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  1. Bipin's Police Precinct

    Nice, realistic & dirty! I needed something like this because my cities have become way too 'gentrified'... they'll look great in or near industry. The other police buildings on here are great but do look a little out of place near factories, thank you
  2. Super Light Asphalt Mod

    good work magento! I've been attempting similar with paeng & atmoguy's mods (limited results so for personal use) but got to ask how you reskinned the elevated pieces as they're some of the only textures I can't find (if it's a trade secret I understand haha). Reason I ask is I'd like to work on my own texture mod from scratch & yours looks the most uniform that I've seen - I bet you see the ID numbers at night when you're trying to sleep after making this!
  3. Paeng's Grunge IND Alleys

    This looks great, the edges give that authentic concrete section look which is far more realistic than it being seamless. Reminds me of an old WW2 aerodrome not too far away from where I live. Paeng, you don't make mods, you make revolutions!  Thank you
  4. No Grass MOD

    I love this! I always found the grass edges mildly annoying, if only for different wealth levels next to each other causing that horrible 'patchwork' look (a bit OCD I know!!) - this must have taken a lot of work, great job! Thanks
  5. Why are people giving reputation points for 'Wow, that's amazing!' type comments? Isn't it better to give points to those that either post files or give useful help & advice?

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    2. valvedude


      you're right there people, esp. ROFLyoshi, I don't know why I never thought about the other aspects of this site other than forums & STEX. There's the City Journals & everything else to take into account - & I suppose there's nothing wrong with giving rep. for encouragement

    3. ROFLyoshi


      That being said, it's not purely about rep ;) The site worked for 9 years without it.

    4. valvedude


      that's true! we know the big names on here & anyone new will do soon enough ... thanks to all of them making it possible

  6. EA Wants to Stop Being 'Hated'

    I do agree with what people are saying here, and the figures tend to speak for themselves - BUT, I remember the same bad press at the release of SC4 before there was so much custom content, and 10 years later I'm still playing the same game. OK more should have been added from suggestion of dedicated players but think how much can be customised, it's half of the fun! As for online only & other features though, I'll stay with the majority & stick with SC4
  7. Street/Sidewalk Mods

    I'm also using Paeng's sidewalk mod & I think it's great, totally transformed my game as the block paving effect, IMHO, is far more realistic than the glaring white default paved texture. I chose this mod specifically to compliment the neat little ped mall parks found on the STEX - The only problem I'm facing at the minute is that I can't use the Sandstone NAM pieces that akbear linked to for TuLEPs because the Euro textures I selected in the NAM setup are overridden by the default American texture when using this mod - I opened up the tulep dat in iLive Reader & it only seems to cover textures non euro markings. All the other elements of Sandstone NAM work fine for me though & I suppose I can live without brick textures on turning lanes until someone with capabilities I don't have can sort it - I'd still recommend the whole package though
  8. Sandstone Texture Mod for Network Addon Mod (NAM)

    Thank you! Agreat addition that irons out some missing pieces. However I was wondering if it was normal for the road markings on the tulep pieces to revert back to default yellow texture? (I use Euro) every other element works fine, just this override on turn lanes
  9. Ford Anglias

    These are great, thanks! Some old British Fords, I'd love to see some Cortinas, or others like Hillman, Vauxhall, Triumphs, Jag etc haha 
  10. NAM General Support Topic

    Thank you Haljackey, it may have sounded like a rather silly question and reading what I'd typed back to myself it actually looked quite sarcastic ... this wasn't my intention however because I have nothing but respect for the people on here, whether they're providing files OR advice. After removing possible conflicting mods I am pleased to announce that I have narrowed it down to 'Paeng's NAM Textures' (red brick) which was cancelling out the euro texture on the TuLEP pieces & reverting them to default/American - I can only hope that Paeng will have the time (or inclination) to update accordingly. If I do discover any more issues or conflicts, I'll be sure to let you know on here but only after checking to see whether it's resolved or already reported.. in which case I'll not :-D Thanks again *Edit* Sorry I provided the wrong name, it is actually the 'Sandstone Texture Mod for NAM' by AtmoGuy which was cancelling the Euro textures on TuLEP pieces and others such as rail viaduct over orth. road (stangely not on diag though?) without wanting to sound off topic with this, I do think anyone else should bear this in mind before posting any 'it doesn't work!' type comments - NAM it's self working fine now for me - and anyone who read the above bit please don't bother Paeng - sorry folks
  11. NAM General Support Topic

    So does this mean I'm ok to post here about any issues I have with NAM 31.2? I have a few texture issues with euro standard reverting to default on various pieces (TuLEPS, road under rail viaduct etc.) since updating and can't find the relevant place to ask anybody. The last thing I want is to ask in full detail only to be told I'm posting in the wrong place, although I appreciate all the hard work & tireless efforts for a mod that's basically free it seems every time I get the previous version working perfectly I 'update' just for something else to stop working - thanks in advance The reason we originally put up NAM 31 and NAM 31.1 bug report threads was because we anticipated a very high volume of bugs, and so putting a central location to put those bugs meant that we'd get NAM 31.1 and NAM 31.2 out even faster than if those bug reports were posted sporadically in many different locations. Right now, however, just about every game-breaking bug has been squashed and now there are only about a very small handful of bugs now (like the one you posted about that was already reported), so a NAM 31.2 bug report thread isn't all that necessary, and the traditional support thread (this one) should do.
  12. Traffic Signals to LHD

    aaaling, this is the second time this week that your advise has benefited me (even though this time your advice was to somebody else) If there was a simtropolis bar I'd be buying you a pint for this, thank you! clicking a thumb up because to me it deserves one, your reputation needs upping purely for good advice on here
  13. Stoplight Replacement Mod (SRM)

    I can't believe I've not seen this before! I can finally have my traffic lights where sims will see them, thank you so much for another great piece of work!