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  1. Internet is being bratty. I guess I have no choice but to fire up SC4 again.

  2. Garbage- The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
  3. The King's Workshop

    Are you a wizard?? Seriously, this is one of the top addons I am looking forward to right now. The base set of Ind. walls changed everything about way I build industries now. The one Achilles Heel with it is all of them ended up needing to be on squared blocks or awkward 45d angles in situations where terrain doesn't permit a realistic arrangement without heavy terraforming. But that's the only gripe I had about the originals. This will make a good thing even better! The trucks are icing on the cake!
  4. The King's Workshop

    An FA compliment to the industrial wall sets?? Best thing since sliced bread!
  5. File descriptors when uploading

    @CorinaMarie- I appreciate the offer, I managed to update most of the files on my own. The lot of them needed some major proofreading anyway. There are a handful which I didn't, and am still trying to figure out if I want to since they're so old with some of those dating 2013 and back.
  6. The Next Person...

    My family gave up cable years ago and we now stream for our TV needs. But yes, I loved the Science Channel for Mythbusters and How it's Made! TNP does not use a traditional source of TV (cable, satellite, etc).
  7. Airman's Hangar

    @WZNGT- In the forseeable future, all the projects I want to start are automata. I may introduce a few aircraft but there's no telling on if they can be added to the list. I need a ladder just to get to the top of said list. I will be working through it over time as long as my outside life isn't so unpredictable which it always is. What I can update right now is the Escalades will be coming soon! I chose to go with this charcoal Dark Granite, as it's not far off the color used for the original Mayor's Limo. I feel with my older models textured with black paint get a darker result than a Maxis car, the original limo being among those.
  8. Airman's Hangar

    Welcome to my project thread! I have finally decided to open my own thread for projects instead of posting to the Show Us What You're Working On thread, as suggested by Compdude787 and others. This is where I will be posting all of my current projects that will eventually make their way into SimCity 4 and possibly the Simtropolis Exchange as well. So far, my current projects include: -A set of SCAG-style Boeing 707 props. There will be more than 10 different liveries total. In the future, I would like to get a start on: -A set of Boeing Sonic Cruisers, similar to the 707 -A set of Isuzu Street Sweepers, the idea was originally suggested by Johnfreddy. And what would a BAT thread be without some pictures? Here are some previews of the 707, which is a -320 model and is in the process of being converted to a Gmax model. There will be more to come. In the meantime, i'd be happy to answer some questions regarding the projects listed.
  9. File descriptors when uploading

    Looks like making some changes to my past uploads will be my next weekend project. I can take the time as well to fix my terrible writing in the descriptions.
  10. Show us your farm land!

    @CorinaMarie- Your farmlands make for some great, fitting scenery for them!
  11. Airman's Hangar

    @Hotwheeler- Thanks, mate! The Escalade gets modded that way because for an upscale car, they're rather cheap compared to other brands. Since they're based on the Suburban and Tahoe families, aftermarket options are about endless too. But that's the problem, how often would we see a BMW X5 with spinners? Or an XC90 with blacked out headlights? Since it's easy to do so with an Escalade, a lot of them don't get the same treatment as other brands in the luxury segment. And it's a possibility! @BossDragon- Thanks, man! I was talking about brands that are still making autos. Cadillac is one of the few remaining which have been there from the start besides Lincoln. Mercury would sort of be too, if Ford didn't take them behind the shed. I have seen the new Lincoln Continental driving and those are drop-dead gorgeous!
  12. 1970s New York City

    Spectacular entry! These photos have brought back a whole era of the city- the Pan Am building, the Twin Towers, even the old Checker cabs! The amount of period-specific detail is astounding here!
  13. File descriptors when uploading

    Thank you, @CorinaMarie! This will make it so much easier to hunt for other vehicles too!
  14. Airman's Hangar

    Moving onto another project- this time it's a replacement. Once again, it's an American auto brand and a subject for debate on where US makers stand in the luxury segment. If you ask me, Cadillac is on a path to reclaiming a seat at the table Mercedes, Audi and Infiniti all sit. But I digress about this specific model. The type of buyers it always had, where they end up five years later, the platform they're based on, it's hard to really put this in the category of what we know as luxury. It feels dubious to even put it on the level of old Cadillac. That's why I've picked the new Escalade as a stand-in for the Mayor Limo!
  15. I plead no contest! I mean, the fifth!
  16. Isuzu Street Sweepers

    No replacements, these are additional vehicles.
  17. Isuzu Street Sweepers



    In order to run an efficient city, there are certain maintenance procedures which must take place. You'll need road crews, power and water inspection, as well as a diligent sanitation system. But there seems to be yet another item missing from SimCity. How do the streets stay so clean every year? It can't be the work of Sims just brushing the streets with a broom, we all know the Environmental Adviser is a liar. These Isuzu derived street sweepers will be at the forefront of your sanitation department clearing leaves and dust from your roadways and making your cities cleaner! About the Upload- There are four vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a specially outfitted Isuzu B-class truck for street sweeping. These are Low-Wealth vehicles, given their status as a utility vehicle. They will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None Required. This file was suggested by Johnfreddy and has been made available on the Exchange!
  18. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old, I still believe the last best gaming systems were of the likes of the PS2, Original Xbox, PSP, and N64.
  19. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @CorinaMarie- Saved and saved!
  20. Airman's Hangar

    That's interesting, it was an entire wrap for a body color? That gives me an idea to stop others from dinging up Carol's doors again. I'd love to take her in to the body shop, but it would have to wait until I take her in for an inspection, get a new radio, battery, tires, and windshield repair first. Just a small update to an older file- if you remember the New Routemaster made a few years ago, the bus was designed for LHD cities but I never included one for RHD. Until now. You can get them here; they'll be the file labelled "RHD".
  21. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @CorinaMarie- That's a great idea! If only there were a matching curve piece then it'd be perfect! I was actually referencing the bits where the taxiways join the runway. The only exit from the runway requires the 2x tile taxiways. Otherwise, I can see your 'T' design working well for a rural or private airfield. Btw- that 'Private' marking is a thing of beauty! Definitely a must-download with the rest of the airport sets I use. @APSMS- Every time I tried the DAMN, it never worked. I could build up a menu but the in-game directories don't show anything. Is it a problem that has to do with OS? I've still got Windows 7 and I haven't changed the game in any way other than install a pallet worth of mods.
  22. There is one other set i'm aware of that fits the bill for cars of that vintage, but I recall them being on SimCity.cn. I did a Model T-based truck for an older file with steamboats but none as a standalone file. Most cars I focus on are more late-50's to modern day. Though I had an idea for a 1948 rarity but my current backlog goes on forever.
  23. Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino. Located near the NV/CA border in the town of Primm. It has it's own roller coaster and log ride. Primm is also one of those 'cities' which has a map marking but the only residential sector is more like a cluster of apartments. Large casinos are not allowed in my home state unless it were built on reserved land, so there are lots of these settlements built on the very edges of Nevada's side since their laws still apply. They waste no time to get you gambling as soon as you enter the state; i'll let the map speak for itself. Buffalo Bill's is at the northeast of this view.
  24. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    Version 1.0.0


    In this modern world, it has become commonplace for the public at large to own a car and drive to where they need to be. In some regions it's a way of life. Look around at the dealers or in the classifieds; cars are not much more than appliances with rubber tires. They all look and drive the same. And it really doesn't matter if it were sourced from abroad or made at the local factory. They will all leak oil and fall apart as soon as you step off the sales floor. The pages of history wish to discount that, and they say once upon a time cars had character! A set of whitewalls and a lot of chrome were all you needed! The Chevrolet Bel Air is the choice of the modern driver! You will be flying high with it's aerodynamic fins and futuristic curved windshield! They may not be smog or collision friendly like today's cars, but you can still rule the roadside diner with one! About the Upload- There are nine vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. These are Mid-Wealth vehicles, given their status as a classic collector. They will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None required.
  25. Airman's Hangar

    @Thin White Duke- Or bright orange, or hot pink, or deep velvet? So many colors to choose from, and all wasted opportunities. People actually bought teal cars 20 years ago; it can be done again. Get out your switchblade combs, your poodle skirts, your spats, and make your way to the malt shop! It's 1957 again and now the Bel Air is ready to glide along your city streets! All cars come with a unit of pomade and your choice of 'B' movie!