhabited by humans and some strange creature similar in some ways to the cats we have seen on visits to Earth. The location of this land of "Schulmania" is currently unknown.

lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord Uthastinok: Interesting. So anyways, how're your children doing?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Oh, they're doing fine. I had to order some of them to return home from central Zargil, as that is very likely to be the target of the Terrors, once they resum their attacks.

hako.pngLord Hako: Speaking of Zargil, you were saying something earlier about the excellent defenses of that Lordym?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Yeah... oh look, here comes Lord Wisant! He's more informed on this matter than I am.

lord_wisant_withanelv.jpgLord Wisant: Hello, Shuromin!

Shuromin rose and greeted his friend.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Welcome to Criznelkart, Wisant! Did you have a pleasant trip here?

lord_wisant_withanelv.jpgLord Wisant: Yes, thank you. Anyways, what was the important reason you had called me here for?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Since you're more knowledgeable on this topic than I am, I was wondering if you could explain to the Lords Hako and Uthastinok about the recent attack on Zargil by the Terrors of the East.

lord_wisant_withanelv.jpgLord Wisant: Very well, I shall. The attack on Zargil took place three days ago, during the evening, while our White Council was in session in the Fortress of Beredor...

Three days ago


The Fortress of Beredor, the easternmost point of both the Northern Hills and the White Hills, is designed to be the epitome of Boneilan defensive architecture, being both beautiful and deadly.


The largest earthworks on the entire planet are situated here, and support a large canal which provides drinking water for the Bouneyes inside, and also functions as the only route in or out of the fortress. The fortress also has many walls circling it, so that in order to reach the central tower by land, you would have to pass 10 concentric rings of heavily-defended walls.


The central tower, the Tower of Ocsaleyn, named after the only Bouneye military leader capable of battling the Terrors head-on, is built of pure, unpolished steelstone, making it so strong that the only two things capable of taking it down in a relatively short time frame are a meteor impact and an antimatter explosion, both of which are capable of taking down virtually anything. The fortress is also heavily defended in other respects, ranging from its 92 antimatter-armed ballistic missiles, each of which is armed with a 75-kiloton antimatter bomb, to its dozens of Tubewing Fighter-class spacecraft (specially modified Tubewing Scout-class craft designed for attack instead of scouting)


Over here, on the other side of the plain that seperates the heavily-terraformed Hill of Beredor from the main body of the White Hills, lies the source of the canal that leads to the fortress: the underground river Moridel. Recently, some spelunking Bouneyes discovered a massive cave system leading into the heart of the mountains.


Here is the easternmost part of the canal that is defended by a wall, as after this point, the earthworks become steep enough to remove any need for a defensive wall around the canal.


Over here, where there is a ramp leading down from the canal to the level of the swamps, a small fortress, which currently has only three outdated short-range bombers for its protection, has been established. Three days ago, Antor Bitush had just been transferred here to serve as the fort's new commander. If you had been there, you might have heard this conversation going on via holocommunicator between Bitush and a security officer in the nearby Fortress of Beredor:

antor_bitush.jpgBitush: So, anything to report? You know, we always need to be on the lookout for attacks on this location by the Terrors, unlikely though that may seem.

Security officer: No, nothing's reading on any of the scanners, except for a thunderstorm a few kilometers south of here. Sometimes, I wonder why all this security is needed, since there has been no conflict of any kind between Bouneyes and the Terrors for nearly eight centuries.

antor_bitush.jpgBitush: I often find myself wondering the same thing. Heck, I even hear the Princedym of Melikan to the south actually trades with "them", if you can believe it.

Security officer: Wow. That's just... wow. That's really interesting news. Where did you learn that?

antor_bitush.jpgBitush: The local gossipers, of course. Nothing official, as far as I...

Security officer: WHAT ON BONEILA???

antor_bitush.jpgBitush: What is it?

Security officer: Bitush! Prepare yo.. ...bomb... ...media... ...tiajsl... ...tack... ...axvdgo... ...Kaptek!

Bitush stared at his console in disbelief as the holocommunicator's image fizzled, crackled, and then finally disappeared. All attempts to regain contact with Beredor Fortress, or anywhere else for that matter, failed...

What's going to happen to Bitush? Please come back next time for another episode of Boneila: History!



As part of the Christmas celebrations in Schulmania, the Almighty Bunny, ruler of all Boneila and its dependent planets and systems, has sent many gifts to the Supreme Wirdle of Schulmania and her family. The first presents are 500 grams of each of the following gemstones:








Firhisham terebinth







Next, they sent an ordinary-looking wooden crate, which contained 96 handheld tractor beam generators in the latest model - no need to press a button anymore, just requires thinking about what you want it to do, and it will do that (remember, the earlier Boneila update with tractor beam generators took place over 1000 Earth years ago)


Finally, the Boneilans sent two lightsaber-armed, highly-trained Buni Knights, Alen Thent and Jok Boneyi, who will teach the furry felines and happy humans exactly how to use the generators, and if the Supreme Wirdle wishes for it to be so, they will also fight for Schulmania.



Have a meowy Christmas, efurryone! :party:



As always, my replies to your comments and questions from the previous update amy be found in the comments section of the previous update. ;)

New Technology

Criznelkart, Lordym of Criznelkart


After a few more days of exploring the caves, Mighty-lord Shuromin decided to stop further exploration of the caverns, as already more wealth than even he could imagine had been discovered. The estimated value of the known portion of the Glittering Caves of Aglarond (or alternatively, the Glittering Caves of Enmu Spide, or just the Glittering Caves) was placed at around 100 billion Grenelaki. The sheer quantity of gemstones was so vast that Shuromin had to severely restrict the mining of most of the crystals (the blehsham were the only exception), in order to preserve their value. This also had the unintended effect of preserving the caves, ground spides and all, virtually unchanged, as, due to the fact that new crystals were constantly forming in these caves, the rate of crystal removal canceled out the rate at which new crystals grew on the walls, roof, and floor, so that the crystal layers neither gained much in thickness, nor did they shrink much.


A typical district in the Old Town of Criznelkart looks much like this. The obelisk-like buildings, which serve both residential and commercial purposes, are designed to spread out as much of their weight as possible to prevent breaking through the ice on which they are built, as they are much heavier than they look. The accommodations in the central spires are among the priciest living quarters for sale in town...


As a transition between the Old Town and the New Town, the majority of which is still under construction, very large parks have been constructed in some of the outer portions of the Old Town. Larger-than-life statues of various Bouneyes decorate the parks for the most part, and great Ekton trees, which are highly resistant to cold, provide greenery. In the foreground you can see the top of the massive cooling tower, belonging to the White Hills Science Labratory, which first appeared in the last update. As part of the New Town, Lord Shuromin ordered the construction of a new central tower for the White Hill Council, as well as for any other councils, committees, or any other such Nordanian government branches. He decided to name the tower the Tower of Hoarfanc, after the founder of the White Hill Lordyms (and his ancestor), Hoarfanc the Great, who first settled the peaks of the White Hills a couple thousand years before, and later moved on downwards to colonize Lake Izen, the current location of Criznelkart.


Lord Shuromin paced back and forth along a long corridor in the right wing of the Communications Center impatiently. He had invited the Lords Hako and Uthastinok, as well as his best friend Lord Arktos, to see something that he had been working on recently. Lord Arktos had already arrived several hours ago, but there was still no sign of Hako or Uthastinok. Suddenly, Shuromin burst out in fustration.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Where are they? They should have been here ages ago!

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Well, they might have stopped along the way for any number of reasons, although I can't see any at the moment

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: You're right. It could be that something urgent came up that delayed them for a while. *sighs* Working on this project has stressed me out recently, and I could really use a break.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: You could take a vacation, you know.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Vacation? No! I can't leave my crucial job to someone else while I go on a vacation! Maybe I could take one once the next Mighty-lord is elected, but definitely not now.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Well, have it when you wish then. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what is this new project?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: You'll see it when they get here.

As they leaned against opposite walls in the corridor, they suddenly heard a blip from one of the holocommunicators in an adjoining room, and as they turned to open the door, one of the workers (who just happened to be Antor Bitush) opened the door, and nearly walked right into the two Lords.

antor_bitush.jpgBitush: Oh! Mighty-lord Shuromin! I was just about to call you here... it's Hako on the communicator.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: At last!

Shuromin rushed into the room, closely followed by Arktos. Hako, seeing him on his own holocommunicator, greeted him.

hako.pngLord Hako: Hey, Mighty-lord Shuromin! Sorry we've kept you waiting, but we ran into a sudden thunderstorm and were struck by a lightning bolt, which temporarily fritzed out nearly all of our spacecraft's systems.

Shuromin turned to Arktos.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Strange... I thought the Tubewings were resistant to lightning-induced surges of electricity?

hako.pngLord Hako: That's what I thought as well! Apparently, this lightning bolt was much more powerful than normal, as the spacecraft's surge detector, which can measure electrical surges of up to 110 megavolts, read "off the charts", while its needle stayed pinned at 110 MV.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: *shocked* You're lucky you weren't instantly fried!

hako.pngLord Hako: It must have been your Criznelkartian ultramodified shields to thank for that. Anyways, now that the delay is over, we should be arriving in Criznelkart within about 5 or 6 minutes.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Ok, tell the pilot that he can land in the back, in front of the rear entrance to the Main Research Facility. See you in a few minutes! Kalisnith!

Lord Hako then raised his right paw in return.

hako.pngLord Hako: Kalisnith meeko!

Lord Hako then dissapeared from the holoprojector.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Well Arktos, let's get ready to meet them!

They then exited from the room, left the building, and started to make their way towards the meeting-place. Sure enough, they soon heard the distinctive sound of a flying Tubewing swiftly heading their way. It was Lord Hako and Lord Uthastinok, who had come at last.


As the Tubewing flew over the Labratory's grounds, it began to slow down, and it finally glided to a stop in front of the rear entrance to the MRF. As soon as the craft stopped, Mighty-lord Shuromin and Lord Arktos stepped out to greet them.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: I'm glad you two could make it!

lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord Uthastinok: So are we. So, what do you have to show us?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Follow me.


He led the three other Lords into the building, turned right after a little bit, then walked forward without any further turns. He then turned suddenly and opened an unimpressive-looking door, which was identical to nearly every other door they had passed so far. He held the door open until they were all inside, and then entered himself. Once inside, he pressed a panel on the wall, and a pawscanner, accompanied by a panel containing keys for each letter of the Northern Alphabet, appeared. He paused for a moment and turned to the others.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: This project is ultrasecret for now, which explains all the top security. No one can get in or out unless they're personally accompanied by me, as this pawscanner only recognizes my paws.

He then set his right paw to the scanner, while he pressed several buttons with his left. The outline of a door suddenly became visible to their left. He unlocked it with an electronic key he pulled out from somewhere, and the door opened. He entered through the door, and then beckoned to the others.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: This way!

The others quickly followed him down another corridor, which was much shorter this time. He then walked up to the door at the very end of the hall and opened it, entering the room along with the other Lords.

Inside, the room was very spacious and well-lit, and there were quite a few miscellaneous objects lying around. A pile of blehsham crystals here, a potted plant over there, a few chairs in one corner, a large table over there, and so on. Arktos and the other Lords didn't have much time to look around at what looked like a big storage room for random objects, as Shuromin suddenly called for an assistant, who, seconds later, appeared through another doorway.

alea_crusan.jpgCrusan: You called, Shuromin?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Bring the device!

alea_crusan.jpgCrusan: Right away, sir!

Crusan dissapeared into yet another room, and soon returned bringing a large tubular object which looked rather like a bracelet. It was very long though, nearly as long as Shuromin's forearm, and it had several buttons on it, each of which was decorated with a different color of crystal. Shuromin reached out and took the device from Crusan..

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Thank you, Crusan. *turns to the Lords* Now, watch.

Shuromin slid his right arm into the device, and then, as Hako and the other Lords watched with great interest, he extended his arm in the direction of the large potted plant on the other side of the room. He then raised his other paw and pressed down on one of the buttons, keeping his arm pointing at the plant the entire time. Slowly, the plant, pot and all, started to slide across the floor towards him, and then lifted into the air, moving towards Shuromin the entire time. Shuromin then pointed his right paw downwards, and the plant moved slowly back down to the ground, still moving towards him the entire time. As he released the button, the plant suddenly stopped moving, and settled on the spot where it was.

Before anyone could say anything, however, he again pointed his paw, this time at a large spide that the Lords just noticed, crawling along the floor. Shuromin pressed another button on the panel, and a bright beam of bluish-green light shot out from his paw and struck the spide, enveloping it in a force-field-like aura of light in the exact same color as the beam. The spide seemed to be suddenly frozen in the position it was in when it was hit by the beam of light, and as Mighty-lord Shuromin raised his paw, causing the bluish-green beam of light to rise into the air, the spide and its strange aura did the same, although the spide remained in its same frozen-movement state. After a few more moments of moving it around, he set the spide down on the ground near where he had picked it up, and released the button. Immediately, the beam of light and the aura around the spide dissapeared, and the spide started to move again, as it quickly ran up a wall and onto the roof, but, due to the roof being covered in anti-spide spikes for this purpose, it quickly dropped to the ground, knocking over the potted tree as it did so. Shuromin, after walking over to the tree and replacing it, turned to the others, who were standing there, speechless.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Handheld tractor beams and freeze-rays are only two of the features this thing will provide. It's still in the earliest stages, so the design is quite crude. Once finished, it will be a lot more powerful than it is at the present, and will have variable power options for each ability. This will be a very versatile tool, as it will be suitable for both civillian and military purposes. When completed, the military-capacity version may well allow us to defeat the Terrors of the East once and for all!

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: So, it'd be a war? You do remember that there has been no open war between the Terrors and the Bouneyes for 769 years, and the Bouneyes lost that war?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Of course I remember that, and that's why we cannot take this matter lightly. But, they're the ones who have attacked us first.

The two Lowland Lords, Hako and Uthastinok, were confused by this statement.

hako.pngLord Hako: What do you mean?

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Well, as it's nearly mealtime, why don't you sit down, and I'll call Lord Wisant, as he can explain this better than I could. In the meantime, let us eat!

Are you confused by Mighty-lord Shuromin's statement as well? If so, come back again for the next episode of Boneila: History!



A Great Surprise

Criznelkart, Lordym of Criznelkart


A lot had changed at the White Hills Science Labratory since Mighty-lord Shuromin had declared it as the central scientific headquaters of the ULN back in October.


Among other things, Shuromin had ordered the installation of a communications center, larger than any other in Nordan up to that time. It was powerful enough to allow its range to extend even as far as Tellinol, the outermost moon of Boneila, which had an orbit that averaged some 975,000 kilometers away from the planet's surface. New living quarters were also constructed here for the tens of thousands of Bouneyes working at the site.


As mentioned in the previous update, ordinary antimatter reactors were notoriously unstable in the icy cold Criznelkartian weather, and there were quite a few near-misses and accidents. At one point during the winter, the reactor's containment even sustained such a large crack that the entire facility had to be evacuated while the local disaster response crew destroyed the antimatter inside in a controlled emergency annilhation to avert an uncontrollable disaster, which was on the verge of taking place. After that near-disaster, the primary center of research was diverted to the new facility in the Lordym of Feyvil; however, the WHSL remained the official headquarters. The former location of the Criznelkart Antimatter Reactor was replaced by a dihydrogen monoxide tank, which dispensed coolant for any experiments that would need such a thing that would be held in the central building. Although the trench which had been dug into the ice of the lake to cancel out much of the damage from a potential antimatter annilhation explosion was now redundant, as the purpose for its existence had been dismantled, it was kept by the facility for its aesthetic beauty.


To take the place of the dismantled antimatter reactor, a medium-sized thermonuclear fusion power plant, with a maximum capacity of 250,000 MW, was installed in the southeast corner of the facility. Although it wasn't the largest power plant on Boneila by any means, it was the largest in the Northern Hills, and with its construction, the other White Hill Lordyms, as well as a few of the Lordyms surrounding the White Hills, were able to decomission whatever power plants they were previously using.


To avoid the melting of Lake Izen's ice due to the heat given off from many of the experiments taking place here (such a thaw would be disastrous, as over 90% of the inhabitable structures in the entire Lordym were built on the ice of the permanently frozen lake), a gigantic cooling tower, which, due to its immense mass, had to have its foundation built of steelstone and located on the lakebed, some 150 meters beneath the surface of the ice. Even if its height was not measured from its base, it was the tallest structure in Nordan by far. Flying near to the tower, you may be able to spot a Tubewing, which, containing the best gemscouts in Nordan, was just dispatched by Mighty-lord Shuromin to search for new potential locations to begin gemstone mining. As was tradition in the White Hills, Shuromin himself would be monitoring the expedition.


Soon, the craft had left the lake far behind, and was flying above the lower slopes of the mountains surrounding the lake. They were heading for a cavern of unknown dimensions, which had recently opened up in the side of a small cliff. The cave was located in one of the smaller valleys in the Lordym, named Enmu Spide, or the Valley of Spides, after the numerous spides, phosphorescent spider-like creatures, which, although they weren't only found in that valley, were more numerous in that valley than anywhere else in the White Hills.

A holographic image of Mighty-lord Shuromin suddenly appeared on the craft's communicator.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: *into holgraphic communicator* Bitush, what's your status?

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: We're currently crossing Pheline Ridge. I'd estimate that we'd reach the cave within around five minutes.

Two minutes later, the Tubewing went over the top of the ridge, and those inside were now able to see the valley with their own eyes, instead of relying on their scanners to "see" the valley.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: There's Enmu Spide! It's even more beautiful then I imagined it would look!

As the craft swooped down into the valley, a flurry of snow suddenly sprayed up from the ground in front of them, and their craft shuddered slightly for a moment. Next thing they knew, there were about four or five spides crawling and scratching all over their craft, which was still aloft.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: *startled* Eeek! Spides!

Bitush, who had been to this valley several times before, was unfazed by the sight of the chicken-sized creatures crawling all over the craft and clawing at whatever portruded from the surface.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Don't worry, they just don't like to have spacecraft in their territory, as they usually think that the craft are predators trying to attack them. This should get them off us, for a while at least.

He pressed a small button, which caused several flares to be emitted from a few panels on the exterior of the craft. The spides, startled by the bright flashes of light, all immediately leaped off the craft, jumped into the snow, and scurried away, leaving telltale large piles of snow behind whenever they dived into the snow.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Those creatures may look a bit freaky, but in reality, they're harmless. *sighs* They do tend to grow on you after a while.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: That must be the cave up ahead!

Bitush, seeing the cave, pressed a button, and the craft started to slow down, and then skidded to a stop on top of a deep snowdrift, some 7 meters from the opening.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: *into communicator* Mighty-lord Shuromin, we've reached the cave. We will now start our final preparations to enter it. *to others* C'mon guys, let's start preparing our gear!

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Good. Now, be careful, and please come back alive! Remember, your lives are far more important than bringing back even a thousand tons of firhisham terebinth.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Understood. Bitush out.

He then switched off the central holographic communicator, pulled open a small drawer, and handed out several handheld communicators to his crew. They then exited the craft, and hopped over to the entrance to the cavern. Before they entered, Bitush turned to the eight other Bouneyes who had come with him.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Now that you're all ready, a final reminder: If anything should happen to you, simply press the first two keys on your communicator, which will activate a locator beacon. That way, we will be able to find, and rescue if nessecary, you fairly quickly. Now, any questions? *brief pause* Ok, then let's enter the cave!

Inside the cave, the light quickly faded, and the team switched on their flashlights that were mounted on their mining helmets. They had been hopping along for around 250 meters when the narrow pathway simultaneously started widening and going on a steeper incline. Soon, they saw a strange light ahead.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: What's that light?

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: I have no idea.

They went on, and as they did so, the light got brighter and brighter, until it reached the point where they were able to switch off their flashlights. Suddenly, the pathway opened into a vast chamber, which was illuminated by thousands of small eight-legged creatures, not unlike the spides they had met on the surface.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: This must be a ground spide den! That would explain the strange light which fills the air, and is obviously not sunlight. This is a great discovery, as no Bouneye has yet seen a live ground spide, yet here we are, seeing them in the thousands!

As they looked around the chamber, they noticed that the walls were all reflecting the light given off by the spides, but in many different colors. Crusan walked over to them, looked closely at them for a moment, and then gave out a cry.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: Guys, come look at this!

They all ran over to Crusan.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: What is it, Cru... WHOA!!!

They all halted and stood staring at the wall, hardly believing their eyes. Right there before them, covering the walls, were the highest-quality kahsham crystals they had ever seen.


alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: And look over there!!!

She ran to a nearby area of the wall, scaring away a few ground spides, who were not accustomed to intruders, in the process. Once she and the other members of the team reached the wall, they were once again astonished to find it covered in high-quality dusham crystals.


Suddenly, for the first time, Bitush became aware that whenver he took a step in this vast cavern, a crunching sound would come from the ground, as if he was walking on a pebbly beach. He looked down, and to his stupefaction, he found that they had been treading on firhisham terebinth the entire time. Whereas he could easily imagine the vast wealth stored in this cavern before, due to its abundance of crystals that were very rare elsewhere, now he could barely guess at the immense value of this chamber. Why, the very floor of it was carpeted in thick layers of the rarest gemstone known to Bouneyes; and who knew how deep this layer could go?


antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: *excitedly* Everyone! Look down!

After a moment's hesitation, during which the rest of the team all shot him puzzled looks, they did as he said, and were all as stupefied as he was.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: Whoa...

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Can you imagine how much this one cavern is worth? And we haven't even begun to explore the other caverns which lie beyond those openings on the other side yet!

After a few minutes of gathering specimens, they decided to look around some more. Crusan, ever the adventurous one, quickly hopped over to the other side of the cavern.

alea_crusan.jpgAlea Crusan: *shocked* What under Boneila is this?

Bitush and the others ran over to her, and this time, nearly dropped to the floor in shock. They had discovered a new color of crystal, that no one had ever encountered before.


antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Oh. my. gosh.

After a few minutes of staring at the bright orange crystals in silence, Bitush decided to name the newly-discovered gemstone "felisham", in accordance with the names of the already-known crystals, felis meaning orange (as in the color), and the suffix -sham, meaning crystal.

One of the other team members, as he sat on the firhisham terebinth that covered the floor of the cave, suddenly noticed another new color of crystal on the walls not too far away, and drew the others' attention to them. They ran over, and once again were in awe, as they had never even imagined such colors to exist in crystal form. It was quickly decided that they would named "yasham", from yael, meaning yellow, and the suffix -sham.


On the floor of the cavern, not far from the entrance to one of the tunnels that led deeper into the mountain, they discovered a third new crystal - the pink-colored alisham. If, as was not unlikely, this chamber was the only one in this cave system to contain colored crystals, the alisham would be the rarest, as they were only located in an area covering approximately 1,350 square meters. As with the firhisham terebinth, they could not be sure as to what depth the crystal layer went.


Finally, as they turned to go, having spent around 10 hours in the Glittering Caves, Bitush noticed an outcropping of what looked like blehsham surrounding the entrance to the tunnel they had come through. Upon closer inspection, it proved to be indeed blehsham, but the translucency was far greater than the most transluscent blehsham previously known.


After quickly taking a sample, Bitush called to the others to return to the surface world.

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: Come on guys! We're leaving!

After they returned to their craft (and scared away the three dozen or so spides who were trying to "kill" the spacecraft, to no avail), Bitush contacted Shuromin.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-lord Shuromin: Welcome back! So, what do you have to report?

antor_bitush.jpgAntor Bitush: So many things...

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The Second Dream

Feyvil Town, Lordym of Feyvil


It had been four months since the 126th Council of the Parintalia had come to a close, and it was now the 27th of January, which meant that tomorrow was the first of February; and the preparations for one of the largest annual festivals, and one of only a very few that was celebrated in nearly every Bouneye community, no matter where they were or what type they were, would begin. In Feyvil, this festival would be lower-key than usual, as the town was still recovering from the disastrous flood that had occured in mid-September.


One major change to the village in the past few months was the completion of a small landing pad, to service Feyvil Town; it would not be the only location in Feyvil capable of servicing spacecraft for long though.


Since the extreme cold of the Lordym of Criznelkart was not favorable for certain things at the White Hills Science Labratory (especially the antimatter reactors, whose containment units did not take well to the cold and had to be shut down to avoid yet another antimatter annilhation disaster), Mighty-lord Shuromin, with Lord Hako's approval, opened the first section of a large research facility, located not far from the remains of the former Feyvil Antimatter Research Plant. Despite Hako's approval of the project, many of Lord Hako's counselors, not to mention nearly all the other townsfolk, were firmly against it, as they still regarded the area with the uttermost fear, and dreaded to go near the spot, as Lowland tradition held that the spirit a Bouneye who died a violent death would haunt the area where it died for 500 years before finally being able to pass on to the Blessed Realms. Because of their fear of the ghosts of the 7,000 Bouneyes who were vaporized in the explosion of the FARP four decades ago, few Feyvillians worked at the site, most of the workers instead coming from the White Hill Lordyms.


In the afternoon, Lord Hako decided to take a swim in Lake Gathil to cool off, as it had been a hard day working to prepare the fields for the sowing of the crops, which would take place in a few days. The field preparation was taking longer than normal this year, as the agricultural fields had been greatly expanded. The reason for doing this was to enable them to produce enough food for all the current inhabitants of the Lordym of Feyvil, as well as the inhabitants that would soon come.


As night fell across the landscape, Lord Hako returned to his tunnel, the entrance to which was located under the rope bridge that crossed over the far end of Inlat Row, where many of the oldest tunnels in the town were located. As he entered the chamber reserved for him, his companions, and also his youngest children, who hadn't moved into their own tunnels yet, and hopped into his soft bed of dried Parintalia leaves, he had a sense of foreboding, and of approaching danger. He could not pinpoint the source, which fustrated him, as he could usually pinpoint the source of whatever was troubling him when premonitions like these came. Thus, it had been an especially hard blow for him when the sudden rainstorm came, as he prided himself on being able to predict such events. As he mused on what could possibly be going on, he fell asleep. But sleep was worse than waking...


As he slept, he dreamed that he was on the roof of what seemed to be a very tall tower, situated high in the mountains. Snow was falling all around him, and as he stared far into the distance, he caught a glimpse of what every Hillbunny had heard about, and which every last one of them feared more than ten thousand ghosts: the vast stretches of the Forbidden Swamp, where the Terrors of the East dwelt. As he turned to survey his more immediate surroundings, he found that there was someone else next to him. It took a moment before he recognized her, as she looked much older. It was Lord Oscura, but not the Oscura that he remembered from the Council. Her beautiful brown fur was now unkempt and rough, and she wore strange robes made of some unknown material, replacing the garments woven of Alissur that she was wearing during the Council. At her side hung a blaster, and also a strange metallic tube, the purpose of which he could not guess. He looked down at himself, and found himself to be attired and armed in a similar fashion. He continued to look around, and, to his surprise, the tower's roof was not small, as he had initally guessed, nor was it the highest point of the tower. A tall, thin spire portruded from the central part of the roof, and arose into the clouds, which he now noticed were quite close to him. He heard the sound of battle far below him.

Suddenly, his attention was diverted by a loud clanking sound coming from behind him, and he quickly whirled around to see what was going on, and saw that one of the roof panels had slid aside, and three figures were rising out through the hole. The first two figures were like nothing he had seen before, and everything was strange about them, from their skin color (they had no fur), to their great height, to their attire, to what were apparently their weapons; they each bore two strange weapons that could have been some type of axe, except for the fact that the heads were crisscrossed with hundreds of wires.

The third figure was far more unsettling than the other two, unsettling though they were. He wore a dark brown cloak which covered nearly his entire body, so that only his eyes - strangely glowing ones, he thought - and his hands could be seen. They were obviously Bouneye hands, which meant that this creature, at least, was a Bouneye, while the other two didn't look like anything near to one. The fur on cloaked figure's hands/paws was light brown in color. Lord Hako suddenly noticed that he was holding a metallic tube, similar in appearance to the ones posessed by himself and Lord Oscura. Suddenly, Oscura spoke.

lord_oscura_clofrem.jpgLord Oscura: So, this is it then.

She then reached to her belt, and swiftly detached the metallic tube from it. She then held it up and pressed a small button located on it. With a sudden snap and a hiss, a brilliant orange beam of light emerged from the tube, which he now took to be some sort of handle for a weapon. Suddenly, he realized that he had seen this beam of light before. It was in his dream. The one he had had five months ago. Suddenly, he remembered. These two strange creatures that were standing next to the cloaked Bouneye were of the same race as those who had attacked Feyvil in his previous dream.

He was snapped out of his reverie by the sound of the cloaked figure saying something to the two others, who were apparently his subordinates. Although he did not know the language in which it was uttered, he somehow understood exactly what he was saying.

hooded_one.pngCloaked Bouneye: Kill them.

At this, the two tall creatures pulled out their axes and flipped a switch on each of them, causing the axes to glow ever so slightly with a bluish color, and they crackled ever so often. Apparently, the axes had just been electrified. The cloaked Bouneye hesitated for an instant, giving him time to pull out his own tube and press the button he found on it, which, after a snap-hissing sound similar to that which came from Oscura's weapon, caused a yellow beam of light to beam from it. As soon as he saw this, the cloaked figure held out his tube and pressed the button, and a beam of green light, substantially longer than the beams of Hako and Oscura, emerged from it. For a moment, time seemed to stand still as the five stared at each other. Suddenly, Lord Oscura let out a cry.

lord_oscura_clofrem.jpgLord Oscura: For Nordan!

She then charged at the three of them, waving her weapon. Hako, after a moment's hesitation, ran after her, although he had no idea of what to do once he actually reached the three apparent enemies, who had already surrounded Oscura. Suddenly, some other power seemed to take over his movements, and he fought with a skill that was unmatched by either of the axe-wielders alone, powerful though they were. However, working together, they managed to seperate him from Oscura, who, as she was dueling alone against the cloaked Bouneye, was being pushed nearer and nearer to the pit from which these enemies had arisen. For his part, they were forcing him to take a step back with every other blow. He knew that he was getting near to the edge of the tower's roof, although he had no time to look back. Soon, he had his back to the guardrail, and was desperately parrying blows from the two creatures. He decided to do something unexpected to try to even the numbers. He suddenly leaped into the air a few meters, and came down on the other side of them. He swung his blade at them, but they were faster than he expected, and he only managed to cleave the grip of one of the axes in half, deactivating it.

Hako was now being forced back to the guardrail again, and the creatures renewed their attack with increased vigor. Suddenly, one of them, the one who had just had one of his axes destroyed, suddenly screamed loudly, dropped his weapon, and dropped to the ground, dead. As the creature collapsed, Hako saw Lord Oscura standing behind where the being had just stood, light-beam weapon in her hand. Not too far behind her, the cloaked Bouneye lay on the ground, incapacitated by Oscura. She gave a quick nod to him just before turning on the remaining figure, who had now adopted a more defensive position. After a few short minutes, Oscura cut off his left arm, and before he had a chance to react, Lord Hako plunged his blade into the creatures' chest, killing him instantly.

Now that the fight was over, Lord Hako looked around, and was surprised to see that the cloaked figure was no longer lying where he was just a few minutes ago. As he looked around, searching for a sign of where he could have gone on to, he heard a shriek from behind. He turned around just in time to see the cloaked figure, now having fully recovered himself, withdraw his blade from Lord Oscura. Immediately after he did so, she collapsed to the ground in a heap.

hako.pngLord Hako: YOU KILLED HER!!!

Hako lost control of his emotions, and filled with anger, launched a furious attack on the cloaked Bouneye. However, he was stronger than he thought, and soon, it was he who was on the retreat, barely able to parry each of the figure's blows, and never able to strike one himself. Suddenly, his blade flew out of his hand and up into the gloomy clouds above. Before he knew what was going on, he found himself flying backwards, and after what seemed like an eternity, he crashed with a sudden thud into the guardrail at the edge of the tower. The cloaked Bouneye walked up to him and stared at him for what seemed like ages. Hako felt as if he was trying to bore a hole into him with his eyes. Suddenly, the figure let out a sigh. Then he spoke, not in a strange, unintellingible language, but High Bouneyan, the language of the Northern Hills.

hooded_one.pngCloaked Bouneye: Hello, Hako.

Hako recognised that voice at once. Utter shock, amazement, anger, and horror all at once overwhelmed him, and he let out a yell.


Suddenly, he woke up. Many of his children were gathered around him, staring in confusion. One of them, his youngest daughter, Marya, spoke up.

marya_carocabaji.pngMarya: Daddy?

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Glade of the Parintalia, Lordym of Feyvil


After the four candidates for becoming Mighty Bunny finished their short speeches which announced their intentions to run for the office, the following information appeared on the data pads of the 21 Lords who would be voting in Round 1. (The Lordym of Pika, while not a member of the United Lordyms of Nordan, was granted the right to vote for who would become the Mighty Bunny at election time.)


The panel displayed the pictures of the four candidates, and the three lines next to each picture said: 1) Their full name + their title, 2) The words "First Intended Decree", or what would be the first thing they would do should they become Mighty Bunny, and 3) what their First Intended Decree was. The First Intended Decrees, from top to bottom, were these: Establishment of a Nordanian Capital (Lord Hako), Increasing funding to scientific studies (Lord Shuromin), Dispatching of a spacefleet to Earth to capture thousands of apples (Lord Oscura), and Creating a program to teach how to run military-style (Lord Java).

To vote, all the Lords had to do was press the panel that contained the picture of the Lord they wished to vote for. Pretty soon, Lord Pik, who presided over the elections, gave the results of Round 1 of the voting.

lord_pik_clau.jpgLord Pik: The results are in, and I shall now list them. Lord Hako Carocabaji; 5 votes. Lord Shuromin Tewis; 7 votes. Lord Oscura Clofrem; 7 votes. Lord Java Inthani; 2 votes. The Lords Hako, Shuromin, and Oscura may proceed to the next round. Lord Java, you may vote for one of the other Lords from this point on.

Lord Java returned to his seat in his section of the Glade, and this subsequently popped up on his data pad, while the images on the other ones were replaced by this one.


It was nearly identical to the previous image, save that Lord Java was now greyed out, as voting for him was no longer an option.

Not too long afterwards, the last vote (belonging to Lord Matoradi) was sent in, and Lord Pika rose up again.

lord_pik_clau.jpgLord Pik: Results for this round: Lord Hako; 6 votes. Lord Shuromin; 7 votes. Lord Oscura, 9 votes. Thus, Lord Shuromin and Lord Oscura will proceed into the final round.

Lord Hako descended from the Speaking Stone, bounded back to his seat, and picked up his data pad, which, along with the other voting Lords' data pads, was now displaying this.


The final round commenced. With 7 free voters, it was possible that one of the two Lords would get a large majority of the votes. However, if the opinions of the new voters were split, then it would be a very close race. As it turned out, the latter case proved to be correct. Lord Pika let out a sigh that was almost inaudiable (even for Bouneyes) as he saw the results, and then he announced them to the waiting audience of 149 Bouneyes and Pikas.

lord_pik_clau.jpgLord Pik: The results for the final round are now in! The vote was very close, and the winner won by only one vote. Lord Shuromin recieved 12 votes, while Lord Oscura has 11 votes. I would like to be the first to congratulate Lord Shuromin Tewis, the First Mighty Bunny of Nordan!

As Lord Pik was speaking, the image on all the Lords' data pads changed to reflect this announcement.


After most of the Bouneyes and Pikas present had congratulated Lord Shuromin, now known as Mighty-Lord Shuromin, he hopped back onto the Speaking Stone to make a short announcement, while Lord Oscura returned to her part of the Glade.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: Thank you, all of you, for your support. I would now like to announce the creation of the Nordanian Scientific Institute, which shall be formed from the merging of any and all scientific organizations from the Nordanian Lordyms. All funding for scientific purposes will be diverted to said Institute, and said funding shall also be increased by 50%, in which the increase shall be paid for wholly by the mining of the shahm terebinthi whit of Criznelkart. Creation of this organization will be an excellent job creator for Nordan, and will provide those who will work there with an excellent source of income, as the minimum wage for working at the Institute will be 30,000 Grenelaki. The headquarters of the Institute will be in the former White Hills Science Labratory in Criznelkart, but branches of the Institute will be located wherever other scientific labratories and institutes were formerly organized.

An image of the White Hills Science Labratory suddenly appeared behind Mighty-Lord Shuromin, coming from his personal Holoprojector.


lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: For those who have never been to Criznelkart, the White Hills Science Labratory is the central scientific institute of the White Hills, and like most other things in Criznelkart, is built on top of the largest lake in the Northern Hills, Lake Izen. Due to the altitude at which Lake Izen is located in the White Hills, it is permanently covered by a 9-meter-thick layer of ice, upon which most of the City of Criznelkart is built. For those buildings which are too massive to be supported by the ice layer, great poles of steelstone are driven deep into the lakebed below, to take most of the pressure off the ice.

Mighty-Lord Shuromin paused for a moment, and then continued.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: In their current state, the facilities at the White Hills Science Institute are woefully inadequate for such a task, despite their containing the most advanced scientific technology in existence in the Northern Hills since the destruction in an unfortunate accident of the Feyvillian Antimatter Plant three decades ago. For this reason, we are currently working on upgrading the labratory, which is no easy matter considering that Lake Izen is always experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Anyways, that sums up my First Decree. I shall now step down.

Mighty-Lord Shuromin returned to the section of the Glade reserved for the delegation from Criznelkart, and Lord Hako stepped up once more.

hako.png And so, with the election of our new Mighty Bunny, the 126th Council of the Parintalia has come to a close. You may all stay here in Feyvil for as long as you wish to, although I don't imagine many of you will, as some of you have been away from your lands for as long as 11 days now. Goodbye, and sleep well.


Then, for the first time in 10 days, just as the first of the three Boneilan suns began to rise above the horizon, Lord Hako and his entourage stepped onto the path leading to the Glade of the Parintalia, this time going downhill. He was soon followed by nearly all the other Bouneyes in the Glade. Soon, only two were left - Mighty-Lord Shuromin and his close friend, Lord Arktos.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Congratulations on your election, Shuromin!

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: Thank you Arktos. Want to go get a snack before we go to our quarters? I wouldn't mind sampling the local wildberries, to compare them to those back home.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Sure, but only if you give me another one of those blehsham!

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: But I don't have any!

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Then what's that?

Lord Arktos pointed to a blehsham that had apparently fallen to the ground sometime during the past 10 days.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: *quickly hops forward, grabs gem* You didn't see that!

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Oh yes I did!

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgMighty-Lord Shuromin: Fine, you win. Here's the gem... gotcha!

Shuromin quickly pushed Arktos to the ground and hopped off into the trees, laughing.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: Hey! I'll get you for that! Now I want half of the gathered berries as well!

Quick as a flash, Arktos ran after Shuromin, who was still laughing...

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Glade of the Parintalia, Lordym of Feyvil


The Council debated for days as to what solutions could be found for the troubles many of their towns were experiencing, only taking breaks for regular Parintalian Refreshment Feasts, to ensure that they would not get hungry, but would have more than enough sustenance to keep them for the duration of the Council.


One thing that was quickly decided upon was the construction of spacecraft landing pads for the Lordyms that did not have any such places yet. The White Lordyms all had large landing pads (and, in the case of the Lordym of Criznelkart, a small spaceport), and so did not need any such thing; however, they did provide much of the funding for the new landing pads. Although each Lordym would have most of the funding for their own landing pads provided for them, they would have to buy their own spacecraft without any extra funding provided.


For the Lordyms of the Lowlands that were still mostly flooded, large pump-hydrovaporizer tank hoverbarges were purchased from the Princedyms and Lordyms of the South, as they were generally technologically superior to the Lordyms of the Northern Hills, and so were the obvious first choice for procuring such devices. A complex system of canals, dikes, hydrovaporizers, and large pumps would be constructed in the near future to limit the effects of future disasters of this sort.


Agricultural Lordyms that survived the storm relatively unscathed, such as the Lordym of Clove, agreed to send food and supplies to the Lordyms whose crops were ruined by the storm. In this way, they would avoid having to purchase such things for vastly inflated prices from Melikan and the other Southern states. The apples from Lord Oscura's private orchard (unlike most of the Clovians, Lord Oscura and her family preferred apples to clover leaves) were the most popular food supplies, and a select group of spacecraft was sent to Earth to secretly capture some apple trees, as the Northern supply of apples was extremely diminished after this.


Construction of a high-speed interlordym transportation network was also agreed upon, after much deliberation; this would be one of the most significant changes to the Northern Hill Lordyms, as the vast majority of them had economies based off agriculture, and travel between most of the Northern Hill Lordyms was sparse, with a few notable exceptions, such as the Lordyms of the White Hills, where interlordym traffic was so common that it would be difficult to find a Bouneye living there who had not been to other Lordyms several times. Pika, in order to preserve its culture, opted not to have such a network built in its domains.


To help enhance their political standing in the eyes of the likes of the Princedym of Melikan, a unified currency, the Grenelak, was introduced for all the Northern Hill Lordyms to use. It would be set at an exchange rate of 1 gram of blehsham gemstones = 10 Grenelaki. Any Bouneye that would have Grenelaki in his possession would be able to go to the Central Bank, located in Criznelkart, and exchange his or her Grenelaki for the appropriate amount of blehsham.


After over a week of debating the pros and cons, a (hopefully) final solution to the problem of what Lord Wisant cryptically named the "Terrors of the East" was decided upon; the Lordyms of the Northern Hills, with the exception of the Lordym of Pika, which would remain completely independent, would give up a small part of their independence, and unite as one state, the United Lordyms of Nordan. Their leader, who would be known as the Mighty Bunny, would be chosen from among the various Lords, and would serve a term of two years, after which the office would pass to another Lord, unless at least three quarters of the voting Lords voted to keep the current Mighty Bunny. However, the Mighty Bunny would not become head of the Council of the Parintalia; his or her jurisdiction would be over the United Lordyms of Nordan, but not over the Council or its territory (which was composed of the Circle and the path leading up to it), which would remain a fully independent body.

Four Lords announced their intentions to become the First Mighty Bunny; Lord Hako, representing the Lowlands; Lord Shuromin, representing the White Hills; Lord Oscura, representing the Hillbunnies; and Lord Java, representing the Jeckians. After a few short announcement speeches, voting commenced.

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Glade of the Parintalia, Lordym of Feyvil


Two hours after the Council began, the Opening Feast is still going on...

lord_alsk_therwith.jpgLord #1: Wow, these Parintalia leaves are delicious!

lord_wisant_withanelv.jpgLord #2: I agree! They taste better than the juiciest apples I've ever tasted... mmm!

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord #3: To me they taste rather like the crunchiest grass ever savored... but much better! *munch munch*

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgLord #4: We should bring back a few Parintalia trees to our own lands!

lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord #5: If they survive the journey, that is.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgLord #4: Oh, they will, they will. I have guarantees of that.

lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord #5: Nothing is guaranteed these days… unless you're one of the Melikan nobility.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgLord #4: Or if you're a citizen of Criznelkart. Or have you forgotten where I come from?

Suddenly, Lord Hako interrupted.

hako.pngLord Hako: Well, everyone, shall we close the opening feast now?

There were loud thumps and calls of approval (and several calls of disapproval), indicating that most of the Bouneyes present agreed with Lord Hako’s proposal.

hako.pngLord Hako: So, now that we are finished with the feasting, let’s introduce ourselves, and perhaps a bit about our Lordyms as well, as after all, only one of us present, Lord Bekunch of Olthseye, has actually been to a Council of the Parintalia before, and nowdays, travel between most of our towns is relatively scarce. So, as you probably all know, my name is Lord Hako Carocabaji. I am only the First Lord of Feyvil, as we are a relatively young town. Before our town was founded, we lived with our friends in the Lordym of Hestore.

Hako then sat down, and his best friend, who was sitting to his left, stood up.

lord_uthastinok_frokin.jpgLord Uthastinok: I am Lord Uthastinok Frokin, Fifteenth Lord of Hestore; our town is not too notable, except for the fact that we are the Lowlanders that live nearest to the White Hills.

Uthastinok then glanced at the Lord seated next to him. He stood up.

lord_alsk_therwith.jpgLord Alsk: I am Lord Alsk Therwith, Seventy-seventh Lord of Tubak; My Lordym is inhabited by the Whitbuns that are brave enough to live nearest of all Whitbuns to these Lowlanders.

Few could fail to notice the special emphasis on “Low” in Lord Alsk’s statement, and it was obvious that some sort of enmity ran between the Whitbuns and the Lowlanders.

lord_wisant_withanelv.jpgLord Wisant: I am Lord Wisant Withanelv, Eightieth Lord of Zargil; Zargil is the hill-city that chiefly guards the Northern Hills against the Terrors of the East. However, we seem to have failed in this task, for otherwise this Council would not have been called.

Most of the other Lords looked at him in confusion. What was he talking about? However, Lord Wisant said no more. Just then, the next Lord stood up.

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: I am Lord Arktos Mesnowle, Ninety-ninth Lord of Altai; we are the oldest of the Lordyms of the White Hills, and reside in their highest reaches. However, the distinction of being the wealthiest of the White Lordyms does not go to us.

He turned to the Lord sitting on his left. Slowly, leisurely, he rose up from his seat.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgLord Shuromin: I am Lord Shuromin Tewis, Sixty-first Lord of Criznelkart; Criznelkart is the wealthiest of all the White Lordyms, and possibly even wealthier than the Princedym of Melikan; for we mine the shahm terebinthi whit, the Crystals of the White Hills. In token of the friendship between the Lordyms of the Northern Hills, I have brought gems from the mountains for all present.

Lord Shuromin pressed a button on a small controller he carried, and a hovertray arrived moments after. One of Shuromin's attendants deactivated the cloak-shield covering the central portion of the tray, and it opened, revealing a great number of deep blue blehsham gemstones.


lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgLord Shuromin: There over 450 blehsham stones there, which means that there's more than enough for everyone present, even your attendants and counselors. I would rather have brought the green kahsham, the mauve dusham, or even the dazzling red firhisham terebinth, the Firestone of the Hills, as gifts, but none of those have been mined in sufficient quantity for decades, making it impossible to give one of those to everyone present.

After the commotion over Lord Shuromin’s gift of blehsham had died down, the next Lord, the shortest and fluffiest of all the Bouneye Lords present, spoke.

lord_bygon_halse.jpgLord Bygon: I am Lord Bygon Halse, Thirty-ninth Lord of Byron; our Lordym supplies most of Melikan’s educators. Because of this, I suppose you can say we control the intelligence of Melikan, hehe. Since our location is not favorable for farming, we purchase most of our food from the Lordym of Hoame.

As he hopped back to his seat, the next Lord nearly tripped over him, as he was much, much taller than the diminutive Bygon.

lord_hoeslap_piskaoh.jpgLord Hoeslap: What the carrot? Oh, sorry, it’s just you, Bygon. Anyways, I am Lord Hoeslap Piskaoh, Twelfth Lord of Hoame; Hoame has little of note, other than the fact that we are the largest of the Lordyms with an agriculture-based economy. Due to the fact that we live on the lower Keurish River, our farms were the hardest-hit from these sudden rains; except for a few structures on the Hill of Governance, there is now only water where hundreds of buildings and acres of fields once stood. Few of our Bouneyes have survived; most were washed away or drowned in the floods…

After he let his sentence trail off, Lord Hoeslap sat down. Though few noticed it, it was clear to those who were looking at Lord Wisant that he was startled by this piece of news, although he tried to disguise it.

lord_daurt_withale.jpgLord Daurt: I am Lord Daurt Withale, Twentieth Lord of Belubar; as we are Lowlanders and so have few hills in which we can make our homes, we mine steelstone to make houses out of. The steelstone strata that lie under us are the largest known on the planet, and extend nearly all the way to Melikan; the inhabitants there use it for building just about every structure, giving their buildings both strength beyond measure and, in the cases where the steelstone building material is exposed, a beauty beyond description. I should know, as I am one of the very few present to have been to Melikan in person.

After Lord Daurt returned to his seat, a very old Bouneye stood up.

lord_bekunch_attisnoozy.jpgLord Bekunch: I am Lord Bekunch Attisnoozy, One hundred and third Lord of Olthseye; My people have the longest average lifespans of all Northern Hill Lordyms, which perhaps explains the reason why I am the only one present to have previously attended a Council of the Parintalia. In three weeks, I shall become the longest-lived Bouneye in history, attaining the age of 154. Olthseye is also the third-oldest surviving Lordym, second only to the Lordyms of Pika and Gaurus.

Two of his attendants hopped up to him as he began to sit down, but he waved them away, declaring that he did not feel quite that old yet. The next Lord then stepped up.

lord_jepon_blekonest.jpgLord Jepon: I am Lord Jepon Blekonest, Nineteenth Lord of Terize; my Lordym, as well as that of my cousin, is the westernmost of the Lordyms of the Northern Hills.

hako.pngLord Hako: Uhhh… Jepon, your avatar is a little fuzzy.

lord_jepon_blekonest.jpgLord Jepon: My what is fuzzy?

hako.pngLord Hako: Your avatar!

lord_jepon_blekonest.jpgLord Jepon: What’s that?

hako.pngLord Hako: Oh, it’s… hmmm… you know, I have no idea.

Lord Jepon’s curiosity was piqued, but he decided to say no more on the matter for the present. He went back to his place, leaned over his cousin who was sleeping against a Parintalia trunk, and shook him, who immediately awoke and quickly jumped up.

lord_jupon_amami.jpgJepon’s cousin: Is it my turn?

lord_jepon_blekonest.jpgLord Jepon: It sure is!

lord_jupon_amami.jpgLord Jupon: Ok. Anyways, I’m Lord Jupon Amami, Nineteenth Lord of Giuse-Terize; the Lordyms belonging to me and my cousin are the westernmost Northern Hill Lordyms, as I’m sure he told you; we also are among the darkest-furred Bouneyes, as we are at nearly the same latitude as Melikan, but we’ve inhabited those latitudes for hundreds of years more than they have.

A Lord from the fringes of the Grassfields, in the northern part of the Northern Hills, then stepped up.

lord_krubb_lixma.jpgLord Krubb: I am Lord Krubb Lixma, Thirty-third Lord of Ifalaece; and despite what our living in the Grassfields may lead you to believe, neither I nor any of the inhabitants of Ifalaece are Jeckians. Our town makes its living by farming hay, though nowhere near on the scale of the vast fields of the Lordym of Pika. Although our Lordym is not currently flooded, most of our produce, as well as quite a few of our structures, were washed away in a series of flash floods that descended from the upper reaches of the Hills.

The next Lord stood up as Lord Krubb walked back to his seat.

lord_noklan_bushena.jpgLord Noklan: I am Lord Noklan Bushena, Thirty-fifth Lord of Hege; we, like the Ifalaecesians, dwell on the borders of the Grassfields, but also like them, we neither consider ourselves to be Jeckians, nor do we have much contact with them. Indeed, before this Council was called, most of our populace believed the Jeckians to either be extinct or to never have existed, as they could not find any sign of a Jeckian Bouneye when chance took them near or into the Jeckian Lordyms.

A beautiful red-furred Lord hopped to the Speaking Stone as Lord Noklan returned to his seat in one giant bound, demonstrating his athletic abilities.

lord_oscura_clofrem.jpgLord Oscura: I am Lord Oscura Clofrem, Twenty-eighth Lord of Clove; our Lordym is exceptionally numerous in population, and produces more clover than any other Lordym in the Northern Hills; for this reason our wealth is only rivaled by the immense wealth of the White Hill Lordyms, presided over by Lord Shuromin Tewis. Our clover crop was fortunately not affected much by the floods; but many of our Bouneye-holes are flooded.

She then returned to her seat. Another Lord went to the Stone after she left it.

lord_muntha_skitlan.jpgLord Muntha: I am Lord Muntha Skitlan, Sixty-sixth Lord of Terrine; My Lordym is the oldest of the non-Jeckian Grassfield Lordyms. Other then that little piece of history, we have little of note in our town. As our Bouneyes are especially fond of hay, we get most of our food supply from the Lordym of Pika, the largest supplier of hay in the world.

Lord Muntha returned to her seat, and another Lord took to the Stone, while chewing on two blades of Alissur grass.

lord_yarop_schiermonnikoog.jpgLord Yarop: I am Lord Yarop Schiermonnikoog, Fifteenth Lord of Shiere; we live closest of all the hill-bouneyes to the lands of the Grassfield Bouneyes, or as some call them, the Jeckian Bouneyes, and we are the only ones that I know of that have regular contact with them.

lord_matoradi_kaloyk.jpgLord #6: We also have regular contact with them, just to let you know.

lord_yarop_schiermonnikoog.jpgLord Yarop: Thanks for telling me that. Anyways, it’s your turn to speak now.

lord_matoradi_kaloyk.jpgLord Matoradi: Thank you. So, I am Lord Matoradi Kaloyk, Seventh Lord of Golde; in our Lordym, all the Bouneyes have golden eyes, a feature found nowhere else in the Bouneye race; so if you ever meet a Bouneye with golden eyes, you can be absolutely sure that either he’s from Golde, or his ancestors were. We also mine precious metals from the soil, constant exposure to which, according to the DNA tests run by our scientists a few years ago, partially explains our beautiful eye-color.

A little nudge at his feet brought him back to reality, and just in time too, for usually at this point he would start going on and on about the history, culture, and economy of Golde, and it would be quite difficult to break him out of it from then on, until he would finish his monologue several hours later. He stepped down, and a little fluffy mouse-like creature walked up.

lord_shuromin_tewis.jpgLord Shuromin: *whispers* What in the world is that thing?

lord_arktos_mesnowle.jpgLord Arktos: *quietly* I have no idea. Apparently he’s the Lord of Pika.

lord_pik_clau.jpgLord Pik: Grrreeetings, efurryone! I am Lord Pik Clau, Three hundredeth Lord of Pika. And Shuromin, you forget that I have excellent hearing... or have you spent too much time with your gemstones, forgetting the cultures and histories you used to study?

Lord Shuromin started in surprise. He had indeed forgotten about the excellent hearing the Pikas had.

lord_pik_clau.jpgLord Pik: Anyways, as to what kind of creature am I, I shall now answer your question. I am a Pika, a proto-Bouneye, if you will. Us Pikas have been around longer than any of you could remember, and we will stay on long after the Bouneyes have all left the planet. For thousands of years, we have made our living by tending the lands around us to produce hay, and, except for some modern additions, such as satellite recievers, hovervehicles, and some other such things, we still do the same today, and will continue to do so in the future. Except in the relatively few cases where technology can aid us without eating away at our culture, we reject modern technology, in order to preserve as much of our culture as possible. It is also for this reason that, with one exeption, unless absolutely nessecary, we send droids to do any Pikan jobs that would take us out of our homes in the mountains. Well anyways, I didn't come to make a long speech so soon, so I shall step down now.

Another Lord hopped to the Speaking Stone.

lord_radithey_grenner.jpgLord Radithey: I am Lord Radithey Grenner, Two hundred and thirty-first Lord of Gaurus; we alone out of all the Bouneyes have regular contact with the Pikas, as we are closest in appearance and culture to them. We also are the oldest of all the Bouneye Lordyms, as the only Lordym that is older is the Lordym of Pika, which is, obviously, a Pika Lordym.

He stepped down and returned to his leafy cushion, and a wild-looking Bouneye with exceptionally long ears bounded up.

lord_tolope_kajrebit.jpgLord Tolope: Greetings! I am Lord Tolope Kajrebit, Fortieth Lord of Sootha; as you might have guessed by my appearance, I am a true Grassfielder, a Jeckian Bouneye, if you will. We Jeckians are nomadic for the most part, and so our towns and villages are not built of steelstone, iron, or any other so-called "normal" building material, nor do we tunnel underground. Instead, we have roving villages built with straw, easily built, and easily taken down when nessecary.

Lord Tolope then sprang back to his previous position in the Circle. Another Jeckian then rose to the Stone.

lord_tolai_shenko.jpgLord Tolai: I am Lord Tolai Shenko, Thirty-eighth Lord of Woodbranch; my Lordym is the only Jeckian Lordym to have permanent settlements, and we also have the fewest nomad Bouneyes of all the Lordyms of the Greenfields. We make our living in forestry, as one of the largest forests in the Northern Hills partially covers the southern portion of our Lordym.

A middleaged female Jeckian hopped over to the platform as Lord Tolai returned to his seat.

lord_ethonea_sarckit.jpgLord Ethonea: I am Lord Ethonea, Forty-fifth Lord of Iopia; ours is a small Lordym, mostly centered around field education for the inhabitants of the other Lordyms of Grassfields, although few hill-bouneyes attend our schools, except for the inhabitants of the Lordyms of Shiere and Golde, and they are only partially hill-bouneyes.

Lord Ethonea then returned to her seat, and no sooner had she sat down when everyone saw a flash of grey fur, and suddenly, a large grey Jeckian was on the platform.

lord_dash_kapuen.jpgLord Dash: Greetings! I am Lord Dash Kapuen, Thirty-ninth Lord of Ayers; our Bouneyes are the swiftest of all Jeckians, and possibly swifter than any other Bouneye of the Northern Hills, for we begin training our citizens to sprint almost as soon as they can hop. The original purpose of this was to help escape from the Terrors of the East, but after the White Hill Council drove them out of Ayers, there was no need to continue the practice, but we did, but no longer with the extra moves needed for self-defense, as we have redeveloped the activity as a sport. However, judging from the mysterious remarks made by Lord Wisant earlier, it seems as if we may need to start taking up the training in sprinting for self-defense once again. Anyways, I believe that's it for my introduction.

Lord Dash sat down, and Lord Hako hopped to the stone to make a brief announcement.

hako.pngLord Hako: We now welcome the final Lord to be introduced, and then we can get down to real business.

lord_java_inthani.jpgLord Java: Thank you, Lord Hako. I am Lord Java Inthani, Forty-first Lord of Delly; we are the most nomadic of all the Jeckians, and rule the largest of the Lordyms of the Grassfields. We also are no strangers to mountainous terrain, unlike most Jeckians, due to the fact that such terrain makes up a good deal of our Lordym.

Lord Java sat down, and Lord Hako went to the Speaking Stone yet again.

hako.pngLord Hako: Well, now that we're all here and know a little bit about each other's Lordyms, let's get down to business.

To be continued in the next update...



Feyvil | Disaster

Although Lord Hako said to himself that he would leave for Melikan the next day, he knew that in actuality, he'd have to delay his trip for a couple of weeks, as there were still quite a few things to be done to prepare for his departure, as well as other things that would require his presence.


The annual harvest was fast coming up, and it would require everyone's help to gather in the crops before the rainy season hit; furthermore, the weather satellites were predicting this to be an exceptionally big rainy season, so speed was of the utmost importance; otherwise, the crops could be lost.


There were also some things that would need his ceremonial presence, such as the dedication of the new second level for the village. This thing he might have been able to pass on to the interim Lord to take care of while he was gone, but that would mean that he would have had to leave quite a bit earlier in the year, long before the harvest.

Only a few days were left until the harvest could begin, and the preparations were already commencing, when suddenly, almost without warning, the rainy season suddenly broke upon them! Not even the weather satellites were able to predict it! The storm lasted for days, and during this time, the bouneyes were all cooped up in their tunnels, desperately hoping that their crops would survive the storm.

The storm raged on for days, and kept on pouring harder and harder. Only the oldest of the old bunnies in the village could remember the last time the rains were pouring this hard. Weather satellites had advanced a lot since the last time this occurred, and everyone was sure that this time, the satellites would be able to predict it. Now, they were all proven wrong. When the storm finally abated, the bouneyes whose homes hadn't caved in to various extents during the storm all rushed outside to assess the damage. They were dismayed at what they saw.


Most of their lettuces were washed away or badly damaged during the storm, and the lake had overflowed immensely, destroying a good deal of their corn crop, which had already taken a bad beating from the torrential rains.


Some bunnies were unlucky enough to be on the bridge when the storm hit, and they were now trapped in the bridge-towers. It would take a long time to rescue them, as all of the boats were badly damaged or had sunk to the bottom of the lake.


The pier was the least lucky of the structures damaged by the storm, as it was now at the bottom of the lake, about to fall apart any second. This was partly helped by the hoverboat blowing up as rainwater slowly seeped into vital places over the course of the past several days and collected there, eventually short-circuting the electronics and igniting the hydrogen fuel cells.


Fortunately for the village, their alekzapi tree was unfazed by the storm, thanks to the shield generator that had been installed a few months earlier, designed to block out liquid water. (Alekzapi trees are a type of Boneilan plant that generates electricity, and so are often used to power small villages. Liquid water is highly toxic for the plant, and so are rarely found in wet areas, as only the roots are resistant to liquid water.)


As most of the other towns and villages in the Northern Hills had also been affected, to varying degrees, by the storm, a Council of the Parintalia was called. This would be the first Council of the Parintalia in over 100 years, and the first in living memory (as the average Bouneye lives to only around 120 Earth-years). A Council of the Parintalia is a meeting between the Elderbunnies from the towns of the Northern Hills. It happens only rarely, as the Elderbunnies see no need to assemble unless there is a very important reason for it.


As the triple suns set and several of the dozens of moons rose in the night sky, the Elderbunnies from the various towns ascended the steep path to the Glade of the Parintalia, where the 25 Parintalia trees represent the 25 cities, towns, and villages of the Northern Hills.


Finally, they all reached the Glade. It took some time for them all to find comfortable seating, as each of the settlements sent their 5 most prominent Elderbunnies in addition to their Lords, which added up to 150 Parintalians in the Glade. Finally, Hako took the lead.

hako.pngLord Hako: Stop the sniffing! I am Lord Hako of Feyvil. Let us commence the Council.

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Despite what the wonders of its modern technology may lead you to believe, Boneila wasn't always so advanced. We will now go back about 1,500 years, to the early days of the modern Boneilan civilizations, which were forming at the same time as the Vikings were raiding northern Europe on Earth. At this time, several large spacefaring city-states had formed, including the city of Melikan, the City of Canals, but most of the Bouneye population was still living in small villages scattered across the countryside. We will focus today on one such village, located at the historic heart of the Bouneye civilization, the Northern Hills. The village's name? Feyvil, after the five hills that dominate the immediate area.


Although Feyvil is a relatively recent town, it has already grown large enough that the local elderbunnies have deemed it high time that a bridge was built to cross the Baunt Swamp which extends from the lakeshores. Because of its awkward location, a long detour around was needed to get to the other shore of the swamp.


Bouneyes are often hungry, so the whole community pitches in to help with growing the crops needed for their survival. Some of the plants have been imported from other planets that grow Earth-food, as these particular bunnies are very fond of foods like corn and lettuce.


Here is the village itself, which is almost entirely populated at the moment by a single extremely extended family, consisting of around 700 members. Work is currently ongoing on expanding the underground tunnels, as well as expanding the current level at the surface. The elders are also considering adding a second level to the village, higher up on the hill.


Here is my first mosaic, of the southern end of Garthil Lake, which is the chief place of recreation for the Bouneyes, although none of them like to swim too near to rowboats, fearing that they may get whacked with an oar. Near the bottom you can see the endpoint of the pathway that the new bridge is part of - The local pier, used for sport fishing, as well as diving and boating. Hoverboats are a recent addition to the village's collection though, and only one is possessed by by them so far. Due to inexperience with such matters, most of the locals fear to take the boat higher than 20 meters above the surface of the land or lake.


There was once a thriving antimatter research facility in the valley not too far away, and it supported a community of over 10,000 Bouneyes. However, one of the scientists, while tinkering around with his colored crystal collection and a power pack near to one of the antimatter containers, accidentally set off a chain reaction that obliterated the entire facility, as well as about 3,000 bunnies. After that, nearly all the remaining inhabitants left the area, leaving only a few remaining behind to live at the edge of the new Glowing Lake, which soon dried up. Fear of the location from that point onward prevented any Bouneyes from returning to the area, and after a few years, all traces of the locals who had decided to remain behind suddenly disappeared.


One evening, after a long day of working in the fields, the Head Bunny of the tribe had a dream. A dream that would change the destiny of the planet forever.


As he dreamed, he was flying over his village, which was having some sort of evening celebration. He tried to decrease altitude, but found that he had no control over his movements. As he watched further, strange creatures from the East came and invaded his peaceful domains. The Bouneyes were vastly outnumbered, and apparently knew nothing of the danger. He tried to warn them, but found that he could not. Then, just as the strange beings came over the hill, a beam of colored light emerged from one of the villager's hands. He at first thought it was a blaster, but the light beam did not fly away as he expected. Then suddenly, the creatures at the top of the hill opened fire, but his Bouneyes were somehow able to repel their attacks with ease. Just then, something from behind hit him and he woke up. As he sat in the darkness pondering what this dream could mean, he knew one thing: He must find out what those strange creatures in his dream were, if they were real. He decided to set out for Melikan the next day.

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Welcome to Melikan, the capital of the Boneilan Empire! Melikan, one of the oldest cities on Boneila, is a supermassive megalopolis with over four times as much land area as the entire nation of Spain has on Earth, and has a population of over 1.5 billion senitent beings. Melikan is also practically the only place on Boneila where humans are to be found; in fact, humans are the dominant race in Melikan, making up about 50% of the population, with a further 48% composed of various races of Bouneye, another 1.5% formed from Kaptek adventurous enough to venture into the city to stay, and the remaining 0.5% made up of various off-world races. The Almighty Bunny, the near-absolute sovereign of the Boneilan Empire, governs his vast domains, stretching across several worlds, from his magnificent palatial tower in northern Melikan.


We start our tour of the innermost section of the city over here, at the Furrarium, the headquarters of the Buni Knights, elite members of the Boneilan Military with highly sharpened skills. Over 80,000 Buni are in the central area of Melikan at any given hour.


Buni are renowned across the galaxy for their skills in battle, and are among the best warriors in the entire galaxy. Their chief weapon is a lightsaber, although many wield blasters as a secondary weapon. Their athletic skills are far superior to most ordinary Bouneyes, allowing them to easily jump to a height of 8 meters, and a distance of 24 meters, on Boneila, which translates to a height of 40 m and a distance of 120 m on Earth. They also have extremely quick reflexes, and can run at a speed of 72 km/h. All in all, a Buni is not a warrior you would like to fight, under any circumstances.


Over here we have the central tower of the Supreme Bunny Congress, the home of the legislative branch of the Boneilan government. Across the speedway, you can see some Yalhow grass, the choice grass of many Congressbunnies.


Here is one of four ornate speedway bridges, dating from the 13th century, or over 1100 years ago, that cross over the Grand Canal, an ancient canal, dating from when Melikan was still only an insignificant city-state. Today, what's left of the canal surrounds the congressional complex.


Now we arrive at Sergenoc Base, a relatively small military base located right next to the Grand Canal. In the above picture you can see hundreds of hovertanks lined up on the outskirts, several rocket towers, and a row of X-Wing fighters, not to mention the underground hangars, which contain hundreds of such spacecraft.


Here you can see the three primary fighter craft produced by Boneila; in the top left of the picture, you can see multiple I-Wings, which were the inspiration for the faster, heavier-armed X-Wing, visible on the right. Finally, at the bottom left you can see Tube-Wings, which form the backbone of the Boneilan fighter fleet due to their versatility, size, and relative ease of manufacture.


Several Star Cruisers also operate from here, just one of which packs enough firepower to vaporize a small asteroid.


Many medium-size military transport spacecraft, with a capacity of 4,000 human-sized troops, are located in the central area of the base.


Finally, to close this update, we'll take a look at this formation of X-Wings on patrol fly past our airbus.

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Myrtila is a small mining community on the far side of Malakar, the largest of the Boneilan moons, and currently has about 750 inhabitants, mostly consisting of Bouneyes, as they are excellent at mining, due to the fact that they prefer underground living in the first place. The site was only recently established, but already has a Solar Tower and a plant to process the materials produced from the mine, which mostly produces high-quality iron. Due to the small size of the colony, it is one of the few colonies on the far side to not be protected by a shield generator, and only has one X-Wing and two Tubewing fighters for its defense.

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The Flag of the Sovereign Royal Planet of Boneila


The Emblem of the Almighty Bunny, Leader of Boneila


Location of Boneila within the Milky Way Galaxy


Our wonderful green planet, home to the swamp-dwelling Kaptek, the rabbit-like Bouneyes, and the ever-present Humans

Boneila is a large planet, weighing about 5 Earth masses, located in the outer rim of the Galaxy, near the tip of the Sagittarius Arm. The current Boneilan Senator is the Bouneye Reffins Sraegib, from the town of Swamp Island. The Chancellor of the United Planetary Federation is also a Boneilan; a human by the name of Sinif Murolav.

There are relatively few open bodies of water on the planet since the Freshwater Ocean dried up, with much of the former ocean bed turning into swamps. One exception to this is Naws Lake, a massive body of fresh water about the size of the Arctic Ocean. Much of the raw material for building starfighters, one of Boneila's primary exports, comes from Malakar, the largest of Boneila's 16 moons. Boneila has a strong military due to its starfighters, reputed to be among the best in the Galaxy, and also due to the skill of its Buni, elite members of the Boneilan Military who wield lightsabers in addition to their normal laser guns.

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