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If you're the type that wants ruggedness in a vehicle, look no further than the Ford Explorer! Most other auto makers have fallen into the habit of making SUV's that you really can't go anywhere off the map. A vehicle built to carry your equipment across all uncharted territory is a no-brainer! With a fitting name, you'll be able to make your mark in newly discovered lands (so long as your transmission holds together)! Now tell us, what will you explore?

About the Upload-
There are seven vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 2004 Ford Explorer. These are Low-Wealth vehicles, given their age and average selling price. These vehicles will appear on your road networks.

None Required.

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This is a nice add-on for traffic in SimCity

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Keep up the good work!  These cars add variety and depth to our highways.  :thumb:  Oh, and Ford rules!  :D  If these truly can go off the map, maybe I can use one to go past that yellow arrow at the city quad border.  It's good to see the blue oval get some representation.

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Thin White Duke


Time it is to escape reality and whatever. Explorer. There, I got to the point.

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    • By Pegasus
      If you can't go over or around... or under... go through.
      This is a collection of 3 ford style lots for use with the PEG PPonds. All three lots are 1x1 and fully Transit Enabled for streets. They come in 3 flavors... Rock, Stone & Concrete.
      These lots are technically parks and are located in the Parks Menu along with the other PPond ploppable lots. However, except for a very low landmark value, they have no park-like properties. They are cheap to plop and even cheaper to maintain.
      These lots are also fully Transit Enabled (for pedestrians, cars, trucks & buses) and you will see cars partially submerge in the water  as they cross. They have a small, built-in commute delay (like a toll booth) to simulate the slowly down that drivers with average or better IQs would normally do when driving through water.
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       MTP abcvs Crop Duster Landing Strip

      Why upsize when you can downsize!  This is an even smaller, small landing strip to cater for the crop duster airplane, and other small aircraft.

      This landing strip comes complete with a UDI (U-Drive It) crop duster all ready to fly off to fertilize your crops and farms.

      To access the UDI functionality, you will need to have the larger small landing strip built in your tile..  
      ..either the standard issue (cough cough boring) Maxis one, or the snazzy new MTP abcvs Small Landing Strip.

      It is possible to take off and land all the small UDI aircraft at this landing strip... not just the crop duster.  Take off from one landing strip and fly to the other!

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      With both the the small landing strip and the crop dusting landing strip built, the UDI will randomly pick one of the crop dusters for UDI.

      Plop -                 $500
      Monthly -            $50
      Bulldoze -          $100
      Power-               10
      Water -                0
      Flammability -   0
      Fire Stage -        5
      Pollution -           Air-1 Water-5 Garbage-5 Radiation-0
      Menu -                Airport

      PEG-MTP Super Pack

      To install unzip and place in plugins folder.  "C:Documents/SimCity4/Plugins"

      To un-install delete the file from plugins folder.

      **The creator of this lot does not take any responsibility for damage to surrounding crops, or associated infra-structure for lack of UDI landing skills.  If all else fails bail out by pressing the ESC button. 
      -Cori Edit: Updated linkys to current format.
    • By Craig-Abcvs
      MTP abcvs Small Landing Strip
      This landing strip, is a small yet busy functional airport, designed for your MTP communities and will replace the Maxis Small Landing Strip.
      All costs and stats remain the same as its Maxis replacement.
      To install unzip and place the lot file in your Plug-ins folder.
      To un-install simply delete the file from your plug-in folder, and the original Maxis landing strip will return.
      Features include:
      Improved taxi-ways with runway lighting.
      MTP / Rural themed textures, flora and props.
      Timed aircraft props to simulate aircraft movement.
      Different day and night timed people and cars.
      Security Guards will come on and off shift during the day and night at the main security checkpoint.
      The security gate on the far side of the airport will line up with the gates on the MTP Econo-Airbase, and the Mountain Airforce Base to provide a paved runway for the cash-strapped MTP airforce.
      UDI - This airport still includes the Skydiving, Crop Dusting and Stunt Plane "U-Drive it" planes.
      PEG-MTP Super Pack
      PEG-Security Fencing

      Additional Screenie:

      -Cori Edit: Updated linkys to current format
    • By stefmikhail
      Hi all. I recently have been enjoying SimCity 4 again, and specifically building cities with only older style buildings and other amenities. 
      There are a few things that look out of place still in the default Maxis package, but one glaring one for me is the Passenger Trains: 
      I'm hoping someone knows of a skin/automata that will allow the Passenger trains to look as they did in the late 19th/early 20th century era, i.e. steam locomotives and period appropriate cars?
      Side note: is there a mod that anyone knows of that would allow for more heavy rail usage in general, or old elevated rail lines over streets and avenues? I know NAM contains el rail pieces that go over streets and avenues, however I can't seem to allow for a junction where lines meet in this respect.
    • By airman15
      In this modern world, it has become commonplace for the public at large to own a car and drive to where they need to be. In some regions it's a way of life. Look around at the dealers or in the classifieds; cars are not much more than appliances with rubber tires. They all look and drive the same. And it really doesn't matter if it were sourced from abroad or made at the local factory. They will all leak oil and fall apart as soon as you step off the sales floor. The pages of history wish to discount that, and they say once upon a time cars had character! A set of whitewalls and a lot of chrome were all you needed! The Chevrolet Bel Air is the choice of the modern driver! You will be flying high with it's aerodynamic fins and futuristic curved windshield! They may not be smog or collision friendly like today's cars, but you can still be king of the roadside diner in one!
      About the Upload-
      There are nine vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. These are Mid-Wealth vehicles, given their status as a classic collector. They will appear on your road networks.
      None required.

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